Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mo-Ham-Ed: Educating ourselves about islam - When ridicule is a valuable weapon

As anyone not living under a mushroom (or in the White House) knows, two muslim Jihadi-wannabees were shot dead in Garland, Texas almost a week ago. While the FBI (and local police, probably at the direction of the Fibbies) are refusing to release much information on the two good muslims (as in "the only good muslim . . ."), their identities have been established, even though the law enforcement agencies involved have not confirmed them.

What _is_ known is that the two scum intended to attack a small group of people banded together to flex their First Amendment rights, rights which the entire liberal pantheon of media talking heads, dead-tree publishers, Hollywood pundits, and even the asshat Occupying the White House claim don't exist when it comes to talking about islam and muslims. Pam Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative was sponsoring a contest for cartoonists, where the object was to draw a cartoon of mohammed, the child-molesting "Prophet" of islam.

One of the tenets of islam, per the qu'ran (their "holy" book, for those of you late to the show - you may have seen it written as 'Koran') is that it is not permitted to make any drawing or other visual depiction of Allah or his "Prophet" [PBUH is usually added any time he is mentioned. This stands for "Peace Be Unto Him". I prefer to parse it as "Piss Be Unto (onto) Him".] IIRC, the penalty for drawing or painting him is death.

As we have seen in countless Western (cowboy) movies, when a horse is injured (usually a broken leg, which was pretty much impossible to fix back in that era), it was put to death. Gary Larsen, that amazingly weird cartoonist, drew a cartoon of a hospital ward full of horses, each with a different disease or injury. The veterinarian would look at the chart, but the treatment was always the same - another man walking behind the vet, shooting the horse.

islam (I refuse to respect it with a capital "I") treats violations of the edicts of the qu'ran in the same way - almost every one calls for death. Some by stoning, some by beheading. Homosexuals are hung (by the neck, you pervert!), and some other violators are/have been burned to death. For any non-muslim, or any muslim who rejects islam, thereby making him a non-muslim (duh), the penalty is death. These few who have rejected islam are known as apostates, and the qu'ran says they are worse than infidels, for they have known true islam and have turned away.

Back in 2005, muslims rioted and attacked people because some Danish cartoonists drew a number of cartoon likenesses of mohammed for the political section of a Danish newspaper. Several of the cartoonists were attacked by muslims who were trying to kill them.

Several hundred people around the world died due to muslim rioting in various countries. Because of this, ignorant liberal fools all across the planet called for restrictions on freedom of speech. In a number of European countries - and even Canada - speaking out against islam and the atrocities it engendered and supported was deemed "hate speech". The liberal/progressive asshats insist that because islam is supposedly a religion (it is actually an ideology, masquerading as a religion), it should be illegal to speak out against it. This actually became law in a number of countries, one of the worst (believe it or not) being Great Britain, where a man running for office was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill during a political rally (he quoted a Churchill statement concerning islam).

Enter Pam Geller. She heads up an organization called the American Freedom Defense Initiative. One of her primary aims is to counter islamic/muslim propaganda against Jews, especially Israelis, with true facts about islam. Recently, she has been successful in forcing various cities to post advertisements AFDI has bought showing the truth about islam, islamic jihad, and the intolerance of islam for all other religions and non-muslim peoples. She had to take various cities to court to enforce the right of free speech, and has won. The lying sacks of human feces who operate the Southern Poverty Law Center - you know, the ones who "consult" with law enforcement agencies all over the country, telling them that you are a domestic extremist/terrorist if you are a veteran and supported Ron Paul - claim AFDI is a "hate group". This from a group of shysters who scam money from elderly people on limited incomes who think SPLC is actually fighting discrimination.

What is especially interesting is that, while the fuzzy-minded liberals are screaming "hate speech" at those (including former muslims) who speak out about the atrocities perpetrated by islam - all provable facts, like the beheadings done by ISIS - they are amazingly silent about the attacks upon Christianity, such as the "artist" who won kudos for his exhibit of a photograph of a crucifix inside of a jar full of urine. The exhibit was sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, which claims it does not control content. (I have $1000.00 that says they would not permit cartoon depictions of mohammed at any of the exhibits they support or arrange.)

So, this brings us back to Pam Geller, in Garland, Texas providing a venue for a group of cartoonists to utilize their right to free speech. AFDI provided a $10,000.00 prize for the best cartoon of mohammed. The winner, incidentally, was a former muslim, Bosch Fawstin. His cartoon was pretty mild, compared to others, such as those posted by the Danish newspaper.

Ridiculing islam and its "Prophet" (P*ss Be Unto Him) is a worthwhile endeavor. It helps to destroy the vile slime of political correctness which seeks to throttle our right of free speech. It upsets the Vile Slime that resides in the White House, along with his vile pseudo-wife. And, as we have seen in Garland, Texas, it brings the muslim vermin out into the light of day, where they can be eradicated, eliminated, wiped-the-hell-out.

islam and the violence it commands, demands, isn't funny. The deaths, the torture, the beheadings, the rapes of women and children, the hanging of homosexuals and the burning alive of Jordanian pilots are not amusing. Ridicule of this fake religion, this death cult, is useful nonetheless. islam must be described truthfully, in all of its disgusting intolerance, violence, and perversion. It must be mocked while we fight it, and its vile commandments must be held high for all to see, so that it can be condemned and rejected by he rest of the world.

Friday, May 8, 2015

America has fallen

America hasn't been a republic for quite a few years now, but it has now descended so low it isn't even a democracy anymore.

Yes, I know how that sounds. I understand that many people will read that and think I am wearing a tin-foil hat. They will continue to watch "Reality TV" (an oxymoron to beat all oxymorons - and designed for morons), eat at McDonalds, and think they still live in America. They don't. I don't. You don't.

Gun Owners of America, an entity that does what the NRA refuses to do - confronting gun control without compromising our rights away the way the NRA does - has sent an alert to members concerning the trade agreement Obama and his handlers are trying to ram through Congress, with the technique that worked so well with Obamacare - you have to pass it to know what is in it. Here are some points to consider:

                   Reports have already surfaced that the TOP SECRET draft contains a whole chapter with a European Union-style provision allowing unlimited migration from Mexico into the United States.

               Of course, we can't quote for you any of the language in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement because the document is TOP SECRET. Obama won't reveal it, even to most congressmen, until Congress has given it its imprimatur by allowing it to pass under fast track procedures.

              On Monday, Politico reported:
If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.
If you’re a [congressional] member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving.
And no matter what, you can’t discuss the details of what you’ve read.
Truly, even more than with ObamaCare, this is a case of "You have to pass it to find out what's in it."
             But that's not all: The fast track authority being granted to Obama and his successor for the next six years applies to whatever type of trade negotiation Obama chooses to enter into.
So, if he can write the UN Arms Trade Treaty into a trade agreement, then it can't be filibustered or amended or prevented from consideration.

Congress, if they allow this "fast track" trade agreement to pass, will have relinquished every bit of control, every bit of the "checks and balances" that are supposed to exist between the Executive Office and the Legislature. Obama - and his successor (which may very well be Hillary Clinton) will be able to add whatever provisions they wish to this "trade agreement", provisions having absolutely nothing to do with trade. And Congress - even if it is able to remove Boehner and McConnell, who have proven themselves in thrall to Obama and the Democrats - will be powerless to change it or stop them from doing it.

Do you still believe I am being alarmist, that I am jumping at shadows? Can you not see that not only are we no longer a representational republic, we are no longer even a democracy. The citizens of this nation no longer have any input into what our "representatives" do or agree to.

This is not an issue for liberals, progressives, because they "feel" that government is meant to tell us what to do, what is allowed and what is not. They are not intelligent enough to understand that government will soon exert such stringent control over our lives that even they will cringe under its lash. Those of us who had tasted, had lived in what was left of liberty, of freedom, before the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama took it away from us will suffer seeing our children and grandchildren descend into true, actual tyranny.

I would like to believe the people of this country will "rise and rise again, 'til lambs become lions", but I doubt that will happen. Total control will not become visible enough, harsh enough, before those of us who knew a small measure of freedom are gone, passed away. The generations being raised now, especially the "millenials", have been denied the truth, have been indoctrinated in our schools and universities so that they are ignorant of the Constitution, of their rights as human beings (which existed _before_ the Constitution was ever written), and seduced from realizing what they have lost by popular entertainment, electronic toys and social media, and by a mainstream media which is in total collusion with the socialists, the elite who have decided we need to be ruled, not represented. Who are convinced they know better than we do what we want or need from our lives.

Sorry, folks. I wish I could be less pessimistic, I wish I could offer some hope. As a realist, however, I will say that we may eventually recover from the tyranny under which we are already beginning to live. Understand, though, that I am convinced we are going to suffer a "long, dark night of the soul" before that can happen. Worse, consider that America is the first place in the history of the world where liberty was attempted, where this grand experiment was tried. It may be that too few of us will ever understand what that meant, or believe it is possible, due to the failings of men to realize how valuable and precious was the idea of freedom.

Prove me wrong, I beg you. Prove that a minority of human beings can - once again - effect a return to liberty. I would gladly fight and die to be a part of that return, if even 3% of us were to rise up against what is currently taking place. I do not have the courage to do so alone, especially considering that my doing so would not even appear in anything beyond the local news, if that. It would not be that "pebble in the pond" whose ripples would cause an awareness to arise within the minds of my countrymen. But I would go to my death gladly if it meant that a movement to stop this tyranny was begun, a movement that would be known to all in this country, even if many citizens were led to think it was domestic terrorism, rather than the fact that we would be freedom fighters, fighting to return the country to the republic for which we once stood.