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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, August 28, 2015

As I was saying . . .

Watch the video, then read how ISIS is indeed the perfect expression of islam, from one who is still there, suffering from it.

[I made the mistake of writing this before I was able to watch this lady's video (I'm having problems accessing youtube), and ass-u-med she was going to describe her rape as a newly "married" nine-year-old muslim girl. Instead, she describes becoming "pissed-off" - her words - about the indoctrination she was getting in a group setting, explaining what she would face now that she was deemed an adult woman, per islam.] The video actually relates the indoctrination of nine-year-old girls - at least the ones who haven't already been married off and raped - that islam deems it not only acceptable, but desirable, for these little girls to be given to older men as sexual toys (under the example of mohammed, who was "perfect" in everything he did) and states that the father of a child given in "marriage" to a muslim male will go to "heaven" for allowing his child to be raped in this fashion. Of course, in islam, females merely exist to satisfy the urges of their muslim husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, male friends and neighbors. mohammed (p*ss be onto him) created his "religion" with so many ways for his followers to enjoy the rape and abuse of females, and female children, because he knew that large numbers of scum-sucking arab/iranian males would flock to his banner to enjoy those perversions.

BTW, muslim boys are deemed adults at sixteen, so they can be enjoyed sexually up until that age, although I'm certain many imams and other influential muslims may stretch that a bit (pun intended).


Then read the article:

Exposing the role that Islamic jihad
theology and ideology play in the modern
global conflicts

Iraqi priest: “There’s
no such thing as
moderate Islam…
ISIS represents
Islam one hundred
percent” AUGUST 27, 2015 4:15 PM BY ROBERT SPENCER

Fr. Douglas al-Bazi’s coreligionists in the West, and their leaders
among the U.S. Catholic bishops, would be supremely
embarrassed if they heard him talking this way. They are sure that
Islam is a Religion of Peace, and woe to you if you don’t fall in line
behind them. They don’t want to hear about Islamic supremacism
or about Muslim persecution of Christians. Instead, they bow and
scrape before imams and Muslim leaders who have never lifted a
finger to stop Muslim persecution of Christians. They actively work
to silence and marginalize those who speak out about this
persecution. They consign today’s new martyrs to their fate,
sacrificing them on the altar of their fruitless, delusional and selfdefeating
quest for “dialogue” with Muslims. How many Christians
has that “dialogue” prevented from being persecuted or martyred?
Why, absolutely none, of course. But the comfortable suburban
Church continues on its comfortable suburban way, secure in its
illusions and delusions.

One day, however, the truth it has so assiduously endeavored to
ignore, deny and suppress will dawn upon it with undeniable and
terrifying reality, and maybe some of those bishops will realize how ill
they served their people by enforcing and reinforcing their ignorance
and complacency.

“‘There’s No Such Thing as Moderate Islam’: An Iraqi Priest
Describes the Christian Genocide,” by Matteo Matzuzzi, Il Foglio,
August 26, 2015 (translated by Francesca Romana, Rorate Caeli):

“Please, if there’s anyone who still thinks ISIS doesn’t
represent Islam, know that they are wrong. ISIS represents Islam
one hundred percent.” Father Douglas al Bazi, an Iraqi Catholic
parish priest in Erbil, raised his voice during an intervention at the
Meeting in Rimini, with a choice of words – in a provocative way
and in hard tones – that few had ventured use so far.
He carries on his own body the scars of the torture he underwent
nine years ago, when a band of Jihadists kidnapped him for nine
days, keeping him in chains and blindfolds along with a broken
nose from being kneed: “For the first four days they didn’t even give
me anything to drink. They would walk past me saying ‘Father, do
you want some water?’ All day long they would listen to the reading
of the Koran to let the neighbours hear what good believers they

Father Douglas Al Bazi is in charge of two refugee shelters for
Christians who survived the advance of the black horde – not far
from Ankawa. After the marking of houses with the “n” of the
Nazarene plus the Christians displaced on the Nineveh plain, a year
ago, “from morning to night we receive thousands of refugees” and
the exodus continues. “I’m proud to be an Iraqi, I love my country.
But my country is not proud that I’m part of it. What is happening to
my people is nothing other than genocide. I beg you: do not call it a
conflict. It’s genocide”, said the priest, who doesn’t want to hear
anything about “moderate Islam”: “When Islam lives amidst you, the
situation might appear acceptable. But when one lives amidst
Muslims, everything becomes impossible. I’m not here to instigate
you to hate Islam. I was born amid Muslims and I have more friends
among them than I have with Christians. But people change and if
we go to my country, no-one will be able to distinguish the light
from the darkness. There are those who say: “but I have lots of
Muslim friends who are very nice”. Yes, certainly! They are nice over
here! Over there the situation is very different!”

A situation in which regard the vice-President of the French
Conference for Imams also had some tough words to say. Hocine
Drouiche, also the Imam of Nimes, intervened last July at the
European Parliament: “In the world, Christians are being
persecuted, hunted down, deprived of work, imprisoned, tortured
and murdered. All means are being used to force them to deny their
faith, including the ritual of collective rape, considered in some
states a form of penal sanction. Owning a Bible has become a
crime, religious worship is prohibited and there has been a return to
the times of Masses in the caves and the first martyrs”. And the
fault, Drouiche had added in a discourse which had not been
highlighted very much by the European media”, is contemporary
Islam”, which is much closer “to sectarianism rather than a
universal, open religion”.

“I believe in the end they will destroy us”
Father al Bazi’s account is of one who runs the risk of being
murdered on the street every day: We never know if coming out of
the church we’ll be able to go into it again alive. In Baghdad they
had the church explode right in front of me. They shot me on the
legs with a AK-47, a type of Kalashnikov, and probably sooner or
later they’ll kill me”. Yet his faith is solid: “When they put me in
chains, during my kidnapping, they tightened a big padlock on my
wrists. On the chain there were ten extra rings, which I used to
recite the Rosary. I have never prayed it so earnestly as I did in that
situation”. “I – added Father Douglas – don’t implore your help. I’m
not frightened just as my people aren’t frightened either. I believe
they’ll destroy us in the end. But I also believe that we will have the
last word. Jesus told us that we need to carry our own crosses, and
that is what we in the Middle East are doing. Yet the most important
thing is not the carrying of the cross, but following it. And following it
means accepting, challenging and committing oneself right to the
very end”.

“We need to have patience and carry the cross each day, but we
also must react”, said Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, parish priest in
Aleppo, echoing him, and reported how the city is now “divided in
tens of parts, each one of them in the hands of a different group of
Jihadists. Our Church of St. Francis is sixty metres from the firing
line. They have already hit many churches, we don’t know when it
will be our turn”. Here is why Father Douglas, at the end of his
intervention, launched a warning to the feeble West:
“Wake up! The cancer is at your door. They will destroy you. We,
the Christians of the Middle East are the only group that has seen
the face of evil: Islam”….

However, the Christians suffering at the hands of ISIS are not the only victims. Kurds, Yazidis, and other infidels - even other muslims who are not the same sect of islam as those who rally under the ISIS banner - are being killed, or made into sex slaves and sold to be raped and otherwise abused. Or raped and abused and then sold for others to rape and abuse, often until their "owners" tire of them and kills them.

Is it not incredible that there are so many, in this country and elsewhere across the world, who can close their eyes and their ears and convince themselves that islam is a "religion of peace"? This foul cult of rapine, child molestation and murder needs to be eradicated. Those who follow orthodox islam need to be exterminated as the vermin they truly are.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

islamic rules of conduct

In visiting some of the web sites that send postings to my email, I came across an article that clearly depicts the depravity, the disgusting, degenerate behavior of those who follow true, orthodox islam. What this sick group of sub-humans believes their moon-god not only permits, but encourages them to do in his name. This is an excerpt from the article:

One of Islam’s highest leaders, the now deceased Ayatollah Khomeni, who lead the Islamic revolution in 1979 in Iran and who, until his death in 1989, was the highest authority of the country, both politically and religiously, also wrote the book Tahrirolvasyleh, which is a collection of Islamic rules of conduct for Muslims. Here he is quoted for: “A man can quench his sexual thirst by use of a baby. The only condition is that he does not penetrate the vagina, but anal sex is okay.” [This is obviously good news for all the other Ayatollahs, imams, and the rest of the muslim perverts (redundant).  I don't doubt that Khomeni made use of this pronouncement himself.]

Elsewhere, he writes that: “It is better if a girl marries so early that she gets her first period in the home of her husband rather than in the home of the father. Every father who gives his daughter away in marriage at such an early age will have obtained a place in heaven.” [Considering that muslims are permitted - even encouraged - to have full-penetration sex with nine year old girls (and anal sex with infants), the girl will most likely bleed long before her first menses.]

And further: “A man can have anal sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels, etc. However, he should kill the animal after ejaculating.”(After he finishes his cigarette? ;-) [It should be noted that their rules say the meat from the animal used for sex may not be sold in his village. It goes on to say that the meat can be sold in any other village. There is no requirement to inform the buyer that the animal - no, not meaning the muslim seller - is full of semen. I don't know off-hand if muslims eat the ass-end of the animals they use in such a fashion. Otherwise, the rest of the meat might be safe to eat.]

And some words on the rights of women: “A woman who has entered into a true state of matrimony does not have the right to leave the house without her husband’s permission – she must be available to him and fulfill his every need and must not refuse to give herself to him unless there is a valid religious reason.” ["A true state of matrimony refers to the women subject to the "married for one night" rules that muslims use to "work around" the qur'an when they want a strange piece and don't have any slaves handy, or anyone available to rape.]

Khomeni also does not think that a husband having anal sex with his own son is a valid reason for divorce: “If a man has anal sex with his son, brother or father after he is married, the marriage is to continue.” [Khomeni - who probably pitches as well as catches - certainly didn't want to reduce the pool of available partners.]

This is islam. The pseudo-religion, the death cult, that our dear Zebra/Soetero/the Obamination loves and supports. He is obviously not a muslim, but he loves muslims and enjoys emulating them from time to time. I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover he is into bacha bereesh, too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A sad day for me - so long, WRSA

I've followed Western Rifle Shooters Association for a number of years, now. Pete (CA) is one of the good guys, and posts things that are good for those of us who value liberty to read and be aware of. Sometimes he posts articles from authors/bloggers who I disagree with, but that is fine with me. I don't expect to agree with everyone, nor do I expect everyone to agree with me.

Today though, I found WRSA had crossed a line I am unable to support. Very few people read my pathetic excuse for a blog, but nonetheless, I cannot list WRSA as a blog I follow any longer, because I don't want it assumed I go along with what I read today.

The post is titled "ASK sends" and deals with a rally supporting Israel and condemning Obama/Kerry's "deal" with Iran.

I am in favor of supporting Israel, the only country that approaches being a democracy in the Middle East, a country that deserves our support (and if I need to explain and/or justify that to you, save yourself some grief and stop reading now).

I believe Pete (CA) supports Israel, too, but in this instance, he has confused free speech with providing a forum to Neo-Nazi's, "Anti-Zionists", and the rest of the drooling, mindless, Jew-hating crowd. I never realized just how many of the Jew/Israel haters there were in the III% movement until now. Oh, sure, I knew there were some, but it seems as if every slimy, low-IQ, Zionist-conspiracy-loving drooling idiot jumped at the chance to make himself known in the comments on Pete's blog. 

It's his blog. He can do what he wants with it (not like he needs - or wants - my permission ;-) But I'll be damned if I will continue to echo his blog on my site and have anyone at all think that I am in favor of these Jew-hating drooling idiots.

Are there Jews that are scum? Of course - look no further than Soros, who made his first money turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis. Who still hates his fellow Jews and has no problem contemplating - perhaps even assisting in - their annihilation as a culture, a religion, and - in Israel - a country. Marx was a Jew, for heaven's sake, and there are many others who have caused untold harm to the world and their own people. 

But the Jewish race as a whole has done untold good for the world as well. A great deal of life-saving medical technology and other cutting-edge technology has been developed in Israel since it became a country. The Jews are more frequently representative of greatness within the human race via music, art, medicine, physics, chemistry, and so many other areas of human knowledge and accomplishment.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) said it so well, many years ago:

If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way. Properly the Jew ought hardly to be heard of; but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world's list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also way out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous fight in this world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself and be excused for it. The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmity of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind.

So, I will separate myself from supporting a blog that forgets the difference between permitting free speech and becoming a forum for the deranged fools who think the "Elders of Zion" was meant to be an instruction manual, words to live by. Pete certainly won't miss me, and I have no desire whatsoever to demean or accuse him of anything, other than - in my opinion, only - poor judgment. 

Anyone who has read much of my blog knows how I feel about the sub-human creatures who follow the death cult called "islam". If I were to allow a bunch of muslim scum to publish comments about the Jews on my blog in the interest of "freedom of speech" I would be making a monumental mistake, too. 

I guarantee that you won't see that here. And that goes now for WRSA, I am afraid. Take care, Pete. I do wish you well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ISIS - all its members, associates, and admirers - need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice

0 7 -13 -15
ISIS Blows Up A BABY For

Arabic media reports say ISIS trainer taught recruits booby-trap methods by blowing up infant child of (a) man executed beforehand.

In arguably one of its cruelest acts yet, the Islamic State (ISIS) has reportedly blown up a
baby as part of a demonstration showing how to handle explosives. So reports The Clarion

The unparalleled incident took place in Diyala Province, eastern Iraq, this past Friday,
according to Sadiq el-Husseini, Security Committee Chairman of the province on behalf of
the anti-ISIS forces there. He recounted the event to the local Arabic-language A-Sumeriah

"The organization booby-trapped the baby in front of dozens of armed ISIS men," el-
Husseini said, "and then detonated it from afar." He explained that the purpose of the
operation, including the rigging of the baby and the detonation of the explosives attached to it, was part of an ISIS training exercise teaching various booby-trapping techniques.

"The organization doesn't care about the most basic human values," said el-Husseini. "Their crimes are incalculable, and the blowing up of the baby is the best proof of the threat of ISIS ideology to the state."

The baby's father was apparently executed some weeks ago, after being accused of taking

part in the killing of an Islamic State member.


As I've said before, ISIS is the accurate and complete expression of islam, the most perfect followers of the commands of the qu'ran, as spoken by the "prophet" (P*ss Be Onto Him), mohammed. Supposedly at the direction of his moon-god, allah.

Now, I realize any true muslim, following the qu'ran and hadith, probably wouldn't be all that upset by the death of their child (as opposed to a child bride or "beardless boy", which would deprive them of their pedophiliac sex object), especially if it was a female child (the article above does not state which gender). Nonetheless, giving the man - who might not have even been muslim - the benefit of the doubt, I am glad he was killed before seeing what became of his child.

I'll bet this was not shown on the mainstream news. I'll bet there was no mention of it on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or even Fox. I don't watch television, so it is quite possible I am wrong, and it was shown by some TV news source, although I doubt it.

Come on, folks. Even as screwed up as liberals are, only those who are in favor of "partial-birth" abortions, and those scum who think it is okay to kill fully delivered infants as well, would be comfortable with this. You know, like Eric Holder's wife, who I understand owns an abortion clinic in Georgia. But, hey - her clinic probably aborts mostly black babies, or maybe half-black babies. I wonder what our country would be like right now if Barry Soetero's mother had gone to her clinic?

So, let's hear it for all of those folks who want to "co-exist" with islam, and all those feminists who claim being looked at funny - or denied a cake - means they have been mind-raped, yet don't say a damned word about the abuses women all over the world suffer at the hands of muslims - who aren't "radical", they are orthodox, adhering strictly to the words of the qu'ran.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Finally? Or are you still in denial? Like Michael Z. Williamson.

July 22, 2015:
I just had to add a postscript here. Looking at the poster of Holder and his wife, I noticed they both actually look more white than black. Their features aren't what one would expect from people of the negroid race. Is Mrs. Holder even black at all? Is her hair style just an attempt to show solidarity with her (black/half-black/less-than-half-black?) husband? I'll have to poke around a bit and see what I can find out.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

SCOTUS legislates from the bench

I don't watch TV - haven't since 1987 (yes, 28 years ago) when I last had cable, so that I could watch Discovery and a few other sometimes-interesting and educational shows. Between commercials, the liberal BS you had forced down your throat by National Geographic, Discovery, and others ("AGW will ruin the Earth!", "islam is the religion of peace"), and the fact that the news was leaning farther Left than the Tower of Pisa, when I moved to where it was satellite or nothing, I chose "nothing". I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. I still watch videos - although it is getting harder and harder to find movies that aren't made with actors that are so liberal they need a glass navel to be able to navigate (like Liam Neeson, who says those of us who support the Second Amendment are scum - and I use to really enjoy some of the movies he made, like Shindler's List and Taken).

So, reduced to getting my news from the Internet - where I can at least choose sources that don't originate from unicorn poop and Ted Turner's rusty sheriff's badge - I am often late reading about current events. Such as SCOTUS creating laws, instead of ruling on the Constitutionality of laws, which is what they were, IIRC, created to do.

While I am not at all surprised that they decided that Obamacare could be interpreted to mean anything they wanted it to mean, I am actually more bothered by the gay marriage ruling. Not because I care if a couple of rump-rangers or beaver-biters play house (truth be told, I've known some really nice people of both persuasions), but because it opens the rest of us up to abuse by .gov if we refuse to bend over for them.

There was once a time when many, many businesses sported a sign at their entrance informing anyone looking to enter that they reserved the right to refuse service to anyone. We have a small restaurant in the little town closest to where I live which has such a sign. They can probably get away with it for a while, for two reasons: here in the Wild West it is pretty well accepted that things are done differently from how they are in Sodom-on-the-Bay, the City of Angles, Sea-Cattle, and other hotspots of Liberal/"Progressive" culture.  You know - where the most commonly used keys on a computer keyboard are     C:  <enter>:  ###   (Think about it. Sorry. The Devil made me do it ;-)

To get serious, this decision to give gays - along with blacks, trannys, illegal aliens, and muslims - special privileges and treatment will literally come back to haunt us. You may be willing to accept the fact that you will no longer be able to live by your own religious creed, personal choices, or cultural imperatives if they include remaining separate from gays. You will find yourself sued not only for refusing service to gays in small businesses, but what if you are the pastor of a church that believes gay sex is sinful and some gays insist - simply because they CAN - that you marry them? And that you use their own vows to do so (I, Bruce, take Frederick for richer or for poorer, to have and to hold, from behind and in the mouth, with and without lubrication, for so long as my supply of Viagra and my c*ck-ring keep me hard."  Yes, that's gross, and I have an evil and dirty mind, but do you really think such could never happen? Will said pastor, his family and his brethren be pleased when he is fined, jailed, and his church is closed or condemned by .gov and the courts because he refused to participate in a marriage ceremony such as that?

This will get worse, people. For some time now (ten years that I am aware of), there has been a push by psychiatrists, psychologists, "bio-ethicists", anthropologists, "ethno-psychologists", [unicorns] and many actual pederasts in positions of authority (.gov, large corporations, bishops and cardinals, etc.) to remove pedophilia from - and to declare it normal behavior - the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for mental disorders), the manual used by those in mental health professions and the courts for determining what mental conditions are disorders, what the criteria are for judging that someone is not behaving in a normal, safe, and acceptable way.

These people, supposedly intelligent, reasoning human beings, want to decriminalize - make culturally acceptable - sex by adults with pre-pubescent children. Not only would this in reality constitute rape of children, since they would be too young to provide true consent and in most cases be true rape, but it would decriminalize intercourse by strangers, family members, teachers, priests and ministers, camp councilors, Boy and Girl Scout troop leaders, doctors, and anyone else desiring to have sex with a child. This would legitimize marriage of nine-year-old little girls for the muslim scum who want to follow in the footsteps of their child-molesting prophet, mohammed (p*ss be onto him).

Should this happen, should SCOTUS rule in the same fashion as it has with gay marriage, it would be illegal to prevent it from happening with your own children.  Considering the protections and privileges  provided to gays at this point by local, state, and Federal courts,  it could be ruled illegal for you to prevent the victimization - sexually - of your own children by their teachers, their doctors, their councilors at summer camp, by Senators and Representatives, by the AIDS-infected chickenhawk living down the street from you. Refusing to allow access to your own children could easily be ruled discriminatory.

Yes, yes, I know this sounds absurd, over the top. But it isn't. Who would have thought that a bakery owner could be fined thousands of dollars and forced out of business for refusing to bake someone a cake, or cater a gay wedding reception? Who would have thought that a church would be forced - against their deeply held beliefs and their own religious teachings - to provide contraceptive coverage for the people they employ? Why should it be that gays and sexually promiscuous people have greater rights than those provided for by the First Amendment? It says freedom of  religion, and was only written to prevent the State from establishing its own religion and requiring us to practice it.

This country was formed to a great extent by people who fled England and Europe because they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. And now it is happening again. Yet, when the beliefs of muslims interfere with or threaten the rights of Christian, Jews, and even atheists, the muslims "rights" take precedence over everyone else's. It has become a pejorative term these days to be called "Christian", in spite of the fact that this country was formed as a Christian nation, based upon the Judeo-Christian moral code. Yes, there were atheists and deists back then, some of whom were Founding Fathers. But even those individuals accepted and lived by the same moral codes as the Jews and the Christians.

The Left is doing everything it can to destroy the moral codes this country was founded upon and which kept us healthy and striving to be good, to live together in harmony. Caligula would recognize the direction the Left is moving us in - the debasement of the family, sexuality, marriage, truth and justice. He would feel quite comfortable in today's America. There is already enough debasement of women, teenage girls and boys, and even of small children in this country to drive a moral man into a towering rage at what is happening. The Left is pleased by this, and would like to see it taken even further. Nor do they complain or protest the rape of women and little girls by muslims throughout the world, the use of young boys for sex by muslims in every country where muslims live, the sexual enslavement and killing of "infidel" women and girls.

If the Left is successful, as I am very afraid they will be, at legalizing pederasty, the rape and molestation of children, female and male (look up NAMBLA - I refuse to provide a link - but be prepared to puke), then I am hoping parents and moral men and women in this country will take up arms and declare open season not just on the pederasts, molesters, but also upon the people - like Peter Singer - who helped to make it happen. Will you protect your children, your grandchildren? I hope so.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ISIS: The perfect expression of the commands of the qu'ran. The truest muslims.

I've said it before, and will say it again: ISIS is the truest display of adherence to the commands of the "prophet" mohammed as written in the qu'ran. They behave according to orthodox, true islam. So-called "moderate muslims" - a real oxymoron, if there ever was one - do not follow the dictates of the qu'ran. ISIS does, and it has become quite creative in how it does that. This article shows the depths of depravity reached by these less-than-animals.

New ISIS Low: Caged Drowning, Decapitation Necklaces
 Brutal terror regime releases new video showing victims murdered gruesomely, including being locked in car and shot by RPG.

The brutal Islamic State (ISIS) group has spread horror by callously beheading victims and burning them to death - on Tuesday the terror group reached a new low by unveiling gruesome new ways to murder.

In a seven-minute video from ISIS's Nineveh branch based in its stronghold of Mosul, the terrorists reinvented their horrific methods of murder on three separate batches of helpless victims.

At the start of the clip, several men in the orange jumpsuits worn by victims in ISIS videos are locked in an Opal saloon car in the desert, before a masked ISIS terrorist fires an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) launcher at the vehicle from point-blank range.

The car explodes in flame, burning to death the victims trapped inside.

If the clip started with incendiary flames, the most horrific moment may have been what follows next, as water is used in a twisted way to drown five men in orange jumpsuits.

The group are forced to talk on camera about the crimes of "spying" they were evidently accused of, before being locked in a massive metal cage and lowered into a swimming pool.

At first the group stand straight with their legs bound until the cage is lowered in the water. As the water raises ever higher the men become visibly panicked, praying and pacing the tiny cell before the water reaches over their heads.

The video then switches to expensive underwater cameras attached to the bars of the cage to show the men thrashing hopelessly underwater before losing consciousness and drowning.

The cage is then lifted out of the water again, showing the drowned men lying foaming at the mouth.

After the gruesome interlude of watery deaths, the film returns to fiery explosions as another set of seven victims are forced to talk on camera before being led out into a field.

There explosive cables are tied around all of their necks as they are forced to kneel in a line. The cables are then detonated, decapitating and horrifically maiming the victims, and all of the gore is captured in HD quality footage.

ISIS has used such gruesome films in the past both to recruit jihadists from around the world as well as to strike fear and terror into their opponents.

 And isn't it interesting that they are so successful at recruitment. At first, I believed it was primarily because muslim males - including so many "American", "Canadian", "British", and "European" muslims (actually only described thusly because they reside, possess citizenship, in those countries, not because they consider themselves citizens of them) - wished to take advantage of the muslim practice of owning "war brides", sex slaves taken when "infidel" women are captured during their attacks on villages and towns. "Women" includes little girls, as young as eight or nine (truth be told, I'm sure some of those muslim "warriors" make use of even toddlers). The Western world media completely ignore this fact, and how common it is in places where muslims congregate. Even our so-called "feminist" groups remain silent on how terribly all women and girl children are abused by muslim males, even their own muslim females. It must be even more horrible for the "infidel" women and little girls. I have never watched "Oprah", but I'll bet she never did a program on how muslims treat women and girl children. Correct me if I am wrong, but I'll bet you can't.

Being aware of barach bereesh, "beardless boys", and how muslim males enjoy using them for sex, I'm also certain many "infidel" - Christian little boys, and others - have suffered at the hands of the might "warriors" of ISIS. The qu'ran and hadith give them license to do so.

Now, however, I think there are many sadists who flock to the banner of ISIS in the knowledge that they can saw the heads of off men, women (after raping them, of course), and even children. That they can partake in the burning alive, the drowning, and the "necklacing" with an explosive collar. The technique of "necklacing" were originally developed by Nelson Mandela and his wife, Winnie, only they use automobile tires and gasoline - not as humane as a quick explosive device. The first known instance was a fourteen year old girl:
The first victim of necklacing, according to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, was a young girl, Maki Skosana, in July 1985.[9]
Moloko said her sister was burned to death with a tire around her neck while attending the funeral of one of the youths. Her body had been scorched by fire and some broken pieces of glass had been inserted into her vagina, Moloko told the committee. Moloko added that a big rock had been thrown on her face after she had been killed.[10]

As bad as the Mandela version was, the ISIS version of putting several men into a vehicle and then setting it on fire with an RPG, burning them alive (the ones not killed by the explosion), is even more gruesome.

Somebody, tell me - what is it about islam that makes any human being want to declare him/herself a member? Well, even the sub-humans who claim to be muslims?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mo-Ham-Ed: Educating ourselves about islam - When ridicule is a valuable weapon

As anyone not living under a mushroom (or in the White House) knows, two muslim Jihadi-wannabees were shot dead in Garland, Texas almost a week ago. While the FBI (and local police, probably at the direction of the Fibbies) are refusing to release much information on the two good muslims (as in "the only good muslim . . ."), their identities have been established, even though the law enforcement agencies involved have not confirmed them.

What _is_ known is that the two scum intended to attack a small group of people banded together to flex their First Amendment rights, rights which the entire liberal pantheon of media talking heads, dead-tree publishers, Hollywood pundits, and even the asshat Occupying the White House claim don't exist when it comes to talking about islam and muslims. Pam Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative was sponsoring a contest for cartoonists, where the object was to draw a cartoon of mohammed, the child-molesting "Prophet" of islam.

One of the tenets of islam, per the qu'ran (their "holy" book, for those of you late to the show - you may have seen it written as 'Koran') is that it is not permitted to make any drawing or other visual depiction of Allah or his "Prophet" [PBUH is usually added any time he is mentioned. This stands for "Peace Be Unto Him". I prefer to parse it as "Piss Be Unto (onto) Him".] IIRC, the penalty for drawing or painting him is death.

As we have seen in countless Western (cowboy) movies, when a horse is injured (usually a broken leg, which was pretty much impossible to fix back in that era), it was put to death. Gary Larsen, that amazingly weird cartoonist, drew a cartoon of a hospital ward full of horses, each with a different disease or injury. The veterinarian would look at the chart, but the treatment was always the same - another man walking behind the vet, shooting the horse.

islam (I refuse to respect it with a capital "I") treats violations of the edicts of the qu'ran in the same way - almost every one calls for death. Some by stoning, some by beheading. Homosexuals are hung (by the neck, you pervert!), and some other violators are/have been burned to death. For any non-muslim, or any muslim who rejects islam, thereby making him a non-muslim (duh), the penalty is death. These few who have rejected islam are known as apostates, and the qu'ran says they are worse than infidels, for they have known true islam and have turned away.

Back in 2005, muslims rioted and attacked people because some Danish cartoonists drew a number of cartoon likenesses of mohammed for the political section of a Danish newspaper. Several of the cartoonists were attacked by muslims who were trying to kill them.

Several hundred people around the world died due to muslim rioting in various countries. Because of this, ignorant liberal fools all across the planet called for restrictions on freedom of speech. In a number of European countries - and even Canada - speaking out against islam and the atrocities it engendered and supported was deemed "hate speech". The liberal/progressive asshats insist that because islam is supposedly a religion (it is actually an ideology, masquerading as a religion), it should be illegal to speak out against it. This actually became law in a number of countries, one of the worst (believe it or not) being Great Britain, where a man running for office was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill during a political rally (he quoted a Churchill statement concerning islam).

Enter Pam Geller. She heads up an organization called the American Freedom Defense Initiative. One of her primary aims is to counter islamic/muslim propaganda against Jews, especially Israelis, with true facts about islam. Recently, she has been successful in forcing various cities to post advertisements AFDI has bought showing the truth about islam, islamic jihad, and the intolerance of islam for all other religions and non-muslim peoples. She had to take various cities to court to enforce the right of free speech, and has won. The lying sacks of human feces who operate the Southern Poverty Law Center - you know, the ones who "consult" with law enforcement agencies all over the country, telling them that you are a domestic extremist/terrorist if you are a veteran and supported Ron Paul - claim AFDI is a "hate group". This from a group of shysters who scam money from elderly people on limited incomes who think SPLC is actually fighting discrimination.

What is especially interesting is that, while the fuzzy-minded liberals are screaming "hate speech" at those (including former muslims) who speak out about the atrocities perpetrated by islam - all provable facts, like the beheadings done by ISIS - they are amazingly silent about the attacks upon Christianity, such as the "artist" who won kudos for his exhibit of a photograph of a crucifix inside of a jar full of urine. The exhibit was sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, which claims it does not control content. (I have $1000.00 that says they would not permit cartoon depictions of mohammed at any of the exhibits they support or arrange.)

So, this brings us back to Pam Geller, in Garland, Texas providing a venue for a group of cartoonists to utilize their right to free speech. AFDI provided a $10,000.00 prize for the best cartoon of mohammed. The winner, incidentally, was a former muslim, Bosch Fawstin. His cartoon was pretty mild, compared to others, such as those posted by the Danish newspaper.

Ridiculing islam and its "Prophet" (P*ss Be Unto Him) is a worthwhile endeavor. It helps to destroy the vile slime of political correctness which seeks to throttle our right of free speech. It upsets the Vile Slime that resides in the White House, along with his vile pseudo-wife. And, as we have seen in Garland, Texas, it brings the muslim vermin out into the light of day, where they can be eradicated, eliminated, wiped-the-hell-out.

islam and the violence it commands, demands, isn't funny. The deaths, the torture, the beheadings, the rapes of women and children, the hanging of homosexuals and the burning alive of Jordanian pilots are not amusing. Ridicule of this fake religion, this death cult, is useful nonetheless. islam must be described truthfully, in all of its disgusting intolerance, violence, and perversion. It must be mocked while we fight it, and its vile commandments must be held high for all to see, so that it can be condemned and rejected by he rest of the world.