Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, July 2, 2015

SCOTUS legislates from the bench

I don't watch TV - haven't since 1987 (yes, 28 years ago) when I last had cable, so that I could watch Discovery and a few other sometimes-interesting and educational shows. Between commercials, the liberal BS you had forced down your throat by National Geographic, Discovery, and others ("AGW will ruin the Earth!", "islam is the religion of peace"), and the fact that the news was leaning farther Left than the Tower of Pisa, when I moved to where it was satellite or nothing, I chose "nothing". I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. I still watch videos - although it is getting harder and harder to find movies that aren't made with actors that are so liberal they need a glass navel to be able to navigate (like Liam Neeson, who says those of us who support the Second Amendment are scum - and I use to really enjoy some of the movies he made, like Shindler's List and Taken).

So, reduced to getting my news from the Internet - where I can at least choose sources that don't originate from unicorn poop and Ted Turner's rusty sheriff's badge - I am often late reading about current events. Such as SCOTUS creating laws, instead of ruling on the Constitutionality of laws, which is what they were, IIRC, created to do.

While I am not at all surprised that they decided that Obamacare could be interpreted to mean anything they wanted it to mean, I am actually more bothered by the gay marriage ruling. Not because I care if a couple of rump-rangers or beaver-biters play house (truth be told, I've known some really nice people of both persuasions), but because it opens the rest of us up to abuse by .gov if we refuse to bend over for them.

There was once a time when many, many businesses sported a sign at their entrance informing anyone looking to enter that they reserved the right to refuse service to anyone. We have a small restaurant in the little town closest to where I live which has such a sign. They can probably get away with it for a while, for two reasons: here in the Wild West it is pretty well accepted that things are done differently from how they are in Sodom-on-the-Bay, the City of Angles, Sea-Cattle, and other hotspots of Liberal/"Progressive" culture.  You know - where the most commonly used keys on a computer keyboard are     C:  <enter>:  ###   (Think about it. Sorry. The Devil made me do it ;-)

To get serious, this decision to give gays - along with blacks, trannys, illegal aliens, and muslims - special privileges and treatment will literally come back to haunt us. You may be willing to accept the fact that you will no longer be able to live by your own religious creed, personal choices, or cultural imperatives if they include remaining separate from gays. You will find yourself sued not only for refusing service to gays in small businesses, but what if you are the pastor of a church that believes gay sex is sinful and some gays insist - simply because they CAN - that you marry them? And that you use their own vows to do so (I, Bruce, take Frederick for richer or for poorer, to have and to hold, from behind and in the mouth, with and without lubrication, for so long as my supply of Viagra and my c*ck-ring keep me hard."  Yes, that's gross, and I have an evil and dirty mind, but do you really think such could never happen? Will said pastor, his family and his brethren be pleased when he is fined, jailed, and his church is closed or condemned by .gov and the courts because he refused to participate in a marriage ceremony such as that?

This will get worse, people. For some time now (ten years that I am aware of), there has been a push by psychiatrists, psychologists, "bio-ethicists", anthropologists, "ethno-psychologists", [unicorns] and many actual pederasts in positions of authority (.gov, large corporations, bishops and cardinals, etc.) to remove pedophilia from - and to declare it normal behavior - the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for mental disorders), the manual used by those in mental health professions and the courts for determining what mental conditions are disorders, what the criteria are for judging that someone is not behaving in a normal, safe, and acceptable way.

These people, supposedly intelligent, reasoning human beings, want to decriminalize - make culturally acceptable - sex by adults with pre-pubescent children. Not only would this in reality constitute rape of children, since they would be too young to provide true consent and in most cases be true rape, but it would decriminalize intercourse by strangers, family members, teachers, priests and ministers, camp councilors, Boy and Girl Scout troop leaders, doctors, and anyone else desiring to have sex with a child. This would legitimize marriage of nine-year-old little girls for the muslim scum who want to follow in the footsteps of their child-molesting prophet, mohammed (p*ss be onto him).

Should this happen, should SCOTUS rule in the same fashion as it has with gay marriage, it would be illegal to prevent it from happening with your own children.  Considering the protections and privileges  provided to gays at this point by local, state, and Federal courts,  it could be ruled illegal for you to prevent the victimization - sexually - of your own children by their teachers, their doctors, their councilors at summer camp, by Senators and Representatives, by the AIDS-infected chickenhawk living down the street from you. Refusing to allow access to your own children could easily be ruled discriminatory.

Yes, yes, I know this sounds absurd, over the top. But it isn't. Who would have thought that a bakery owner could be fined thousands of dollars and forced out of business for refusing to bake someone a cake, or cater a gay wedding reception? Who would have thought that a church would be forced - against their deeply held beliefs and their own religious teachings - to provide contraceptive coverage for the people they employ? Why should it be that gays and sexually promiscuous people have greater rights than those provided for by the First Amendment? It says freedom of  religion, and was only written to prevent the State from establishing its own religion and requiring us to practice it.

This country was formed to a great extent by people who fled England and Europe because they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. And now it is happening again. Yet, when the beliefs of muslims interfere with or threaten the rights of Christian, Jews, and even atheists, the muslims "rights" take precedence over everyone else's. It has become a pejorative term these days to be called "Christian", in spite of the fact that this country was formed as a Christian nation, based upon the Judeo-Christian moral code. Yes, there were atheists and deists back then, some of whom were Founding Fathers. But even those individuals accepted and lived by the same moral codes as the Jews and the Christians.

The Left is doing everything it can to destroy the moral codes this country was founded upon and which kept us healthy and striving to be good, to live together in harmony. Caligula would recognize the direction the Left is moving us in - the debasement of the family, sexuality, marriage, truth and justice. He would feel quite comfortable in today's America. There is already enough debasement of women, teenage girls and boys, and even of small children in this country to drive a moral man into a towering rage at what is happening. The Left is pleased by this, and would like to see it taken even further. Nor do they complain or protest the rape of women and little girls by muslims throughout the world, the use of young boys for sex by muslims in every country where muslims live, the sexual enslavement and killing of "infidel" women and girls.

If the Left is successful, as I am very afraid they will be, at legalizing pederasty, the rape and molestation of children, female and male (look up NAMBLA - I refuse to provide a link - but be prepared to puke), then I am hoping parents and moral men and women in this country will take up arms and declare open season not just on the pederasts, molesters, but also upon the people - like Peter Singer - who helped to make it happen. Will you protect your children, your grandchildren? I hope so.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ISIS: The perfect expression of the commands of the qu'ran. The truest muslims.

I've said it before, and will say it again: ISIS is the truest display of adherence to the commands of the "prophet" mohammed as written in the qu'ran. They behave according to orthodox, true islam. So-called "moderate muslims" - a real oxymoron, if there ever was one - do not follow the dictates of the qu'ran. ISIS does, and it has become quite creative in how it does that. This article shows the depths of depravity reached by these less-than-animals.

New ISIS Low: Caged Drowning, Decapitation Necklaces
 Brutal terror regime releases new video showing victims murdered gruesomely, including being locked in car and shot by RPG.

The brutal Islamic State (ISIS) group has spread horror by callously beheading victims and burning them to death - on Tuesday the terror group reached a new low by unveiling gruesome new ways to murder.

In a seven-minute video from ISIS's Nineveh branch based in its stronghold of Mosul, the terrorists reinvented their horrific methods of murder on three separate batches of helpless victims.

At the start of the clip, several men in the orange jumpsuits worn by victims in ISIS videos are locked in an Opal saloon car in the desert, before a masked ISIS terrorist fires an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) launcher at the vehicle from point-blank range.

The car explodes in flame, burning to death the victims trapped inside.

If the clip started with incendiary flames, the most horrific moment may have been what follows next, as water is used in a twisted way to drown five men in orange jumpsuits.

The group are forced to talk on camera about the crimes of "spying" they were evidently accused of, before being locked in a massive metal cage and lowered into a swimming pool.

At first the group stand straight with their legs bound until the cage is lowered in the water. As the water raises ever higher the men become visibly panicked, praying and pacing the tiny cell before the water reaches over their heads.

The video then switches to expensive underwater cameras attached to the bars of the cage to show the men thrashing hopelessly underwater before losing consciousness and drowning.

The cage is then lifted out of the water again, showing the drowned men lying foaming at the mouth.

After the gruesome interlude of watery deaths, the film returns to fiery explosions as another set of seven victims are forced to talk on camera before being led out into a field.

There explosive cables are tied around all of their necks as they are forced to kneel in a line. The cables are then detonated, decapitating and horrifically maiming the victims, and all of the gore is captured in HD quality footage.

ISIS has used such gruesome films in the past both to recruit jihadists from around the world as well as to strike fear and terror into their opponents.

 And isn't it interesting that they are so successful at recruitment. At first, I believed it was primarily because muslim males - including so many "American", "Canadian", "British", and "European" muslims (actually only described thusly because they reside, possess citizenship, in those countries, not because they consider themselves citizens of them) - wished to take advantage of the muslim practice of owning "war brides", sex slaves taken when "infidel" women are captured during their attacks on villages and towns. "Women" includes little girls, as young as eight or nine (truth be told, I'm sure some of those muslim "warriors" make use of even toddlers). The Western world media completely ignore this fact, and how common it is in places where muslims congregate. Even our so-called "feminist" groups remain silent on how terribly all women and girl children are abused by muslim males, even their own muslim females. It must be even more horrible for the "infidel" women and little girls. I have never watched "Oprah", but I'll bet she never did a program on how muslims treat women and girl children. Correct me if I am wrong, but I'll bet you can't.

Being aware of barach bereesh, "beardless boys", and how muslim males enjoy using them for sex, I'm also certain many "infidel" - Christian little boys, and others - have suffered at the hands of the might "warriors" of ISIS. The qu'ran and hadith give them license to do so.

Now, however, I think there are many sadists who flock to the banner of ISIS in the knowledge that they can saw the heads of off men, women (after raping them, of course), and even children. That they can partake in the burning alive, the drowning, and the "necklacing" with an explosive collar. The technique of "necklacing" were originally developed by Nelson Mandela and his wife, Winnie, only they use automobile tires and gasoline - not as humane as a quick explosive device. The first known instance was a fourteen year old girl:
The first victim of necklacing, according to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, was a young girl, Maki Skosana, in July 1985.[9]
Moloko said her sister was burned to death with a tire around her neck while attending the funeral of one of the youths. Her body had been scorched by fire and some broken pieces of glass had been inserted into her vagina, Moloko told the committee. Moloko added that a big rock had been thrown on her face after she had been killed.[10]

As bad as the Mandela version was, the ISIS version of putting several men into a vehicle and then setting it on fire with an RPG, burning them alive (the ones not killed by the explosion), is even more gruesome.

Somebody, tell me - what is it about islam that makes any human being want to declare him/herself a member? Well, even the sub-humans who claim to be muslims?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mo-Ham-Ed: Educating ourselves about islam - When ridicule is a valuable weapon

As anyone not living under a mushroom (or in the White House) knows, two muslim Jihadi-wannabees were shot dead in Garland, Texas almost a week ago. While the FBI (and local police, probably at the direction of the Fibbies) are refusing to release much information on the two good muslims (as in "the only good muslim . . ."), their identities have been established, even though the law enforcement agencies involved have not confirmed them.

What _is_ known is that the two scum intended to attack a small group of people banded together to flex their First Amendment rights, rights which the entire liberal pantheon of media talking heads, dead-tree publishers, Hollywood pundits, and even the asshat Occupying the White House claim don't exist when it comes to talking about islam and muslims. Pam Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative was sponsoring a contest for cartoonists, where the object was to draw a cartoon of mohammed, the child-molesting "Prophet" of islam.

One of the tenets of islam, per the qu'ran (their "holy" book, for those of you late to the show - you may have seen it written as 'Koran') is that it is not permitted to make any drawing or other visual depiction of Allah or his "Prophet" [PBUH is usually added any time he is mentioned. This stands for "Peace Be Unto Him". I prefer to parse it as "Piss Be Unto (onto) Him".] IIRC, the penalty for drawing or painting him is death.

As we have seen in countless Western (cowboy) movies, when a horse is injured (usually a broken leg, which was pretty much impossible to fix back in that era), it was put to death. Gary Larsen, that amazingly weird cartoonist, drew a cartoon of a hospital ward full of horses, each with a different disease or injury. The veterinarian would look at the chart, but the treatment was always the same - another man walking behind the vet, shooting the horse.

islam (I refuse to respect it with a capital "I") treats violations of the edicts of the qu'ran in the same way - almost every one calls for death. Some by stoning, some by beheading. Homosexuals are hung (by the neck, you pervert!), and some other violators are/have been burned to death. For any non-muslim, or any muslim who rejects islam, thereby making him a non-muslim (duh), the penalty is death. These few who have rejected islam are known as apostates, and the qu'ran says they are worse than infidels, for they have known true islam and have turned away.

Back in 2005, muslims rioted and attacked people because some Danish cartoonists drew a number of cartoon likenesses of mohammed for the political section of a Danish newspaper. Several of the cartoonists were attacked by muslims who were trying to kill them.

Several hundred people around the world died due to muslim rioting in various countries. Because of this, ignorant liberal fools all across the planet called for restrictions on freedom of speech. In a number of European countries - and even Canada - speaking out against islam and the atrocities it engendered and supported was deemed "hate speech". The liberal/progressive asshats insist that because islam is supposedly a religion (it is actually an ideology, masquerading as a religion), it should be illegal to speak out against it. This actually became law in a number of countries, one of the worst (believe it or not) being Great Britain, where a man running for office was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill during a political rally (he quoted a Churchill statement concerning islam).

Enter Pam Geller. She heads up an organization called the American Freedom Defense Initiative. One of her primary aims is to counter islamic/muslim propaganda against Jews, especially Israelis, with true facts about islam. Recently, she has been successful in forcing various cities to post advertisements AFDI has bought showing the truth about islam, islamic jihad, and the intolerance of islam for all other religions and non-muslim peoples. She had to take various cities to court to enforce the right of free speech, and has won. The lying sacks of human feces who operate the Southern Poverty Law Center - you know, the ones who "consult" with law enforcement agencies all over the country, telling them that you are a domestic extremist/terrorist if you are a veteran and supported Ron Paul - claim AFDI is a "hate group". This from a group of shysters who scam money from elderly people on limited incomes who think SPLC is actually fighting discrimination.

What is especially interesting is that, while the fuzzy-minded liberals are screaming "hate speech" at those (including former muslims) who speak out about the atrocities perpetrated by islam - all provable facts, like the beheadings done by ISIS - they are amazingly silent about the attacks upon Christianity, such as the "artist" who won kudos for his exhibit of a photograph of a crucifix inside of a jar full of urine. The exhibit was sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, which claims it does not control content. (I have $1000.00 that says they would not permit cartoon depictions of mohammed at any of the exhibits they support or arrange.)

So, this brings us back to Pam Geller, in Garland, Texas providing a venue for a group of cartoonists to utilize their right to free speech. AFDI provided a $10,000.00 prize for the best cartoon of mohammed. The winner, incidentally, was a former muslim, Bosch Fawstin. His cartoon was pretty mild, compared to others, such as those posted by the Danish newspaper.

Ridiculing islam and its "Prophet" (P*ss Be Unto Him) is a worthwhile endeavor. It helps to destroy the vile slime of political correctness which seeks to throttle our right of free speech. It upsets the Vile Slime that resides in the White House, along with his vile pseudo-wife. And, as we have seen in Garland, Texas, it brings the muslim vermin out into the light of day, where they can be eradicated, eliminated, wiped-the-hell-out.

islam and the violence it commands, demands, isn't funny. The deaths, the torture, the beheadings, the rapes of women and children, the hanging of homosexuals and the burning alive of Jordanian pilots are not amusing. Ridicule of this fake religion, this death cult, is useful nonetheless. islam must be described truthfully, in all of its disgusting intolerance, violence, and perversion. It must be mocked while we fight it, and its vile commandments must be held high for all to see, so that it can be condemned and rejected by he rest of the world.

Friday, May 8, 2015

America has fallen

America hasn't been a republic for quite a few years now, but it has now descended so low it isn't even a democracy anymore.

Yes, I know how that sounds. I understand that many people will read that and think I am wearing a tin-foil hat. They will continue to watch "Reality TV" (an oxymoron to beat all oxymorons - and designed for morons), eat at McDonalds, and think they still live in America. They don't. I don't. You don't.

Gun Owners of America, an entity that does what the NRA refuses to do - confronting gun control without compromising our rights away the way the NRA does - has sent an alert to members concerning the trade agreement Obama and his handlers are trying to ram through Congress, with the technique that worked so well with Obamacare - you have to pass it to know what is in it. Here are some points to consider:

                   Reports have already surfaced that the TOP SECRET draft contains a whole chapter with a European Union-style provision allowing unlimited migration from Mexico into the United States.

               Of course, we can't quote for you any of the language in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement because the document is TOP SECRET. Obama won't reveal it, even to most congressmen, until Congress has given it its imprimatur by allowing it to pass under fast track procedures.

              On Monday, Politico reported:
If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.
If you’re a [congressional] member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving.
And no matter what, you can’t discuss the details of what you’ve read.
Truly, even more than with ObamaCare, this is a case of "You have to pass it to find out what's in it."
             But that's not all: The fast track authority being granted to Obama and his successor for the next six years applies to whatever type of trade negotiation Obama chooses to enter into.
So, if he can write the UN Arms Trade Treaty into a trade agreement, then it can't be filibustered or amended or prevented from consideration.

Congress, if they allow this "fast track" trade agreement to pass, will have relinquished every bit of control, every bit of the "checks and balances" that are supposed to exist between the Executive Office and the Legislature. Obama - and his successor (which may very well be Hillary Clinton) will be able to add whatever provisions they wish to this "trade agreement", provisions having absolutely nothing to do with trade. And Congress - even if it is able to remove Boehner and McConnell, who have proven themselves in thrall to Obama and the Democrats - will be powerless to change it or stop them from doing it.

Do you still believe I am being alarmist, that I am jumping at shadows? Can you not see that not only are we no longer a representational republic, we are no longer even a democracy. The citizens of this nation no longer have any input into what our "representatives" do or agree to.

This is not an issue for liberals, progressives, because they "feel" that government is meant to tell us what to do, what is allowed and what is not. They are not intelligent enough to understand that government will soon exert such stringent control over our lives that even they will cringe under its lash. Those of us who had tasted, had lived in what was left of liberty, of freedom, before the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama took it away from us will suffer seeing our children and grandchildren descend into true, actual tyranny.

I would like to believe the people of this country will "rise and rise again, 'til lambs become lions", but I doubt that will happen. Total control will not become visible enough, harsh enough, before those of us who knew a small measure of freedom are gone, passed away. The generations being raised now, especially the "millenials", have been denied the truth, have been indoctrinated in our schools and universities so that they are ignorant of the Constitution, of their rights as human beings (which existed _before_ the Constitution was ever written), and seduced from realizing what they have lost by popular entertainment, electronic toys and social media, and by a mainstream media which is in total collusion with the socialists, the elite who have decided we need to be ruled, not represented. Who are convinced they know better than we do what we want or need from our lives.

Sorry, folks. I wish I could be less pessimistic, I wish I could offer some hope. As a realist, however, I will say that we may eventually recover from the tyranny under which we are already beginning to live. Understand, though, that I am convinced we are going to suffer a "long, dark night of the soul" before that can happen. Worse, consider that America is the first place in the history of the world where liberty was attempted, where this grand experiment was tried. It may be that too few of us will ever understand what that meant, or believe it is possible, due to the failings of men to realize how valuable and precious was the idea of freedom.

Prove me wrong, I beg you. Prove that a minority of human beings can - once again - effect a return to liberty. I would gladly fight and die to be a part of that return, if even 3% of us were to rise up against what is currently taking place. I do not have the courage to do so alone, especially considering that my doing so would not even appear in anything beyond the local news, if that. It would not be that "pebble in the pond" whose ripples would cause an awareness to arise within the minds of my countrymen. But I would go to my death gladly if it meant that a movement to stop this tyranny was begun, a movement that would be known to all in this country, even if many citizens were led to think it was domestic terrorism, rather than the fact that we would be freedom fighters, fighting to return the country to the republic for which we once stood.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Insanity, thy name is Liberal - Oops. The joke is on me.

It has been a while since I have posted anything concerning liberals and their detachment from reality. Well, I just stumbled upon an article on the www.guns.com web site that has me convinced that New Jersey is not only inhabited by far too many intellectually challenged in-duh-viduals, but that all of those liberals have finally gone beyond redemption. Not simply in their inability to behave as reasonably normal human beings, but in their willingness to criminalize the slightest thing which troubles their little disturbed minds.

Are you ready for this? No, you are not. You may think you are ready, but I assure you that is not the case.

New Jersey has outlawed having the name "Gunn" or any other spelling that looks or sounds like "gun".  RTWFT (Read the whole effing thing) :

This article was satire, not real. I apologize for posting it without checking it out. Very poor form on my part, but knowing some of New Jersey's actual laws (like a year in jail for every round of hollowpoint ammunition if you are caught with it - the last time I accidentally drove through a small part of NJ looking for a gas station I would have done over 100 years if I had been caught), it struck me as believable, quite believable.

NJ sends out eviction notices to residents with the last name ‘Gunn’

 | by  

Over 500 residents in different cities across The Garden State were shocked after they received letters this week stating they had 30 days to find another home thanks to new legislation that will no longer allow residents in the state whose names promote violence.

“I was dumbfounded,” said Sheila Gunn, who has lived in New Jersey for over 40 years. “I thought it was a joke at first, but it wasn’t.”

According to the letters, state officials are making an effort to reduce violence in the state and there’s just no room for anything – or anyone – who does not promote peace.

“There were many officials at all levels in the state who felt like having a large population of residents with questionable names just wasn’t in line with the type of atmosphere we want to promote in New Jersey,” Middlesex County Department of Building and Land Settlements supervisor Jerry Osborne explained.

“We want people to feel free to live, work and play in New Jersey without the fear of something bad happening,” Osborne continued. “And when you have people running around with the last name Gunn – no matter how you spell it – it stirs feelings of fear in people, and that’s just not something we want here.”

While most who received the letters are still overwhelmed by the thought of being kicked out of the state over their names, others think it’s not such a bad idea.

“With everything that’s been going on lately, all the violence and shootings and such, yeah, I think it’s good to do whatever we can to make a difference,” Julie DePriest, a long-time resident of Paterson and mother of three, told WTF News 12. “I mean, I’ve got my kids to think about.”

Still, others think the idea is absurd.

Thompson Gunn, who has lived in the basement of his mother’s Newark home for nearly 12 years, says he understands what the state is trying to do and he’s all for reducing violence, but the focus is misguided.

“Some experts say that all of these different things are causing violence in today’s society,” Gunn said. “But I’m just not buying it. Violence is on the rise, yeah, but guns and so-called violent video games aren’t the problem.”

Gunn explained that he’s currently unemployed and regularly plays video games which some experts warn may promote violence.

“Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, all of those,” Gunn added. “I play every single day, sometimes eight, nine, ten hours a day, and I’ve never hurt anybody in my life.”

Gunn said that both he and his mother plan to move in two weeks.

However, for any of the 527 residents who received a letter but wish to stay in the state, there is another option. The state is giving them the opportunity to legally change their names. The paperwork for name changes must be submitted no later than April 15, and according to the letters, new names which still “promote violence” will not be accepted.

Those who opt to keep their names and leave the state have until April 21 to relocate. Osborne explained that because they realized it is a burden, various agencies across the state have pooled funds in order to pay for 65 percent of moving expenses for both individuals and families. Additionally, the state of Texas has stepped up and offered free housing for six months for displaced New Jersey residents looking for a more “Gunn-friendly” home.

I'd be very interested to know how many people in New Jersey are named "Hunter". And how much time they have before they have to leave.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Iran re-affirms its plan to destroy Israel

I indicated in my post "American Traitors", that Obama, Kerry Jarrett (who was born and lived in Iran) were negotiating to agree to Iran continuing to enrich uranium. IIRC, they already have enough centrifuges to produce weapons-grade uranium. If Iran is not stopped from getting more centrifuges - which would be necessary if they are going to produce fuel to operate nuclear power plants, which is what they _claim_ to be doing, in spite of possessing more than enough oil to power their country for the next century or two - then those additional centrifuges will simply be used to create more weapons-grade uranium for (gasp) more weapons.

In a post at Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch, Iran has again made it clear they intend to destroy Israel - and by extension, America, which they call "The Great Satan". Yes, the author of this latest threat is not a member of their government, per se, but neither was his statement corrected or disavowed by Iran's actual leaders. His militia, the Basij militia of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, is a group used, and encouraged in their activities, by Iran's leaders. He is merely parroting what the secular and religious leaders of Iran have been saying for many years.

So, have you any qualms remaining about the possibility that Israel has been spying on our government? Can you see where they might feel the need to determine in just what way Obama et al are betraying them at any particular point in time? I certainly do. Hopefully there is a highly-placed Jew or someone who sympathizes with Israel concerning Obama's willingness to see Israel damaged and/or destroyed. Someone close to Jarrett or someone else in the inner circle who can help.

Israel is the one country in the Middle East which is an actual democracy. Arab countries ruled for many centuries by clans and tribes are incapable of being led to democracy. It is foreign to them and not the way they wish to live or do business. Attempts to do so will end in disaster, as has happened with Iraq, and may soon in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The only reason I can see for fighting over there is to prevent the genocide and wholesale killing of Christians and other non-muslims. And, before you whine about America not being "the world's policeman", remember that America would still be ruled by Britain if France had not come to our aid.

The Under-rated Gift of Sanity

Captain Capitalism - the real capitalism, not this crony, over-regulated, EPA assaulted, bail out the Big Boys, brand of capitalism we have come to hate - has written an excellent post on how the brainwashing of the young, especially in our colleges and universities, has encouraged them to fantasize about their expectations upon graduation, only to run into the brick wall of reality.

Here is the address: http://captaincapitalism.blogspot.com/2015/03/the-underrated-gift-of-sanity.html

For those of you who don't trust links (which might send you to a virus-infested corpse of a web site), here is that post. It is well worth your time:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Underrated Gift of Sanity

Permit me these examples three.

First, the closing of the all-women's college, Sweet Briar.  Sweet Briar last month announced that it would be closing this year.  This was greeted with screams and vitriol, claims dreams have been destroyed, and repleted with threats of lawsuits and protests from current day students, as well as alumni and professorial staff.

Never mind the mathematical reality that the liberal arts bubble is bursting.
Never mind they have 1 employee per 5 students.
And never mind this college runs horse stables, indicating insane financial mismanagement and mathematical ineptitude.

Reality doesn't matter to those affected by Sweet Briar's closing.  All that matters is what they were told, believed, and wanted.  And thus these two irreconcilable forces result in grief, anger, confusion, frustration, and stress.

Second, "girls hate jocks."

Or at least that's what my mother told me when I was a youngin'.  Couple that with the 90's decade long propaganda that women wanted kind, caring, sensitive men, and a generation of boys-now-men expended considerable energies during their teens and 20's pursuing women using strategies that were (in part) based on these flawed premises.

The results were entirely predictable - failure.  And not just failure, but failure with the same commensurate grief, anger, confusion, frustration, and stress that is currently plaguing the clueless people of Sweet Briar.

And finally, third, "age is just a number."

This is a precious quote from a British woman named Patricia who, despite being 64, thought her marriage to a 26 year old Tunisian man was going to last.

And why wouldn't she?

She was told by feminists, media, professors, and leftist politicians, that 50 is the new 20.  Age and beauty are merely social constructs.  And men who chase after women for looks are not just shallow, but flawed.

The only problem is reality did not care what politicians, feminists, media types, and professors told her.  2 million years of human evolution prompted the young Tunisian man to leave her, resulting in, once again, grief, anger, confusion, frustration, and stress.

We could go on, but the above three anecdotes point towards a crisis the United States and Western Civilization are slowly, but unavoidably wandering into.  A crisis of a deluded population crashing into the impenetrable wall of reality.

How our civilization became so deluded is somewhat complicated, but in hindsight explainable and understandable.  With unrivaled economic success due to free markets, freedom, and capitalism, Western Civilization advanced so quickly that the majority of the economic and biological problems that plagued humanity for the past 2 million years were resolved.  Hunger was eradicated.  Poverty was eradicated.  Even certain diseases were completely eradicated that entirely new ones were discovered because humans rarely lived as long in the past.  This resulted in a spoiled population that never really endured the hardships of true life, and worse, gave people with a lot of time on their hands, even more.

Idle minds are the devil's workshop, and go to work he did, for instead of being thankful for a life of ease and ample free time, people's egos got in the way and demanded more.  Now people were no longer satisfied with a good home cooked meal, they sought out the "injustice" of who precisely cooked that meal.  No longer were people satisfied that a rich guy invented a device that allowed them to communicate with people around the world for nearly free.  They were obsessed about him having more money, even obsessed about the color of his skin and the fact he was a man.  And no longer were people satisfied.  And no longer were people thankful for companies that created life saving devices and drugs, but insisted they were oppressed by these engines of innovation for they dared to charge for their services and dared to move to greener pastures.  In short, Western Civilization slid into becoming a spoiled brat, narcissistic, envious society where all that mattered was feeding their ego without the required work and accomplishment that would warrant it.

This insatiable desire to feed the ego without the commensurate work resulted in a group of opportunists who were only more than happy to feed society's ego at seemingly no cost.  To do this they created, out of whole cloth, false narratives and religions that the naive masses would swallow whole:

Class warfare
"Evil corporations"
"You can't put a price on education"
"You go girl!"
"You can have it all!"
"Lean in!"
"Empowerment/Raising Awareness/
White/Male Privilege
Single moms are heroic
"50 is the new 20!"

and other outright lies

Worse, these charlatans put themselves in key points and positions within society effectively allowing them to brainwash and profit off of the rest of society:

Non-profits, and

And so even with the benefit of stable and sane parents, even with the benefit of grounded peers, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY within Western Civilization succumbed, one way or another, to at least ONE bit of erroneous and false propaganda.  One bit of false, erroneous propaganda that cost them precious years of their lives.

Millions of students, brainwashed by public school teachers, wasted trillions on stupid, worthless, and completelyunemployable degrees.

Millions of children were raised in divorced or single parent homes because feminists convinced women that was just as good an environment as a nuclear family.

Three generations of blacks were brainwashed to believe their last place socioeconomic position was the fault of white males, delivering a tragic mentality of defeatism that led to a self-fulfilling prophecy (but at least ensured democrat politicians had life long careers).

And three generations of women were led to believe their careers and government checks were more important than the human beings in their lives, only to find out too late upon their death beds that they had wasted their one shot at life (but again, at least some democrat politicians got their vote).

We can go on, but you get the point.  Everybody in Western Civilization in one capacity or another, was brainwashed to believe in a lie that just wasn't true.  And even though they may have believed the lie, it didn't change the fact reality doesn't care.  And this conflict between what they were told, what they believed and what reality ultimately delivered has caused nearly everyone untold grief, suffering, confusion, frustration, and anger.

But enter two coincidentally timed events:

1.  The development of the internet
2.  The Great Recession

The internet is amazing unto itself.  However, it has a unique trait that has the potential to undermine the charlatans and con artists posing as politicians, professors, teachers, feminists, etc.  It not only allows anybody to write anything they want, but it allows everybody in the world to view it.  In other words, the internet side steps the establishment guardians and censors of the MSM media.  This allows ordinary people to expose the corrupt people of our society and hopefully "wake up the masses"as to just how brainwashed they are, and to just what a tragedy is being perpetrated against them.

However, people in power do not give it up lightly.  And to protect themselves against the internet they have made it socially, professionally, politically, and economically for anybody to speak directly and bluntly about the truth.  And this "political correctness" is no joke.  With Mozilla, DongleGate, and doxxing, people (primarily on the left) only need to take public statements of a person, found on the internet, tell his/her employer about it and ruin their careers and financial livelihood forever.  Thus, even with a powerful tool like the internet at their disposal, most people obey like the sheep they are and dare not speak what they truly think in fear of losing their jobs.

Well...that was until The Great Recession anyway.

For while many people have a career or a family to worry about, The Great Recession made it so millions would never have a career and family to begin with.  So devastating and drawn out was this recession nearly 1.5 generations never succeeded much past college, and when you combine its severity with the fact the solution to the recession was to bail out those that caused it, any faith in "authority" or hope in a meritocracy had vanished.  And now an estimated 100 million people not only have nothing to lose, but a hatred for those who ruined their lives.

And they've taken to the internet.

The red pill, the Manosphere, the alt right, you name it, millions of people with millions of blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts have formed as the only, but growing beacon of sanity, empiricism and reality.  Everyday they highlight and point out the insanity they see, but the rest of the world doesn't as they're too absorbed in themselves and protective of their egos to do so.  And these internet rogues also point out the perpetrators who are responsible for it, profiling and shining a light on the endless list of politicians, feminists, professors, deans, activists, and others who are scrambling to save themselves.

However, in being the only bastion of truth, reality and sanity, this part of the internet faces a Herculean challenge.  Decades worth and trillions of dollars in brainwashing and lies have been propagated and incorporated into the minds of millions of people.  So successfully so, that even if you're trying to point out the truth to them, their egos have been so pampered and protected, their response is not only disbelief, but one of rage, anger, hatred, even assault (imagine telling a liberal arts major their degree is worthless, or telling a wimpy, but reliable chemical engineer male most women will pass him up for a drug dealing thug with muscles).  But this daunting challenge aside, it still doesn't change the fact that these people have to face a choice no matter how thorough and complete their brainwashing:

Continue to live in your deluded dream world, continue to chase and pursue after dreams that will never be,


accept the cold harsh reality that reality is.

To a sane person the choice is obvious, because there is no choice.  Reality is reality.  By definition choosing not to accept it is delusional and proof of a mental problem.  But if you've been brought up your entire life under lies and propaganda, and you value your ego more than the rest of society and the real world, and above all else, you're an intellectual weakling, you will likely continue to live the lie.

But as tempting as it is to stay in the warm, but false, comforts of pretty lies, there is one benefit to "taking the red pill" (as it were) and it's more valuable than all the promises of the charlatans and con-artists.


Understand no matter what the politicians, feminists, journalists and professors tell you, it's not true.  Their promises and your dreams that were based in them are never going to come to fruition.  So no matter how comforting and ego-protecting it is today, if you believe them and make life decisions based on them, you will ruin your life.  And not just by failing to achieve dreams that were never achievable in the first place, but the sheer torment you'll endure that is caused by the anger, confusion, frustration, stress and grief of living a lie (again, imagine the daily torment people with "Masters in English" are suffering in the labor market or women who believe they could "have it all" are suffering in the dating/marriage market)

But if you give up your deluded dreams and accept to live in reality, you get the gift of sanity.  The KNOWING why things happened the way they did in the past, the knowledge of how things are likely to work in the future, and never being confused, frustrated, or angry again.  Imagine if you were told what women REALLY liked when you were 13.  Imagine if you were told how corporate America really worked.  Imagine if you were told about the economic realities of choosing the right major.

To have that you only need to give up your dreams.

Which is a good thing because those dreams were worthless because they were never going to happen anyway.