Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gay Paris ain't so gay anymore

It's been weeks since my last post, and I think that while I've felt a bit remiss for my silence, a large part of me is simply feeling that writing about the scourge of islam is a waste of time. Not because it isn't important to educate people to the slime that is islam, but because so few people read my blog that I feel I'm urinating into the wind.

I am still reading posts and articles wherein folks are saying "ISIS is only a small fraction of muslims", "most muslims aren't 'radical'", "most muslims are 'moderate'", and similar crap that shows how ignorant people are about islam and the danger it presents. Even otherwise intelligent people allow their inner Polyanna to make them think islam and muslims would be fine if we could deal with those very few "radical" muslims who kill.

I've written so many times in the comment sections of other peoples' blogs about ISIS being the personification, the perfect expression of islam that I am surprised they haven't banned me from their web pages.

Now a group of muslims connected (even if only in their own minds) with ISIS - although ISIS is taking credit if I read the news correctly - have killed over a hundred people in Paris, with multiple hundreds wounded., and more psychologically traumatized (PTSD).

Now, if you factor in the insane behavior of all the "Refugees Welcome" idiots, it is possible to reduce the fervor of your sorrow at the large number of deaths and injuries. I'd dearly love to see a survey taken of those who were injured but not killed, to see how many were (still are?) in favor of letting "refugees" (largely young, single male muslims these days) into Europe.

Although the body count is close to that at Mumbai, less than in Madrid, and only a fraction of 9/11, it should be a wake-up call for France. Diversity isn't worth bringing in murderous muslims whose "religion" (the death-cult - spawned by a child molesting, murderous Arab) will not accept diversity itself, but calls upon all its members, commands all of its members to kill non-muslims and muslim apostates.

Remember: the craven creatures who brought you 9/11, Madrid, London, Mumbai, and now Paris are all sworn to kill or enslave every non-muslim in order to create the Universal Caliphate, with Sharia being the law in every country, every land. The qur'an demands it. Every true muslim must obey, unless they need to remain quiet and inactive while their numbers are too small. Taqiyya, the permission to lie and deceive non-muslims when it is not safe to be truthful with them, means the nice muslim couple or family across the hall from your apartment may very well be happy to slaughter you when it is possible to do so without consequences,.

In the meantime a large number of Israelis are being attacked by muslims with guns, knives, and even automobiles in their own country. An 11 year old and a 14 year old pair of muslim boys stabbed a security guard on a train (trolly?) in Israel. One was shot dead and the other was taken into custody (the one who didn't refuse to drop his knife, I would guess).

Hopefully, we will see civil war in the countries in Europe where the citizens finally stand up and refuse to be run out of their own country by traitorous politicians ("If you don't want refugees in your town, leave Germany!") and lawless, raping, murdering muslim invaders, posing as refugees. One small town with 100 residents was supposed to take in 1000 "refugees". Merkel needs to be strung from a lamppost.

France's Hollande has been complicit in the influx of muslim "refugees"into France, and it appears that he will rant a bit about ISIS and the killings, but do nothing to stop the invasion of France by these creatures. I'd like to see a similar attack in Berlin in order to force Merkel to back off from her planned destruction of Germany as a national state, instead of her desired "One World Order". If she were a victim herself, all the better. She deserves such an outcome due to her treason against the German people.

Enough. I doubt that any real improvement will come from this. Muslims will still flood Europe and continue killing European citizens, raping their wives and daughters, and destroying every building and structure they are allowed to inhabit.

Wake up, people. If Obama has his way, it will be "Coming soon to a city near you!" Unless you live in Michigan, where that is already the case, especially in Dearbornestan.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Another "Gun-Free" Giveaway, another chalk mark (outline) on Old Scratch's scoreboard, this time in Oregon

This post is dedicated to anyone who realizes that Evil exists in this world and is smart enough to arm themselves against it - with real arms, firearms. Especially those who are bright enough to carry with - or without - the permission of the state in which they live. Who carry 24/7, knowing the bad guys don't take holidays or other days off.

This will be a story about one of the latest mass shooting sites, the one at the Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon.

For you young folk out there, or even older people who grew up in a different neighborhood or culture, "Old Scratch" is just an AKA for Satan, the Devil, the Adversary (of G-d*). You can shake your head, chuckle at the thought that someone believes in such an entity, nod your head because you do believe in such a being, whatever its name, or just blow me off because anyone perpetuating such a myth is wasting oxygen. (* I write G-d in respect for Jews and others who believe it is wrong, impolite, or otherwise bad juju to write G-d's name in full. You can Google for the reasons why, if it interests you.)

I don't know if I believe in the Adversary/Old Scratch or not. Hell, I still haven't come to grips with whether or not G-d exists. What I do, indeed know beyond a shadow of a doubt, in the very core of my being, having seen it "close up and personal" is that EVIL exists. I have written about EVIL many times, but usually don't grace it with a name. Not from fear, but from not wanting to show or display in any matter any mode of respect for EVIL. Much as I do with islam. Are you starting to make a connection here? 

Evil exists. Not necessarily in the little acts of badness we display so often - a lack of consideration for another, being rude to one another, shoving your basket filled with fifty items in it in front of the guy with a produce bag holding two apples, with no thought whatsoever of allowing him to go ahead of you in the "10 items or less" line at the supermarket. But we aren't going to talk about that. We are going to talk about true evil. Acts - by what appear, at least, to be human beings - against other human beings that are so demonstrably wrong, so twisted and sick that they lie beyond the pale of any human decency whatsoever.

We'll start n Roseburg, Oregon, a small town that use to have a bigger presence within the timber/lumber industry in this country, but is now reduced to a struggling timber industry hanging on by the skin of its teeth. There are a lot of fine people who live there, along with a few not-so-nice ones. As you might expect in any place in America where people reside. As is the case in thousands and thousands of small communities across America there is a Community College, called - wait for it - Umpqua Community College. Umpqua instead of Roseburg because the Indian word had more class, and because the school itself had been erected upon the banks of the Umpqua River, famous for excellent fishing opportunities, especially for skilled fly fisherman. Almost as famous as the Rogue River, another beautiful river not very far away and still within the state of Oregon. 

A two-year college where you can begin your collegiate life at a slower pace, with - perhaps - a little easier introduction to more complex subjects and curricula than you would face at a four-year college. A way of easing a young student into college courses and college life as well, since there are no dorms, so the students either remain at home for a little longer, or get together and rent an apartment or house with other students, sharing the costs. Community colleges are also well-know for offering practical courses. What we used to call "Trade School" courses in my youth (long departed, and thank you for leaving). One of these was a two-year degree program for Registered Nurse (one of the few remaining two-year programs, as almost all are now four year degree programs.

I attended this school myself. I had left law enforcement (another long story there, perhaps for another time) and wanted a new career path. As an older student, in my late forties, who had worked as an EMT/Ambulance and EMT/E.R. in my youth (before becoming a police officer), becoming an RN (when "RN" is spoken as the initials, it is appropriate to say an RN, as opposed to saying a registered nurse) looked like a good choice, especially since there was a nation-wide shortage of registered nurses. Having had over four years of college courses, but no completed degree path, I knew this program would be quicker and easier than attending a four-year school where I would be forced to repeat much of the course work I had already completed, just by the nature of how the curricula for these programs were set up. So, two years was much more attractive. And, let it be known that every day I spent on campus (actually just every day and everywhere) I was armed with a .45 caliber Glock pistol in a waist pouch/fanny pack. It was completely legal to do so in Oregon, but the school would have expelled me, permanently, had they known I was carrying a firearm. They had signs up everywhere indicating "No Guns".

So, the background for this post having been laid out, let us move to the EVIL.

On October 1st, a young black man shot and killed nine people on campus at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. He wounded seven others, including a young unarmed Army veteran who tried to stop him and was shot seven time, twice while already lying bleeding on the ground. This young black man, whose name we will not write in order to deny him some of the fame he was seeking, interrogated each of the people he shot. After forcing them all to the ground, he had them stand up, one by one, and asked them if they were Christian. If they said, "Yes", he shot them in the head. If they said, "No", he shot them elsewhere, usually in a leg. When law enforcement arrived and exchanged shots with him, this young black deviant was wounded by one of the law enforcement officers. Realizing he would either die or be arrested (perhaps to simply die on a later date in prison), he shot and killed himself.

This young black man - and almost all of the media refused to call him "black" or even "mixed race", which is how this scum referred to himself, as his father was white and his mother was black - had left behind some social media (facebook?, Twitter? I don't recall) posts on his own computer. He mentioned a recent shooting by a gay black man, Vester Flanagan, who had killed two white news people in Roanoke, Virginia, simply because he didn't like them and because they represented some vague notion of "white oppression" banging around in the otherwise empty chamber of his empty, gay, black head. 

Those thoughts came from somewhere. Perhaps they came from a "White Oppression" preacher like ol' Reverend Wright of "Goddamn America!" fame. You know, those racist Evil diatribes Wright so enjoyed putting into the minds and the memories of his congregation. His congregation, full of good people, common people, people like Barack Hussein Obama and his pretend-wife (another long story for another time), Michelle Obama. People who enjoyed being told that the big bad white man was responsible for everything bad that had ever happened to black people. It's so nice to have someone to hate, someone to blame for what is wrong in your life. Even if it what is wrong is really your own fault.

Perhaps they came from listening to Louis Farrakhan, the black preacher and head of the (black) Nation of islam here in America. Another white hater, another quintessential racist. Or perhaps from listening to Eric Holder, recently the Attorney General for the United States of America, who refused to prosecute blacks, but loved to drive the hammer on whites. Who said he would not prosecute "his people". Or, perhaps, from people like Holder's wife, a doctor and partner in an abortion clinic that mostly served Eric's people - young black girls who were pregnant and didn't want to have their lives slowed down by some silly fetal tissue, or young black girls terrified because they knew the daddy would not help and they had no way of supporting themselves and a child. So they went to Mrs. Eric Holder's clinic and had their babies killed.

Being partnered with Planned Parenthood, I believe Mrs. Holder's clinic probably did what so many other Planned Parenthood clinics did, and sold the fetal tissue - including from infants with a beating heart who were left to expire in the few minutes it took to die from exposure in a cold, metal speciman bowl or bucket. The kind with wheels placed on the floor beneath the patient to catch blood and tissue but which could easily be kicked out of the way when it was full or simply in the way (as in full of a live infant, just delivered. And, as such, in the way.)

Have I painted a clear enough picture, dear reader? Did the blood splashing across the pages, the brain matter from an eighteen year old girl who only wanted to grow up to be a nurse and help other people, the blood and mixed pieces from a baby cut up in the womb for easier removal, or the entire body of a living, newly born infant lying in an OR kick-bucket (that's what we called them when I worked in a - legitimate - hospital operating room) give you a picture of EVIL?

There is an even greater EVIL. Hard to believe, isn't it? What could be worse than the death of an innocent young girl at the hands of a deranged young black killer. What could be worse than seeing a doctor - who took an oath to at the very least DO NO HARM - crushing an infant in the womb, an infant with no defects whatsoever, who would have been born normally if allowed, simply to make life more convenient for someone who didn't want the responsibility of raising an infant - and so the doctor would get paid for those newborn body parts, making her wealthy. A woman doctor at that.

Add to that the many politicians - including our very own President and his Attorney General - who understand, who know for a fact that "Gun-Free" zones are simply shooting galleries for those sickos who have developed an urge to go kill people. Some of those people simply because of their Christianity, a religion that our President and his Attorney General have no desire to protect or defend against harm.

Imagine if this had been a madrasa somewhere, with the students all being muslim. That a white Georgia redneck (and most of them are fine people, I know that for a fact) entered the madrasa and shot each student in the head because he was muslim ("he" because there are no girls or women in a madrasa). How do you think our President and Attorney General would have reacted? They would have had every white in Georgia, perhaps every white south of the Mason-Dixon line, rounded up and placed in concentration/FEMA camps. Then they would have started confiscating all guns in America (except for the thousands recently purchased, along with many millions of rounds of ammunition, by DHS to arm every three letter agency in our government into a small army).

Instead, because the shooter was black, hated Christians, liked muslims (one of his two facebook "friends" was muslim and wanted to join ISIS) and was completely un-repentant (at least up until he shot himself to avoid capture), our President simply ignored the dead and jumped on the gun control bandwagon, hinting that this time the government needs to confiscate firearms like "our friends in Australia and England did after these sorts of mass shootings".

This is actually more EVIL than the shooter himself, a deranged young, black wannabe muslim. This is a man walking on the backs of the dead to further his own agenda. An agenda which he knows damn well will do nothing to reduce shooting deaths. He knows that having gun-free zones (and the UCC campus was gun-free because the school denied the right of anyone - even properly permitted concealed-carry persons - to carry a firearm on campus) meant it would be safe for an "active shooter" to go on campus and kill people.

A confused young fellow named John Parker, who was on campus at the time of the shooting, was armed at the time and allowed himself to be dissuaded from responding with his legal firearm by campus staff (meaning possibly people died because he chose not to respond). I call him confused because, although he knew state law allowed CCW permittees to carry on campus, the school could legally kick students out of the school permanently for ignoring the "Gun-Free Zone" signs UCC had placed around the campus. UCC did indeed make it a gun-free zone by posting those signs. The only difference being that the penalty would be expulsion, rather than arrest. For a student trying to learn a trade to support himself and perhaps a family, expulsion would have been worse than getting arrested.

So, we have the greater EVIL of a President who will make it easier for people to be killed just so that he can work towards total confiscation. We also have the much greater EVIL of our representatives in Congress refusing to stop these doctors who were killing viable babies to enrich themselves by selling body parts - and even whole dead babies - to labs and research centers around the world. The President could have shut down the Planned Parenthood abortion mills just as well as Congress could have shut them down. Yet neither has moved to act at all. That is even more EVIL in the sense that it permits the killing to go on without restriction, without even an attempt to go after the root of the EVIL.

When you add up all of the abortions that have been done just in our country in the last thirty years, it exceeds the millions that Stalin killed during his reign of terror.

Stalin himself said it: the death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.
That is the view of Communism, socialism, all of the collectivist governing systems and philosophies which value the needs of the many over the rights of the individual. So students get shot and killed in "gun-free zones", babies are crushed and ripped apart or even dropped whole into bloody kick buckets all over the country. 

After all of this talk about killings at the Umpqua Community College and the murders of millions of fetuses and even living whole babies, I will leave you with the knowledge of one more EVIL which is even more horrendous than the rest: islam

The muslims claim it as a religion, because they know that in most countries around the world, a religion is treated as something untouchable, that people have the right to practice their religion without interference. The muslims use our own desire to allow the free practice of religion to advance their own agenda - making islam the only permitted religion world-wide. This state would be called the Universal Caliphate, where no other religion would be allowed. This already the case in the parts of the Middle East that are controlled by ISIS.

So, let us read a small portion of a book of two volumes written by one of the mot well-known authorities on the practice of islam, called "the religion of peace", but which actually translates not as "peace", but as "submission" The actual, literal, accurate translation of islam is the single word: submission. 

Here is what the Ayatollah Khomeini, the former spiritual and political leader of Iran had to say about what muslims can consider proper conduct in their daily lives:

  • "A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine; other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man’s four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl’s sister.” - Ayatollah Khomeini, “Tahrir- ol-vasyleh”, Volume 4, Darol Elm, Qom, Iran, 1990, p. 221.

 Therefore, a man can quench his sexual thirst by use of a baby. The only condition is that he does not penetrate the vagina, but anal sex is okay. And if he doesn't tear her little vagina, or break her tiny hymen, he's still OK. If he does "permanent damage" to this infant, he has to provide for her the rest of her life. Of course, he could kill her the next day, saving himself the trouble. Worse, he could keep her alive on subsistence rations for years, continuing to use her as a sex slave, shared with other men, and beaten and abused by his "real" wives. 

 Do you think this "religion" is acceptable? Do you think that, since it is their own culture dealing with their own people, that the raping of an infant anally should be allowed? Can you see that this is EVIL, even more so than anything we have yet talked about? Is this what you want to see imported to this country of ours along with the thousands of Somalians, Pakistanis, and other muslims that Obama is actively shipping over here and allowing to become instant citizens?

If you would like a window into the world of islam, and what it is like to be a female child in that world, read this: http://www.examiner.com/article/released-imam-raped-tortured-5-yr-old-because-he-doubted-her-virginity And when you read this, remember you are reading about what he did to his own five-year-old daughter.

Come back here after reading that article, and tell me how you feel about islam, the "religion of peace". Leave a comment about religious freedom as it relates to islam, and how you feel about the practice of islam and shariah in our country.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Following the qur'an: ISIS obeys the commands of allah as passed through the holy prophet mohammed.

“When your Lord inspired to the angels, ‘I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.'” (Qur’an 8:12)

When anyone - and especially the President, Barack Hussain Obama, who is not a muslim but takes the side of muslims over even the very people he swore an oath to protect, whose job it is to protect - tells you we must respect islam and the right of muslims to practice their "religion", stop and ask yourself this question: if my religion tells me it is my duty to kill every black person on the face of the earth, do you still have to respect my right to practice that religion, to kill those black people? If my religion tells me it is my duty to kill every person of Jewish descent on the face of the earth, do you still have to allow me to do as my religion tells me I must? What if my religion tells me it is acceptable for me to rape any nine-year old (or older) girl that I "marry" in the name of my religion? Do you imagine there are any nine-yeart-old girls - even muslim girls - who really want to have forced sex with a man, let alone some smelly old goat of an elderly muslim male?

How is it, then, that you would accept the President's demand that we must accept the barbaric, disgusting, horrific, and lethal behavior of those commanded by their made-up "god" allah to beat, burn, stone, rape, kill, and even - as seen by the commandment from the qur'an above - to cut off the fingertips of a child. The child of a man who has chosen the Christian faith for himself, said child being tortured and beaten by ISIS members in order to make the man recant his belief.

Obama knows the torture, beatings, gang-rapes of young girls, stonings, burnings, drownings and beheadings are happening every single day by ISIS members (and many other muslims who aren't actually part of ISIS) in the Middle East. He simply doesn't care. Yes, that is a fact, a fact which follows quite easily from the fact that he is doing nothing to stop ISIS other than a few bomb attacks on the muslims fighting alongside Assad in Syria, some of whom may be ISIS members. 

I haven't a clue what it might take to wake up the progressives in this country, the brainless Nancy Pelosis, the venal Harry Reid's, the slimy, scheming Schumers, the doddering, weepy, limp-appendaged Boehners, to the fact that islam is a scourge, a plague that will - if allowed to continue - destroy Western Civilization. Now, if you are as stupid as Pelosi, you simply aren't bright enough to connect the dots and see where they are leading. If you are as venal as Reid, you don't care, as long as you, your son, and your cronies can get rich off of your government connections in the meantime.

The people who control the mainstream media, the broadcast and cable TV stations, the newsprint media, and even the progressive web sites are all so complicit in this suffering, death, and destruction that they deserve death as a penalty. Yes, I do understand that seems harsh - until you look at the facts:

                     Do you really think that the majority of even the progressives are in favor of old men repeatedly raping - orally, anally, and vaginally - nine-year old girls? Of being allowed by their religion to rape infants anally, but just not vaginally? Do you think most Democrats would approve if they realized that the daily rape, beatings, and other abuses of muslim sex slaves - like the thousands of girls and women recently captured by ISIS in their attacks throughout the Middle East - were really happening?

The media deliberately covers these horrific activities up by either not writing/speaking of them, downplaying them, or pretending that these things are just "conspiracy theories" of a few weird Republican or conservatives, "tin foil hat" loonies. They make it easy for the Left to go on about its business telling itself it is all lies. That decent muslim people would never do that. That the wives and daughters of muslim men would never allow themselves to be beaten or raped. Why they simply would run dowm to the local court and have a restraining order issued. I'm sure the Shariah courts issue restraining orders every day <s>. And most Democrats, progressives are indeed disconnected enough to let themselves believe it isn't really happening.

There is nothing new about this, folks. The owners and editors of our newspapers knew when millions - yes, millions - of Ukrainians were starved to death by their own government. Yet those newspapers, those well-respected news commentators such as Walter Duranty, claimed nothing was going on, that the Ukrainians were not being starved or otherwise abused. (Of course, these Communist sympathizers would never say anything against the Soviet Union.)

Our news media knew about the concentration camps, the death camps, operated by Germany before and during WWII. Yet, they ignored that, also, refusing to print what was going on, the millions who were being killed, starved and worked to death, even experimented on in brutal "scientific" experiments, such as how long a Jewess would survive when she was in childbirth with her legs strapped together.

Nonetheless, the facts are out there. A tiny bit of applied logic would inform the people on the Left that there are very nasty things happening, happening in the name of islam. When even that evil witch who parties on the taxpayers money stands holding a hashtag sign about the girls taken as sex slaves by Boko Haram does nothing, when she doesn't demand that her husband - the most powerful politician in the world - mount an operation to free those girls, what does it tell you? It tells you she really doesn't give a damn. The only effort she is willing to expend is to hold a piece of paper up infront of a camera - just before she boards Air Force 1 on her way to Martha's Vineyard. Or Hawaii. Or Spain. Or Rome.

I've got to cut it short here, folks. Let me rephrase that, since this "ain't" short, that's for sure: I have to stop here, because I am having difficulty handling the knowledge that our government is currently being led by people who really do not care about anything beyond their next golf game or foreign vacation - all at our expense. If that doesn't make you sick too, then God help you. Think about all of the current in your face EVIL that is being ignored by those who could be doing something about it. It should be Barack and Michelle's fingertips coming off instead of a young, helpless, frightened and suffering boy's.

Monday, September 21, 2015

U.S. soldiers ordered to ignore Afghan allies’ abuse of boys

As I have stated numerous times in the past, the abuse, the sodomizing rapes of young boys, is a major facet of islam. mohammed intentionally included various forms of sexual deviation in his death cult "religion" in order to justify his own disgusting urges, but also to attract as many followers as possible. As has been the case for as long as islam has existed, "Women are for children, boys are for pleasure."

Our men in uniform are being forced to look the other way while our muslim "allies" in Afghanistan and elsewhere bring dogs onto U.S. bases to torture and otherwise abuse. They torture and kill the dogs for sport, and since islam tells them that dogs are "unclean", they feel justified in doing so. But, far worse, they are forced to look the other way and not intervene when they hear the screams of young boys being raped - on U.S. military bases - by the very "allies" they are working with to "win the hearts and minds" of the locals.

Even when the people of the villages where these boys are kidnapped from (and then held, chained to the muslim "allies'" beds on those U.S. bases they share with our troops), beg the U.S. military to save, to rescue, those children, the commanding officers force our men to ignore it, refuse to allow them to intervene. When one or more of them do intervene, they are court-marshaled, forced to resign (if they are officers), or otherwise harassed.

I'll say it again, for the cheap seats: there are no socially redeeming features of islam. It is a vicious, disgusting, morally depraved death cult that panders to the basest urges of the worst sub-human creatures to walk the face of this earth.

Read the whole article - and the comments - here:  http://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/09/u-s-soldiers-ordered-to-ignore-afghan-allies-abuse-of-boys

By the way, bacha bazi - "boy play" with bacha bereesh - "beardless boys" -  is supposedly not permitted under shariah, but that is a lie. It is acceptable because it was acceptable to mohammed, the "prophet" (p*ss be onto him), who was/is considered "perfect, without fault". Anything mohammed did is consequently deemed correct and acceptable behavior.

Friday, September 18, 2015

This Zebra Deserves To Have His Time-Line Shortened, Considerably.

I try not to pull my punches here understanding that, even though very few people read this blog, if the wrong person reads it and dimes me out, I could suffer a very unpleasant visit from the SS. The Secret Service, that is. I have mentioned the Zebra's obvious faggotry, the African genetics that caused the extremely, grossly large ass on the creature he pretends to be married to, and many other reasons to wish ill of the worst CIC this nation has ever suffered under, including Lincoln, FDR, and Carter.

Tonight, visiting the site called Bare Naked Islam, a blog on my favorites list, but one which I have neglected lately until reminded tonight by a friend, I read a post that leaves me so enraged I would like to say some truly unwise things about what I would be very happy to see befall the muslim-loving Zebra. No, I am not saying he is a muslim. That would be ridiculous. He is far too narcissistic to submit to allah (the make-believe moon-god), or to follow the dictates of the qur'an. But I'm sure he has very fond memories of "submitting" - probably to an imam or two, along with their male friends and relatives - when he was a muslim in Indonesia, the adopted son of Mr. Soetero, the muslim husband of that diseased ex-white female canine who was his mother. I feel quite certain little Barry Soetero was indoctrinated into the pleasures a bacha bereesh ("beardless boy") could experience at the hands of the male muslims who prefer boys over women for sex (probably 85-90% of all muslim males, since women both terrify and disgust them, except when they can't find a nine-year-old (or an infant) to rape. It seems obvious to me that they prefer little girls and boys because they are too young and inexperienced to compare muslim males to men who are actually capable of enjoyable sex. And if a child should question why that particular organ is so small and ill-formed (and ill-utilized), they can beat the child severely. For a worthless, POS muslim male, what's not to like?

This ass-hat, scum-sucking destroyer of America (transforming her into a third-world country where the government controls every aspect of our lives, and strips the fruit of our hard labor from us to give to muslims in Gaza and elsewhere, or to his friends, bankers, and bundlers like Jon Corzine, the folks at Solyndra, SEIU, and elsewhere, has written Executive Orders arranging for amnesty, incredible social benefits that even most Americans are unable to enjoy, and a free pass across the border for many thousands of Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and riff-raff from other countries south of our border and around the world. It is a known, and published, fact that many non-Hispanic illegals cross at both of our borders, including muslims from the Middle East and Africa. He also imports tens of thousands of Somalis at a time, and has stated he will bring as many as 200,000 Syrian "refugees" here to settle in our country.

Yet, here are twenty-seven - not even a significant fraction of the millions of illegal aliens who have already been allowed, encouraged, and assisted across our borders by our own government - Chaldean Christians who fled Iraq for their very lives, who will certainly be enslaved and/or killed if they return, who have been detained for entering our country without documents (undocumented aliens) and twelve have been ordered deported by an Immigration judge in California. The tradition of providing asylum for foreign nationals who are at risk of death if they were to be returned to their country is a very old and (previous to this bottom-dweller of a "Leader of the Free World") honored tradition. muslims are allowed into this country without any threat whatsoever to their lives simply because they are muslims. I've read that one or more of the Zebra's own family members from Kenya have stayed in this country years beyond the expiration of their visas.

I am having difficulties expressing the depth of my contempt for this cretin. He can order the Border Patrol to ignore and not detain illegal aliens coming across our southern border by the thousands, yet will allow Christian undocumented people - including some children - to be forced to return to a country where they will die, most likely at the hands of ISIS, which has killed thousands of Christians already, and enslaved many women and young girls as sex slaves. The Immigration judge who ordered this return should be singled out for some special attention as well as the rump-ranger in the Casa de Blanco.

Here is the article:

MUSLIM PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES decides to deport 12 Iraqi Chaldean Christians seeking asylum here after they fled the Islamic State (ISIS)

hqdefaultAt the same time, Barack Hussein Obama is trying to bring in up to 200,000 Syrian Muslim so-called ‘refugees,’ but apparently has decided there is no room in America for 12 Chaldean Christians who are being persecuted and slaughtered in Iraq by ISIS. What’s more, Chaldean leaders in the US were advised by the attorneys representing the Christian ‘detainees’ NOT TO COMMENT on their deportation. Or what?


WND  Nearly half of the 27 Iraqi Christians the Obama administration has been holding for the past six months at an ICE detention center in Otay Mesa, California, are set to be deported in coming weeks, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday.

An immigration judge ordered their removal in the last two weeks, ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said. She declined to provide specific information about why the immigrants are being deported and where they will be taken. If the Christians are sent back to Iraq they will face almost certain death.


The 27 Iraqi Christians — also known as Chaldeans — have been detained in Otay for about six months as their immigration cases proceeded, activists and family members told the San Diego Union-TribuneThe Chaldeans were detained by immigration authorities after they attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico border through the San Ysidro Port of Entry without documentation several months ago.

Iraq is home to one of the most ancient Christian communities, evangelized by the Apostle Thomas not long after the time of Jesus. It was home to 1.5 million Christians under Saddam Hussein but after the U.S. invaded in 2003, al-Qaida started bombing churches and kidnapping prominent Christian leaders. The attacks became more fierce after al-Qaeda in Iraq morphed into ISIS and the country has been virtually emptied of its Christian population since then.


Thousands of Chaldeans have fled Iraq, escaping fierce persecution at the hands of terrorists fighting for the Islamic State. Many of their men who refuse to convert to Islam have been beheaded or otherwise killed while their wives and daughters have been sold into sex slavery. Tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes and live in hiding, afraid to even show up at United Nations’ refugee camps, where they often find themselves the victims of further abuse by Muslims.

The pending deportation of these 12 detainees comes as two Iraqi women were arrested on suspicion of fraudulently seeking asylum in the U.S., a federal crime that comes with a penalty of up to five years in custody and a $250,000 fine, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. 

Iraqi Chaldean Christians rally in support of 27 Chaldeans being held at an ICE detention center in California.
Iraqi Chaldean Christians rally in support of 27 Chaldeans being held at an ICE detention center in California.

At the same time the Obama administration deporting Christians, it has over the years allowed in countless Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East who crossed the Southern border the same way the Chaldeans did.

The U.S. has large Chaldean Catholic communities in Detroit and San Diego. Chaldean families have held regular demonstrations in support of the 27 detainees, the majority of whom have family who are U.S. citizens, but on Monday they were told by government officials they’d better not comment on the issue.


Obama’s Justice Department has also gone after the nation’s most successful Chaldean Christian immigration attorney, Robert Dekelaita, 52, of Glenview, Illinois.

DeKelaita has helped thousands of Christians escape the jihadist-inspired violence of Iraq, Egypt and Syria going back to 2001. For his efforts, he was indicted last year on charges of immigration fraud. DeKelaita maintains his innocence and is still awaiting trial.

In an interview with WND last month, DeKelaita said Chaldean-Americans are some of the hardest working of all immigrants. Many in Detroit are successful businessmen who employ hundreds in the convenience store and hospitality industries. (Obama only wants muslims from the Middle East who spend their lives on welfare)



Friday, August 28, 2015

As I was saying . . .

Watch the video, then read how ISIS is indeed the perfect expression of islam, from one who is still there, suffering from it.

[I made the mistake of writing this before I was able to watch this lady's video (I'm having problems accessing youtube), and ass-u-med she was going to describe her rape as a newly "married" nine-year-old muslim girl. Instead, she describes becoming "pissed-off" - her words - about the indoctrination she was getting in a group setting, explaining what she would face now that she was deemed an adult woman, per islam.] The video actually relates the indoctrination of nine-year-old girls - at least the ones who haven't already been married off and raped - that islam deems it not only acceptable, but desirable, for these little girls to be given to older men as sexual toys (under the example of mohammed, who was "perfect" in everything he did) and states that the father of a child given in "marriage" to a muslim male will go to "heaven" for allowing his child to be raped in this fashion. Of course, in islam, females merely exist to satisfy the urges of their muslim husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, male friends and neighbors. mohammed (p*ss be onto him) created his "religion" with so many ways for his followers to enjoy the rape and abuse of females, and female children, because he knew that large numbers of scum-sucking arab/iranian males would flock to his banner to enjoy those perversions.

BTW, muslim boys are deemed adults at sixteen, so they can be enjoyed sexually up until that age, although I'm certain many imams and other influential muslims may stretch that a bit (pun intended).


Then read the article:

Exposing the role that Islamic jihad
theology and ideology play in the modern
global conflicts

Iraqi priest: “There’s
no such thing as
moderate Islam…
ISIS represents
Islam one hundred
percent” AUGUST 27, 2015 4:15 PM BY ROBERT SPENCER

Fr. Douglas al-Bazi’s coreligionists in the West, and their leaders
among the U.S. Catholic bishops, would be supremely
embarrassed if they heard him talking this way. They are sure that
Islam is a Religion of Peace, and woe to you if you don’t fall in line
behind them. They don’t want to hear about Islamic supremacism
or about Muslim persecution of Christians. Instead, they bow and
scrape before imams and Muslim leaders who have never lifted a
finger to stop Muslim persecution of Christians. They actively work
to silence and marginalize those who speak out about this
persecution. They consign today’s new martyrs to their fate,
sacrificing them on the altar of their fruitless, delusional and selfdefeating
quest for “dialogue” with Muslims. How many Christians
has that “dialogue” prevented from being persecuted or martyred?
Why, absolutely none, of course. But the comfortable suburban
Church continues on its comfortable suburban way, secure in its
illusions and delusions.

One day, however, the truth it has so assiduously endeavored to
ignore, deny and suppress will dawn upon it with undeniable and
terrifying reality, and maybe some of those bishops will realize how ill
they served their people by enforcing and reinforcing their ignorance
and complacency.

“‘There’s No Such Thing as Moderate Islam’: An Iraqi Priest
Describes the Christian Genocide,” by Matteo Matzuzzi, Il Foglio,
August 26, 2015 (translated by Francesca Romana, Rorate Caeli):

“Please, if there’s anyone who still thinks ISIS doesn’t
represent Islam, know that they are wrong. ISIS represents Islam
one hundred percent.” Father Douglas al Bazi, an Iraqi Catholic
parish priest in Erbil, raised his voice during an intervention at the
Meeting in Rimini, with a choice of words – in a provocative way
and in hard tones – that few had ventured use so far.
He carries on his own body the scars of the torture he underwent
nine years ago, when a band of Jihadists kidnapped him for nine
days, keeping him in chains and blindfolds along with a broken
nose from being kneed: “For the first four days they didn’t even give
me anything to drink. They would walk past me saying ‘Father, do
you want some water?’ All day long they would listen to the reading
of the Koran to let the neighbours hear what good believers they

Father Douglas Al Bazi is in charge of two refugee shelters for
Christians who survived the advance of the black horde – not far
from Ankawa. After the marking of houses with the “n” of the
Nazarene plus the Christians displaced on the Nineveh plain, a year
ago, “from morning to night we receive thousands of refugees” and
the exodus continues. “I’m proud to be an Iraqi, I love my country.
But my country is not proud that I’m part of it. What is happening to
my people is nothing other than genocide. I beg you: do not call it a
conflict. It’s genocide”, said the priest, who doesn’t want to hear
anything about “moderate Islam”: “When Islam lives amidst you, the
situation might appear acceptable. But when one lives amidst
Muslims, everything becomes impossible. I’m not here to instigate
you to hate Islam. I was born amid Muslims and I have more friends
among them than I have with Christians. But people change and if
we go to my country, no-one will be able to distinguish the light
from the darkness. There are those who say: “but I have lots of
Muslim friends who are very nice”. Yes, certainly! They are nice over
here! Over there the situation is very different!”

A situation in which regard the vice-President of the French
Conference for Imams also had some tough words to say. Hocine
Drouiche, also the Imam of Nimes, intervened last July at the
European Parliament: “In the world, Christians are being
persecuted, hunted down, deprived of work, imprisoned, tortured
and murdered. All means are being used to force them to deny their
faith, including the ritual of collective rape, considered in some
states a form of penal sanction. Owning a Bible has become a
crime, religious worship is prohibited and there has been a return to
the times of Masses in the caves and the first martyrs”. And the
fault, Drouiche had added in a discourse which had not been
highlighted very much by the European media”, is contemporary
Islam”, which is much closer “to sectarianism rather than a
universal, open religion”.

“I believe in the end they will destroy us”
Father al Bazi’s account is of one who runs the risk of being
murdered on the street every day: We never know if coming out of
the church we’ll be able to go into it again alive. In Baghdad they
had the church explode right in front of me. They shot me on the
legs with a AK-47, a type of Kalashnikov, and probably sooner or
later they’ll kill me”. Yet his faith is solid: “When they put me in
chains, during my kidnapping, they tightened a big padlock on my
wrists. On the chain there were ten extra rings, which I used to
recite the Rosary. I have never prayed it so earnestly as I did in that
situation”. “I – added Father Douglas – don’t implore your help. I’m
not frightened just as my people aren’t frightened either. I believe
they’ll destroy us in the end. But I also believe that we will have the
last word. Jesus told us that we need to carry our own crosses, and
that is what we in the Middle East are doing. Yet the most important
thing is not the carrying of the cross, but following it. And following it
means accepting, challenging and committing oneself right to the
very end”.

“We need to have patience and carry the cross each day, but we
also must react”, said Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, parish priest in
Aleppo, echoing him, and reported how the city is now “divided in
tens of parts, each one of them in the hands of a different group of
Jihadists. Our Church of St. Francis is sixty metres from the firing
line. They have already hit many churches, we don’t know when it
will be our turn”. Here is why Father Douglas, at the end of his
intervention, launched a warning to the feeble West:
“Wake up! The cancer is at your door. They will destroy you. We,
the Christians of the Middle East are the only group that has seen
the face of evil: Islam”….

However, the Christians suffering at the hands of ISIS are not the only victims. Kurds, Yazidis, and other infidels - even other muslims who are not the same sect of islam as those who rally under the ISIS banner - are being killed, or made into sex slaves and sold to be raped and otherwise abused. Or raped and abused and then sold for others to rape and abuse, often until their "owners" tire of them and kills them.

Is it not incredible that there are so many, in this country and elsewhere across the world, who can close their eyes and their ears and convince themselves that islam is a "religion of peace"? This foul cult of rapine, child molestation and murder needs to be eradicated. Those who follow orthodox islam need to be exterminated as the vermin they truly are.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

islamic rules of conduct

In visiting some of the web sites that send postings to my email, I came across an article that clearly depicts the depravity, the disgusting, degenerate behavior of those who follow true, orthodox islam. What this sick group of sub-humans believes their moon-god not only permits, but encourages them to do in his name. This is an excerpt from the article:

One of Islam’s highest leaders, the now deceased Ayatollah Khomeni, who lead the Islamic revolution in 1979 in Iran and who, until his death in 1989, was the highest authority of the country, both politically and religiously, also wrote the book Tahrirolvasyleh, which is a collection of Islamic rules of conduct for Muslims. Here he is quoted for: “A man can quench his sexual thirst by use of a baby. The only condition is that he does not penetrate the vagina, but anal sex is okay.” [This is obviously good news for all the other Ayatollahs, imams, and the rest of the muslim perverts (redundant).  I don't doubt that Khomeni made use of this pronouncement himself.]

Elsewhere, he writes that: “It is better if a girl marries so early that she gets her first period in the home of her husband rather than in the home of the father. Every father who gives his daughter away in marriage at such an early age will have obtained a place in heaven.” [Considering that muslims are permitted - even encouraged - to have full-penetration sex with their child brides when they reach the age of nine - the age when mohammed "married" Aisha - as well as anal sex with infants, any female child will most likely bleed long before her first menses.]

And further: “A man can have anal sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels, etc. However, he should kill the animal after ejaculating.” It should be noted that their rules say the meat from the animal used for sex may not be sold in his village. It goes on to say that the meat can be sold in any other village. There is no requirement to inform the buyer that the animal - no, not meaning the muslim seller - is not a virgin.

And some words on the rights of women: “A woman who has entered into a true state of matrimony does not have the right to leave the house without her husband’s permission – she must be available to him and fulfill his every need and must not refuse to give herself to him unless there is a valid religious reason.” ["A true state of matrimony refers to the women subject to the "married for one night" rules that muslims use to "work around" the qur'an when they want a strange piece and don't have any slaves handy, or anyone available to rape.]

Khomeni also does not think that a husband having anal sex with his own son is a valid reason for divorce: “If a man has anal sex with his son, brother or father after he is married, the marriage is to continue.” [Khomeni - who probably pitches as well as catches - certainly didn't want to reduce the pool of available partners.]

This is islam. The pseudo-religion, the death cult, that our dear Zebra/Soetero/the Obamination loves and supports. He is obviously not a muslim, but he loves muslims and enjoys emulating them from time to time. I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover he is into bacha bazi, too.

[Update 11/15/15. Several of the links given above have failed, so here is a current one that is still running: https://txlady706.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/ayatollah-ruhollah-khomeini-mohammed-and-the-muslims-say-that-sex-with-children-is-ok-sex-with-animals-is-ok-men-having-sex-with-boys-is-ok-and-female-genital-mutilation-is-required-excerpts/]

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A sad day for me - so long, WRSA

I've followed Western Rifle Shooters Association for a number of years, now. Pete (CA) is one of the good guys, and posts things that are good for those of us who value liberty to read and be aware of. Sometimes he posts articles from authors/bloggers who I disagree with, but that is fine with me. I don't expect to agree with everyone, nor do I expect everyone to agree with me.

Today though, I found WRSA had crossed a line I am unable to support. Very few people read my pathetic excuse for a blog, but nonetheless, I cannot list WRSA as a blog I follow any longer, because I don't want it assumed I go along with what I read today.

The post is titled "ASK sends" and deals with a rally supporting Israel and condemning Obama/Kerry's "deal" with Iran.

I am in favor of supporting Israel, the only country that approaches being a democracy in the Middle East, a country that deserves our support (and if I need to explain and/or justify that to you, save yourself some grief and stop reading now).

I believe Pete (CA) supports Israel, too, but in this instance, he has confused free speech with providing a forum to Neo-Nazi's, "Anti-Zionists", and the rest of the drooling, mindless, Jew-hating crowd. I never realized just how many of the Jew/Israel haters there were in the III% movement until now. Oh, sure, I knew there were some, but it seems as if every slimy, low-IQ, Zionist-conspiracy-loving drooling idiot jumped at the chance to make himself known in the comments on Pete's blog. 

It's his blog. He can do what he wants with it (not like he needs - or wants - my permission ;-) But I'll be damned if I will continue to echo his blog on my site and have anyone at all think that I am in favor of these Jew-hating drooling idiots.

Are there Jews that are scum? Of course - look no further than Soros, who made his first money turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis. Who still hates his fellow Jews and has no problem contemplating - perhaps even assisting in - their annihilation as a culture, a religion, and - in Israel - a country. Marx was a Jew, for heaven's sake, and there are many others who have caused untold harm to the world and their own people. 

But the Jewish race as a whole has done untold good for the world as well. A great deal of life-saving medical technology and other cutting-edge technology has been developed in Israel since it became a country. The Jews are more frequently representative of greatness within the human race via music, art, medicine, physics, chemistry, and so many other areas of human knowledge and accomplishment.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) said it so well, many years ago:

If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way. Properly the Jew ought hardly to be heard of; but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world's list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also way out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous fight in this world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself and be excused for it. The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmity of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind.

So, I will separate myself from supporting a blog that forgets the difference between permitting free speech and becoming a forum for the deranged fools who think the "Elders of Zion" was meant to be an instruction manual, words to live by. Pete certainly won't miss me, and I have no desire whatsoever to demean or accuse him of anything, other than - in my opinion, only - poor judgment. 

Anyone who has read much of my blog knows how I feel about the sub-human creatures who follow the death cult called "islam". If I were to allow a bunch of muslim scum to publish comments about the Jews on my blog in the interest of "freedom of speech" I would be making a monumental mistake, too. 

I guarantee that you won't see that here. And that goes now for WRSA, I am afraid. Take care, Pete. I do wish you well.