Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama - the face on a three dollar bill

I have stated, on a number of occasions, that I believe Barack Hussein Obama to be gay. I have called him a "faggot", not because I am a homophobe per se (I have had gay and lesbian friends whom I knew to be good people, in spite of my belief that being gay or lesbian is a psychological aberration), but because it is an appropriately nasty comment to make about a very nasty individual who is believed by others as well to be homosexual. Not bi-sexual, but actually homosexual.

We have all read that, supposedly, Obama dated white women, along with one or two black women. It is a well-known phenomenon that gay men will associate with the female gender when they are attempting to cover their actual interests, so it is entirely possible that he has done so. There are quite a few sources - including one who was unsuccessfully sued for libel - who have stated openly and unequivocally that Obama is in fact gay.

I have also written of the fact that there are informed people who have stated that his mentor in his teen years - Frank Marshall Davis, who is half-black - was his actual biological father.  If this is actually true, this would mean that Obama is actually 1/4 black, instead of half, as he claims to be.

These same sources also state that Davis was a pederast. Unfortunately, it is a not-uncommon occurrence for fathers to molest their own children, so if Davis indeed had "short eyes" as the expression goes, the time he spent "mentoring"  young Barry Soetero/Barack Hussein Obama might have included introducing him to "Man-Boy Love"

There are those who will point to Obama's "marriage" to Michelle, along with their two daughters, as proof that he is heterosexual, but I feel certain it is a sham marriage created for political purposes, to cover his true nature - a very sick, arrogant, egotistical personality who sees no other human being as having the value that he believes himself to hold (which has been re-enforced by his handlers and the sycophants with which he surrounds himself). It will probably never happen, but I would bet a very large sum of money that a DNA test would indicate that their two daughters do not share any DNA with BHO.

Yes, much of this is conjecture, but it is difficult to refute allegations that Obama is gay when a gay man sued for making that claim was able to get the lawsuit thrown out of court. Readers should come to their own conclusions on this subject, but everything I have read - bolstered by Obama's refusal to allow any access to real documentation of his past - leads me to believe these allegations are true.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will Obama avenge them, or side with his muslim friends?

In Benghazi, Libya, the US ambassador and three staff members have been killed by Al-Qaeda gunman. This is the country that Obama insisted on attacking with our military weapons, and supplying the rebels with weapons - without going to Congress in the proper Constitutional procedure - in order to depose Ghaddafi, so that the muslims who wished to control the country could do so.

The US ambassador and three staff members have paid the price for Obama's illegal incursions into Libya. He is faced with a group of muslims who have killed American citizens, employees of the government, simply because the muslims were angered about a film someone produced. A film that these individuals had no connection with whatsoever, save for being American, and therefore a "legitimate" target in the eyes of these followers of the "Religion of Peace"*.

Will Obama condemn this attack? Will he merely say it is unfortunate that these muslims - who he has openly stated "I will stand with the Muslims should political winds shift in an ugly direction" - were so upset by a mere film that they couldn't control themselves?

I do not feel much sympathy for the ambassador, but perhaps his staff deserved better than this, if they were rank-and-file, as opposed to getting their positions due to political influence. Nonetheless, I believe any other president who has ever served - with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, of the Iranian Hostage Crisis fame - would respond militarily, and move to hammer the muslims involved.

Allow me to predict that he does nothing of any substance to respond to the death of one of our own ambassadors. Perhaps it will be an object lesson for any of the other sycophants who have been given an ambassadorship as a political favor. Maybe serving as an ambassador in any country where muslims exist in large numbers will become a little less desirable. Perhaps - although I doubt it - the outcome will be a further loss of respect by most people in this country for a President who will not avenge the senseless deaths of Americans by muslim animals who believe it is acceptable to kill us whenever they are angered by anything they do not like.

[Islam defines "peace" as submission to Allah, submission to Islam. So the "Religion of Peace" is actually the "Religion of Submission". Remember that any time Obama, some muslim, or some progressive talks about Islam.]

2016: Obama's America, coming soon to your country

This is a movie produced by Dinesh D'Souza and Gerald Molen, who produced Schindler's List (among other great films). It is a presentation of a new - and probably more accurate - explanation for Obama's behavior and desire to reduce America to just another Third-World country, to abase and demean this once-great country which has been a destination and dream for people all over the world. People who have traveled here to gain the freedoms and opportunities to improve their lives that have been the hallmark of America through the many years of its existence.

Better folks than I have reviewed and described this great film. If you haven't already seen it, do so. What I am writing about today is the fact that Obama is getting closer to realizing his dream of cutting America off at the knees. Given another four years, we may no longer recognize the country we live within.

We will be living in a country where we are all experiencing economic depression, due to the obscene and unsustainable debt that he has incurred in our name (a debt which will not affect him in the least, personally. He will still be golfing, and Michelle will still be taking expensive vacations with our money).

We will be living in a country where speaking out against the assault against our natural, G-d given rights is sufficient to get you detained indefinitely without trial, representation, habeas corpus, without any recourse whatsoever. Even if you are an American citizen - perhaps especially if you are an American citizen who is protesting against your own government.

We will be living in a country where gasoline is too expensive for most people to buy, too expensive to drive anywhere, even if you are one of the few lucky enough to still have a job (except perhaps for all the government employees, like the thousands of new IRS agents that Obamacare has mandated).

We will be living in a world where people will freeze to death during the winter - as happens with incredible regularity in England and Europe, especially older people who cannot afford to pay for their heat. Where what energy is available is again too expensive for many to afford.

We will be living in a world where our country is unable to respond with deterrence to a nuclear threat to our country, because Obama has had all of our nuclear weapons dismantled. We had over 5000 in the recent past, but they have been reduced to about 1500, and Obama has stated a desire to reduce them, perhaps to zero. For any of you Patriots who happen to be reading this, tell me now how voting for Romney is no different from voting for Obama. If America finds itself not only fighting its own government, as in 1775, but also Russia or China when they decide to threaten us with nuclear weapons to which we cannot respond, it might be just a little bit more difficult than we had imagined to "restore the Constitution".

Think about it, folks. Would you rather fight the encroachment of socialism with all of its ills because Romney leans that way, or fight the very destruction of our way of life because that is the "change" Obama wants for us? Decide now, because that is your choice. It isn't simply a choice between the lesser of two evils, it is a choice between still having time to turn America around (Romney) and having it be too late to stop the destruction of all of our hopes and dreams (Obama).

Monday, September 3, 2012

"Death to muslims!"

Yes, that does sound over the top, bigoted, a violent statement that marks me as an animal who is willing to condemn an entire group of people for the actions of a few of whom I disapprove. What if it were a muslim saying it, though? A muslim who wanted the death of any muslims who believed differently, such as Sunni against Shiite?

But, wait a minute: what if I was a muslim and I said the same about Christians? What if I was a muslim and said the same about gays? What if I was a muslim and said the same about mentally deficient children and adults?

Consider the case of Rimsha Masih: a young Pakistani Christian child falsely accused of blasphemy, a child who is believed to have Down's Syndrome (which is a crime if your last name is Palin, or you are a Christian in Pakistan). She is accused of having burned an Islamic pamphlet, which by all the evidence never happened. She was severely beaten, as was her family (also Christians).

A local imam broadcast her accusation over loudspeakers from the mosques in the area, and has called for her to be burned alive. During this broadcast, he also called for driving all Christians out of the area, causing the town's Christians to flee to the woods for their lives.

As was written in an article at the Front Page web site concerning Rimsha Masih,
"The imam of the local mosque called for her to be handed over to the mob and publicly burned. As unbelievable as that sounds, consider that just the month before, on July 4, such a mob dragged out of police custody a mentally-deficient Muslim man accused of blasphemy and burned him alive."

So, we are faced with a so-called religion - a cult, actually, said cult having been originated by a child-molesting pederast named Mohammed - called Islam. This cult demands that its members kill any person who is accused of (not convicted or proven to have been guilty of) having "blasphemed" in some way against Islam.

Of course, if you are an infidel - especially a Christian infidel - your mere existence is blasphemy. The Qur'an specifically directs muslims to kill infidels. This is not a myth, it is stated quite plainly in the Qur'an, as has been shown on many occasions by both Islamic scholars and others who have studied the Qur'an.

I have written a goodly number of posts on this web site concerning the pederasty that Islam says is perfectly acceptable, of Islamic "holy men" who say it is acceptable to sexually penetrate even a six-year old child. I have written of the killing of Christian and Israeli infants and toddlers by muslims, who brag about it and are celebrated as heros by their fellow muslims.

How is it that our government can know of these things and still find Islam and the muslims who practice it as acceptable human beings? If a Christian, a conservative, a Jew, or anyone else other than a muslim were to do these things, it would be front page news in the major media, not merely on an Internet web site called "Front Page". How is it that the Left and our own President can know that these things happen routinely throughout the muslim world, anywhere that Islam and Sharia are practiced, and not strongly condemn them?

How can a man named Barack Hussein Obama - oh, I get it. BHO sounds awfully like a muslim name, doesn't it? He has actually said he would side with the muslims any time there were any difficulties involving them, didn't he? In Audacity of Hope, he wrote "I will stand with the Muslims should political winds shift in an ugly direction."

If you are confronted by a rabid dog, do you wait until you are bitten before defending yourself, or do you kill it for your own safety and the safety of your family? If you have seen neighbors, friends attacked do you look the other way, or do you kill the son-of-a-bitch?

muslims (I, personally,refuse to capitalize the name of this cult's followers) are that rabid dog. They have shown a willingness, a desire to rape English girls, Danish and Norwegian women (reportedly 100% of the rapes occurring in Olso are perpetrated by muslims, mostly Pakistanis). They have shown that they enjoy violating young girls, and enjoy forcing young "beardless boys" to have sex with them. They have demonstrated that they feel completely justified in killing Israeli infants and small children. They have increased the number of Christians they have beaten and killed in the Middle East and Northern Africa, also burning their homes and their churches. They believe it is necessary to sexually mutilate their female children and women, even newborn babies.

muslims do this to their own people, not just infidels. We infidels, however, are marked for elimination, right after the Jews of the world are eliminated. So, those of you who perhaps don't care about Jews or Israelis should understand that you are next. The muslims almost took over all of Europe many years ago, finally being stopped at Vienna. They are trying to regain that ground and more today, with more success because they are using "demographic jihad" now instead of open warfare.

Consequently, I ask you: would a declaration as apparently ridiculous as "Death to all muslims!" actually be that outrageous? Does defending your life, and the lives of those you care about become unacceptable simply because we are talking about a very large group of people? I know some will claim that most muslims are not violent killers, rapists and pederasts. That is false - every orthodox muslim, who lives by the Qur'an and the Hadith, by the Sura, is a muslim who will kill infidels, rape infidel women, beat and kill their own female children ("honor" killings), sexually mutilate their own daughters, sisters, and wives, and wishes to rid the earth of every Jew and Christian.

In the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints - the Mormon church - there are rules to follow, as in many other religions. I don't know if they speak of them this way too, but Mormons who drink or curse, or otherwise do not follow the full tenets of the Mormon religion are often referred to as "jack-Mormons". Well, any muslims who do not follow the orthodox demands and tenets of Islam might be called "jack-muslims". And - according to the Qur'an itself - they are apostates, and must be put to death. If these "jack-muslims" really followed Islam, they would not be able to be moderate. Islam does not permit them to pick and choose the parts of the Qur'an they like and the ones they don't.

Taken logically, then, are these people actually muslims? No. So, any time some fool talks about "moderate" muslims, they are obviously ignorant and full of sh*t. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. There are only muslims and non-muslims. A "moderate" muslim in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan would be put to death.

I say that true, orthodox muslims should indeed be eliminated. They are a threat to their own wives and daughters, to any other people claiming to be muslim in any way that falls short of the demands of the Qur'an. They are a threat to Israel, which they wish to wipe from the face of the earth. They want the death of all Christians and Jews. And they have infiltrated the highest offices of our government, as in the case of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's assistant, who has direct connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just as the Marxists have finally penetrated and gain the highest office in the land, the Presidency, so the muslims are working to do the same. In the form of Barack Hussein Obama, they have gained a powerful ally, even if he isn't actually a muslim (he can't be a muslim - a muslim must worship Allah, not himself), and will side with them.

So, folks, perhaps it isn't quite so unreasonable to think of eliminating this scourge from the face of the earth, instead of Israel and the Jews. There is an old joke about an Arab ambassador telling Gene Roddenberry how much his son loved to watch Star Trek. The ambassador said he was puzzled, though, because he did not recall ever seeing a muslim in Star Trek. Roddenberry looked at him and said, "That's because it takes place in the future."

That, my friends, is a future to be devoutly wished.