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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will Obama avenge them, or side with his muslim friends?

In Benghazi, Libya, the US ambassador and three staff members have been killed by Al-Qaeda gunman. This is the country that Obama insisted on attacking with our military weapons, and supplying the rebels with weapons - without going to Congress in the proper Constitutional procedure - in order to depose Ghaddafi, so that the muslims who wished to control the country could do so.

The US ambassador and three staff members have paid the price for Obama's illegal incursions into Libya. He is faced with a group of muslims who have killed American citizens, employees of the government, simply because the muslims were angered about a film someone produced. A film that these individuals had no connection with whatsoever, save for being American, and therefore a "legitimate" target in the eyes of these followers of the "Religion of Peace"*.

Will Obama condemn this attack? Will he merely say it is unfortunate that these muslims - who he has openly stated "I will stand with the Muslims should political winds shift in an ugly direction" - were so upset by a mere film that they couldn't control themselves?

I do not feel much sympathy for the ambassador, but perhaps his staff deserved better than this, if they were rank-and-file, as opposed to getting their positions due to political influence. Nonetheless, I believe any other president who has ever served - with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, of the Iranian Hostage Crisis fame - would respond militarily, and move to hammer the muslims involved.

Allow me to predict that he does nothing of any substance to respond to the death of one of our own ambassadors. Perhaps it will be an object lesson for any of the other sycophants who have been given an ambassadorship as a political favor. Maybe serving as an ambassador in any country where muslims exist in large numbers will become a little less desirable. Perhaps - although I doubt it - the outcome will be a further loss of respect by most people in this country for a President who will not avenge the senseless deaths of Americans by muslim animals who believe it is acceptable to kill us whenever they are angered by anything they do not like.

[Islam defines "peace" as submission to Allah, submission to Islam. So the "Religion of Peace" is actually the "Religion of Submission". Remember that any time Obama, some muslim, or some progressive talks about Islam.]

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  1. That is the truth!
    I am sure you're predictions will come true.
    Miss Violet


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