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Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama - the face on a three dollar bill

I have stated, on a number of occasions, that I believe Barack Hussein Obama to be gay. I have called him a "faggot", not because I am a homophobe per se (I have had gay and lesbian friends whom I knew to be good people, in spite of my belief that being gay or lesbian is a psychological aberration), but because it is an appropriately nasty comment to make about a very nasty individual who is believed by others as well to be homosexual. Not bi-sexual, but actually homosexual.

We have all read that, supposedly, Obama dated white women, along with one or two black women. It is a well-known phenomenon that gay men will associate with the female gender when they are attempting to cover their actual interests, so it is entirely possible that he has done so. There are quite a few sources - including one who was unsuccessfully sued for libel - who have stated openly and unequivocally that Obama is in fact gay.

I have also written of the fact that there are informed people who have stated that his mentor in his teen years - Frank Marshall Davis, who is half-black - was his actual biological father.  If this is actually true, this would mean that Obama is actually 1/4 black, instead of half, as he claims to be.

These same sources also state that Davis was a pederast. Unfortunately, it is a not-uncommon occurrence for fathers to molest their own children, so if Davis indeed had "short eyes" as the expression goes, the time he spent "mentoring"  young Barry Soetero/Barack Hussein Obama might have included introducing him to "Man-Boy Love"

There are those who will point to Obama's "marriage" to Michelle, along with their two daughters, as proof that he is heterosexual, but I feel certain it is a sham marriage created for political purposes, to cover his true nature - a very sick, arrogant, egotistical personality who sees no other human being as having the value that he believes himself to hold (which has been re-enforced by his handlers and the sycophants with which he surrounds himself). It will probably never happen, but I would bet a very large sum of money that a DNA test would indicate that their two daughters do not share any DNA with BHO.

Yes, much of this is conjecture, but it is difficult to refute allegations that Obama is gay when a gay man sued for making that claim was able to get the lawsuit thrown out of court. Readers should come to their own conclusions on this subject, but everything I have read - bolstered by Obama's refusal to allow any access to real documentation of his past - leads me to believe these allegations are true.

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