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~ Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The difference between civilization and barbarism

There are many things about our country and our culture that are good, and many things we could do without, thank you very much. These will differ for many people, right vs left, religious vs atheist, black vs white, "cultured" vs "redneck", elite vs us common folks. Yet, I think these differences fade in the light of the difference between what is known as Western Civilization and third world barbarism. I don't think there are many people who would choose the violence visited on each other by the two ethnic sides in the war in Bosnia, in Kosovo. I won't even attempt to convince you that one side might have been morally superior to the other, because most of us haven't the slightest idea of what really went on over there.

The people of Europe are quickly learning which side is morally superior. Which side supports civilization vs barbarism. What is amazing, and something I try to educate people about here at my obscure little blog, is that there is a culture of barbarism that has existed with little change over the past 1400+ years. A culture that tries to pass itself off as a religion, when it is no more a religion than The "Church" of Scientology, a culture which uses the trappings of religion to excuse - and even encourage - abuses so vile that they beggar description and belief. Europe is being flooded with a barbarian horde whose abuses and vile crimes eclipse the violence and excesses of the Mongols and other barbarian hordes from a thousand or more years ago. Yet they perpetrate their vile behaviors here, today, in 2016.

Yes, anyone who has bothered to visit here, or even simply stumbled across this blog, knows what I am talking about. The culture, the death cult, called "islam". One of the basic beliefs of islam is that women have no value whatsoever except for producing more muslims, with male babies preferred by far over female. Women who try to live a better life, to become educated, or to help other women resist being genitally mutilated, or raped by relatives, or abused by their husbands, are made an example of by muslim men - most often by relatives, who claim these women are "dishonoring" the family.

A friend recently posted on his Facebook page a photo of yet another woman attacked by a male muslim with acid. This is a particularly nasty (and cowardly) attack, as it not only destroys whatever comeliness the woman might possess, it makes her features a nightmare for her, and usually causes many years of physical suffering as well, as the damage is slow to heal if it heals at all (note the gauze bandage beneath her chin, wet with the blood and serous fluid that continues to weep from her ravaged skin). Look upon this poor woman, and then tell me you value islam and the "men" who live it, the muslim males who obey the commands of the qur'an to do the vile things they do - to women, children, non-muslims, and even to each other. But especially to women.

And about five years ago, in Iraq, IIRC:

Of course, many, many more attacks like these have occurred between then and now. These two happen to simply "bookend" my point. In some ways, because they must live with their deformities for many years, these are even worse than the stoning to death of women who were rape victims - victims who were judged in the sharia courts (legal determinations per the islamic code of "justice") to be adulteresses who must be stoned to death for "causing" muslim men to have sex with them. Even today, in Saudi Arabia, which many people mistakenly imagine is the most modern and tolerant muslim country (NOT), women who are raped are often deemed to be witches (yes, witches), evil women who cast a spell on the men who raped them, forcing the men to misbehave by raping and sodomizing them. Several women were recently killed in Saudi Arabia for those very "reasons".

In earlier posts, I have already detailed the rape, sodomy, torture and abuse many children - of both genders - have received at the hands of not just muslim males (I can't call them men), but even by imams to their very own children. These violations are endemic to the muslim culture, to islam. But women in general suffer the most.

Where are the feminists, who speak out about men raping American women simply by looking at them, or asking them out on a date, when it comes to the subject of muslim women? Silent. Totally silent, and unwilling to talk about the problem, in spite of the fact that these abuses even happen here inside the borders of our own country.

Ignoring these issues is a form of barbarism, also, one practiced by the Left, who wish to bring ever greater numbers of these muslim males to this country to perpetrate their vile deeds upon their muslim wives and female children - and upon American women they deem "meat for the taking", because they are not dressed in burqas and veils.

In Europe, the war between Western Civilization and islam is being lost. Thanks to the complicit behavior of their own elitist governments, Europeans have committed cultural suicide. It is most likely too late to save those countries. Here in America, there is a chance, if we can keep from importing any more muslims, especially the young male muslims, the jihadi invaders brought over here intentionally to cause disruption and chaos, as they are doing in Europe.

These barbarians are not at the gates, they are within the gates. The few million who are here already may be manageable, but bringing in millions more will definitely be our own downfall.


  1. Reg, may be manageable is the key, the door that will be opened by the responses is, will men here respond to women being abused in the same response as some men are responding in Europe and Russia.



    If so, the abuses will stop in short order. If not, we as a society will be down the drain as Europe is going now.

    Good to see you're still around. :)

    1. Grog, sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. A lot going on here on the mountainside, and I've neglected this blog, which is poor treatment for the few who visit here. Thanks for checking in in spite of my lack of attention, and thanks for the links.

      I have to add, as some folks have said long before me, that the women of Western Civilization need to make a choice - welcome the refu-jihadis and willingly suffer ALL of the consequences, or join those who realize the danger and damage they represent, and fight to send them all back where they belong - countries that are muslim and allow their women to be treated as chattel and trash. There is _no_ middle ground here that is acceptable. (Of course, those that dress like whores, believing it makes them attractive - but only to the men they _want_ to attract - need to accept that they reap what they sow. I'm not a prude, and I enjoy the female form divine, but you'll never see me on the beach in a thong, either. Tried it once, and nobody even noticed that I had it on backwards.

  2. I have just re-read my comment, and need to clarify something: When I speak of "those who dress like whores" I realize I sound like some sort of religious bigot/fanatic, which couldn't be further from the truth, as I am a "recovering Catholic" (and isn't the latest Pope a total ass?). I should have phrased that differently, although when I think of Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and the Kardashians, I feel there might be some validity to that otherwise-outrageous statement.

    I enjoy looking at women, especially attractive women, and was kidding about thongs - I enjoy viewing a shapely derrier as much (or more) as anyone. NO woman - no matter how they dress - deserves to be groped against her will, let alone raped.

    I "came of age" during the 70's, when sex was very easy to come by, so it isn't a matter of my having felt "spurned" or ignored or denigrated by any women. Even gals spoken of as "c*ck teasers" (as they were called in my youth) don't deserve to be mistreated, let alone assaulted. So "reap as they sow" was definitely a bad thing to say, and while I can't justify it, there are a few women who are so blatantly crude in their behavior that thinking of them blinded me to what I was really saying - wrongfully saying.

    My apologies to anyone who was correctly and appropriately offended by that statement.


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