Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Qu'ran - a primer on child molestation, bestiality, and killing women and female children

I am going to reiterate some things that I have written about in the past, but which truly do bear repeating. I'm moved to do this after reading a recent post by Daniel Greenfield at his blog Sultan Knish.

The opening graf of the piece, The Savage Lands of islam reads thus:  "The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia ruled that ten year old girls can be married off, because in his words, 'Good upbringing makes a girl ready to perform all marital duties at that age.' "
[ I am guessing here that the Grand Mufti is implying that good upbringing means she has already been repeatedly penetrated, probably by a male hand or a foreign object, in order to prepare her to perform her "marital duties". "At that age."]

islamics believe that anything that was good for Mohammed is good for them. Mohammed "married" his most notable wife, Aisha, when she was nine. Before that, he used her sexually without (supposedly) penetrating her, but ejaculating on her clothing. She then was required to go clean it off herself. What a guy. Allah's chosen prophet, don't you know.

The Qu'ran says sexually penetrating a child under nine is not permitted. However, if a muslim does have vaginal (or anal) sex with a child younger than nine, he is required to be responsible for her care for the rest of her life. It doesn't define or describe what "care" involves, though. Does it include feeding her enough to keep her alive? Does it include not continuing to rape her for the rest of her life? Does it mean the other females of the household can't beat her whenever they wish?

Of course, the rest of her life doesn't need to be measured in years. Or even months or weeks. You could do as this holy man, this imam did to his 5 year old daughter:

"In response, the Sheikh inflicted the following
upon his child:
A broken back.
Raped multiple times.
A crushed skull.
Numerous burns throughout her
A broken left arm.
Multiple broken ribs.

Al-Ghamdi also admitted in court to using a cane
as well as electric cables in the torture/rape of
his child. Hospital social worker Randa al-Kaleeb
stated the child had been raped "everywhere."
The little girl managed to linger for ten months
before finally succumbing to her injuries."

She didn't even make it to nine years old, when she would have been legal to rape as many times as he wished. This "holy man", this vile creature was allowed to be freed from prison because he came up with some cash to pay off the mother of their child. Shariah allows for "blood money" paid to the mother as full recompense for the crime of raping, torturing, and beating a five year old little girl so badly that she eventually succumbed to her injuries and died.

Where are the feminists, the soccer moms, the liberal/progressive/Democrat women, the Pelosis, the Boxers, the Feinsteins who rant about "If it saves just one child!"? Where are these hypocritical bitches who claim to care? Why isn't that bitch Moochelle shown holding up a hashtag card for this horribly abused child, pretending concern as she pretended to care about the girls kidnapped and enslaved by Boko Haram (whose official name - Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'Awati Wal-Jihad - means People Committed to the Prophet's Teachings for Propagation and Jihad). 

So, this imam - "the man who leads prayers in a mosque", a "learned and holy man" according to the cult of islam - goes free, when he should instead have been tortured himself, repeatedly raped and beaten, for the rest of his life, extended as long as possible. At the very least, he should have had his spinal cord severed around T-5 or T-6, making him a paraplegic for the rest of his life. Or perhaps C-4, making him quadraplegic, although some other muslim would have probably given him a too-merciful death in that case.

Yet the Left believes that islam is a religion. A religion of peace. They believe that muslims deserve better treatment than Christians who "cling to their bibles and their guns". 

I won't get into the whole topic of how muslims, islam, the Qu'ran treat women. The beating, the stoning, the beheading, the genital mutilation of infants, girls, and older females. I won't even get into the sura which deal with how it is permitted to have sex with animals, as long as you don't eat them or sell them as food afterwards. Oh, excuse me - you can sell them as food, just not in your own town or village. (It doesn't say you have to clean them up first, either.) And I won't repeat my earlier posts about how it is acceptable for muslim men to have sex (rape, too) with "beardless boys" (bacha bereesh - boys who haven't reached puberty), whether they are willing or not?

Isn't anyone on the Left capable of outrage at these evil creatures who claim their "religion" allows them to rape and otherwise abuse children? islam is a perverted death cult, and its followers are less than animals. They are definitely sub-human, and islam should either be erased from the face of the Earth or, at the very least, quarantined on an island with no possibility of leaving that island, ever. islam is a scourge, an excrescence upon the human race.

Don't be so foolish as to try to say it is only "extremist" muslims, "radical" muslims, who believe these things and act upon them. In reality - reality being something the Left intentionally ignores - there is only orthodox islam, and the Qu'ran, its unholy Book, tells muslims they must kill, rape, stone, behead and abuse children, women, and men. Especially those who claim to be muslim but do not hate, kill, rape, stone, behead and abuse like the real, true followers of Mohammed do.

One of these days I will tell you how I really feel about islam and muslims. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I've been derelict in keeping up with this blog. My wife and I have been struggling with the increasing physical limitations inherent in our respective ages, along with the need to deal with various issues that demand so much of our energies that we must set aside some of our other interests and activities.

Recently, we have had a problem with skunks killing our chickens. We raise Buff Orpingtons, primarily for eggs, although they will become food if things ever get to the point where a trip to the supermarket is no longer an option. We've lost three hens (out of seven) to two skunks, which I ended up killing when I was unable to trap them. We had spent several days working on making it more difficult for skunks to burrow into our hen house, burying chicken wire along the entire perimeter, then covering it with rock and pieces of firewood we had available. That proved successful in stopping the immediate loss of more hens, but there was at least one more skunk trying to get into the hen house.

When that third skunk demonstrated the ability to escape the snare I set for him, I purchased some live traps, baiting them with scraps of cooked chicken and chicken bones (from store-bought chicken). The very first night, the trap was sprung. The next morning I released our Maine Coon cat, who - in spite of being very well fed and plied with daily treats - was meowing piteously from inside the larger of the two traps.

It took three more nights, but finally the third skunk was caught. He was dispatched at close range while still in the trap, the thinking being that a quick demise would prevent the release of his musk. Au contraire - he emitted the worse spraying of any skunk I have ever killed. Opening the front door ever so briefly was enough to contaminate the entire house with the acrid odor of skunk musk.

Hosing down the deck and the area around the trap (which was under the deck near our front door) didn't help. I mixed up a batch of musk de-activator - 32 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 8 ounces of baking soda, and several drops of liquid dish detergent (a surfactant helping to spread the mixture) - and  spraying that from a bottle onto the deck and the dead skunk itself seemed to help. We've used that successfully when we have had dogs which have gotten sprayed by a skunk, and it was useful in this situation as well. We are now waiting to see if there is yet another skunk (or more) nearby, or if we have solved our problem for the time being.

Next adventure: discovering a burned-out element in our electric water heater, I attempted to drain the tank in order to replace the element. Unfortunately, our water is very hard, and the prior owner had never maintained the system. The tank wouldn't drain, because there was over six inches of scale (mineral deposits) in the bottom of the tank. After trying to blow the scale away from the inside of the drain valve with an air compressor, I was finally able to get the water to drain slowly. About six hours later, it was close enough to empty that I was able to remove the defective element. I then used a wet/dry shop vacuum to clean out the scale. About seven or eight pounds of it. I then flushed the tank several times more, finally installing the new 4500 watt element. After re-filling the tank, and bleeding the pipes to make sure the tank was completely full, I removed the screens and diffusers from the washing machine hoses and the faucets of all the sinks in the house, clearing out the flakes of scale from those locations. Hopefully, we will be good for a few months, when I will drain the tank again to flush the sediment out.

So, political commentary takes a back seat to the necessities of livestock protection and home maintenance.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Testicular cancer

No, not me. Western civilization. Russia may be showing a little more in the way of "cojones" right now than the rest of the West - Europe and America, anyway, but Western Europe has bent over to appease its muslim immigrants and muslim "citizens" (although they don't consider themselves to be citizens of the European countries they live in). America has its trousers at half-mast, but hasn't quite bent over yet, although it is starting to lean forward. And heavily to the left. [late ed. change ;-)]

Those of us who have been paying attention know how far "multi-culturalism" has taken over countries like Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, England. It is fairly common knowledge that Geert Wilders, a member of the government of the Netherlands, has been harassed by his own government for "hate speech" for the truths - most of them easily proven to be factual - he has spoken concerning islam. However, as much as I despise the governments of Scandinavia and Middle Europe for their coddling of muslims, the most craven, cowardly, disgusting government is that of the United Kingdom.

Where the other governments of Europe are suffering from the cancer, England has not only had a bi-lateral orchiectomy (surgical removal of those two little organs), but the cancer has spread to every part of the "body politic".

Not too long ago, a local politician gave a speech at a street rally in which he related a quote of something said by Winston Churchill concerning islam and muslims. [You probably have noticed I refuse to capitalize the word - it is because I refuse to show any respect for the cult of islam] This politician was arrested, because his voicing of that quotation was deemed likely to "incite" the local muslims. So, obviously, Europe has a problem with free speech. Oh, wait - I misspoke. Free speech is permitted, but only if it is done by muslims. They can speak of killing infidels, of beheading non-believers, of wiping Israel from the face of the earth, of destroying America, the "Great Satan". They can curse the very British government which provides free housing and billions (that is not an exaggeration) of pounds of money and other assistance to muslim immigrants, without fear of reprisal. So, no free speech for the countries' own citizens ("subjects" in the case of the UK), but complete freedom of expression for muslims.

That is not the worst of it. As Paul Harvey used to say, here's the rest of the story.

Recently, it became public knowledge that the borough of Rotherham in the UK had experienced well over 1400 cases of rape, gang-rape, forced prostitution, forced drug addiction for the purpose of sexual abuse and forced prostitution, grooming for prostitution and sexual abuse (the only distinction being whether the sex was paid for or provided as a "courtesy" to friends or acquaintances), as well as beatings, being doused with gasoline and threatened with death. The victims were all young, female, and British non-muslim. It is believed that the number of girls victimized may actually be more than double that figure. One young victim verbally confronted one the muslims who "groomed" her for sexual abuse when she saw him on the street, and was violently arrested by the very police who looked the other way when the muslims used her.

One thing that stands out like a neon sign is the fact that the British media refuses to identify these scumwads as muslim. The papers all call them "Asian". None of the names you read are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, or even Malaysian. They are all Middle Eastern, and the scum involved are all muslim. In much of the UK, they are predominantly Pakistani, as I believe were most of the Rotherham animals involved.

I know that a number of parents did actually try to get the police - and the city council - to do something during the 16 years this was known to be going on, but nothing was done because the perpetrators were muslims. I must say I just can't understand how this continued so long without at least _some_ of the fathers killing some of the muslims involved. Yes, I understand that the British are sheep, that they permit their government to do things that should have ended when the Magna Carta was signed (although we are catching up with them in that sense, since our government has been ignoring the Constitution for many years, especially since Wilson and FDR, but even more so since the Obamination took office). I also know that a number of the young girls victimized were children of single mothers, some of whom were drug addicts and not even available as a parent to the girls.

Nonetheless, had this happened in some parts of America (notably the South, and parts of the West) I feel certain a torch-light parade of fathers, brothers, and concerned citizens would have piled Pakistani bodies on the outskirts of town soon after it was discovered to be going on, not simply protesting it verbally for sixteen years.

Oslo, Norway has been trying to conceal for some time the fact that 100% (again, not an exaggeration) of the rapes occurring in their city have been perpetrated by muslim males. Yet, even that pales against a town that would look the other way while thousands of young girls were raped, gang-raped and otherwise victimized by muslim scum. But - don't for a minute think that this hasn't been happening in other towns and cities in England, as well.

I hope someday that islam will be recognized as a cancer on the face of the earth, and that the death cult will be eradicated, perhaps beginning with the destruction of the islamic shrines in Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem (a place that Mohammed never actually visited). It should be done, not simply because of the damage to so many muslim children and women, the damage to innocent citizens in Israel, and in various other countries around the world, but because the beliefs and behaviors of the cult are so vile, with no redeeming value whatsoever.

Any muslims - or wanna-be muslims, muslim apologists, or other fellow travelers - who wish to visit me to dispute the issue, feel free to contact me. I would be perfectly happy to provide explicit directions to where I live. Just keep in mind that this is rural, mountainous country, and I have three or four sturdy shovels close at hand.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Resurrection - and my usual diatribe

I have been away from this blog for some time, now. The biggest issue was having moved to a location where I did not have Internet access. Driving ten (or thirty) miles to a public library was not conducive to maintaining this blog, even if I had composed most of my posts off-line. However, I now have satellite access.

I debated whether or not to perform CPR on STL (Slogging Toward Liberty), as there simply isn't anything I can do to help return this country to anything approaching a condition of liberty. At least, not within the system as it exists. However, I did come up with two reasons for starting to post again: First, because it helps me work through some of the thoughts and emotions I experience watching our country swirl down the drain at the hands of an incompetent, mean-spirited, bigoted, race-baiting SOB and his sow of a faux wife, and Second, because I hope that I can open a few eyes to some of what is actually happening to America - and the world - right now. 

This isn't hubris, as I don't have much in the way of answers and I certainly am not bright enough to see the whole picture. Nonetheless, it does not take a rocket scientist to see a lot of what is going on right now is wrong, is damaging to us as a country, as a society, as a civilization and culture. Sure, the progressives would have you believe in "multi-culturalism", that every culture, every society, religion, racial agenda, and sexual deviance (I'm not talking about gays here) is not only acceptable, but is of equal value.

Perhaps that is why NOW and the feminists in our country refuse to speak out against female genital mutilation of infant daughters, wives and sisters by muslims. Why they refuse to speak out against the maiming, the acid-throwing, the cutting off of nose and ears, the stoning to death of girls and women who have displeased their fathers, husbands, brothers, or the local imam. Why they refuse to speak out against the fact that the Qu'ran allows the muslims - encourages them - to feel free to sexually penetrate any female child nine years old or older. Why it permits them to place their penises between the legs of even infants, as long as they don't sexually penetrate them (merely using their tiny bodies to masturbate themselves upon). Why it is acceptable even if they do penetrate the child, as long as they become responsible for that child for the rest of its life. Feeding, clothing, sheltering. Of course, the Qu'ran does not say the food must be healthy or of sufficient quantity. It doesn't say the clothing must be enough to keep the girl child warm. It does not say they can't be "sheltered" in a closet under the stairs. It doesn't say they must be protected from continuing to be raped and abused by any male member of the family, or even male friends of the "husband". Nor does the Qu'ran say the child cannot be beaten daily, routinely, by any member of the family, especially the women of the household, who resent having an additional mouth to feed, clean up after (when she bleeds or becomes sick from sexual abuse and beatings).

Oh, but the progressives will tell you "Islam is a peaceful religion. It is as valuable, no, it is more valuable than Christianity, than Judaism, than any of the other religions of the world." Try to deprive a muslim of a copy of the Qu'ran, or harm a copy of the Qu'ran, and the weight of the government, of the multi-cultural Left (but I repeat myself), will come down upon you. Our children who are raised to be Christian are not permitted to utter a prayer in public, at a sport or other gathering, yet the muslims are permitted to block whole streets in New York City and elsewhere when they decide to kneel in the street and pray to Allah, the "god" who favors the desecration of children and women, who, through his prophet Mohammed, has decreed that infidels must die. Peacefully, I suppose, if by that they mean they must die without resistance.

The ISIS (which the Great Pretender prefers to call the ISIL, as if the word "Levant" gives the group the right to rape and kill in that part of the world), is indeed muslim, is indeed of Islam. Orthodox Islam. The only true Islam. Those fools who speak of "moderate" Islam are ignorant. They do not know, or refuse to admit, that there is only "Islam". Those few who practice (or pretend to practice - we will get into "taqqiya" at a later date) so-called "moderate Islam" are actually disobeying the Qu'ran. They are disobeying the dictates of Allah claimed by his child-raping prophet, Mohammed. They are considered apostates, and the Qu'ran directs every true muslim to kill all apostates, for they are worse than infidels, having been muslims at one point in time, but choosing to deviate from the true path of Islam.

No our buddy B. Hussein O. is only pretending to attack ISIS, accomplishing two goals: looking like he is doing something to stop them, in the hopes of improving the PR of the Democratic Party for the up-coming elections, and at the same time wasting, throwing away, as much of our inventory of Tomahawk missiles and other ordinance as he can without actually harming any of his muslim friends in ISIS or elsewhere. Besides, he is a blood-thirsty little shit, and enjoys watching video of people getting blown up, as he does with many of the drone attacks he has ordered or approved. He enjoys what he feels is the "god-like" power of ordering a Hellfire missile from a drone dropped on the son of a noted (though never proven) American muslim terrorist who had already been killed in an earlier drone strike, as well as other deaths he has caused or approved.

Okay, this is a bit disjointed, even if not quite "stream of consciousness". I don't know how many folks will bother reading a long screed like this, so I'll stop now and continue later. These are issues that are important to me, so I will try to be good about keeping this blog going. I don't know if anyone will read it, as even those few who visited in the past stopped when I stopped writing. I'm hoping a few might return, and that a few new folks might wander by and have cause to consider what I have written. Take care. (Edited 9/26/14)