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~ Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Resurrection - and my usual diatribe

I have been away from this blog for some time, now. The biggest issue was having moved to a location where I did not have Internet access. Driving ten (or thirty) miles to a public library was not conducive to maintaining this blog, even if I had composed most of my posts off-line. However, I now have satellite access.

I debated whether or not to perform CPR on STL (Slogging Toward Liberty), as there simply isn't anything I can do to help return this country to anything approaching a condition of liberty. At least, not within the system as it exists. However, I did come up with two reasons for starting to post again: First, because it helps me work through some of the thoughts and emotions I experience watching our country swirl down the drain at the hands of an incompetent, mean-spirited, bigoted, race-baiting SOB and his sow of a faux wife, and Second, because I hope that I can open a few eyes to some of what is actually happening to America - and the world - right now. 

This isn't hubris, as I don't have much in the way of answers and I certainly am not bright enough to see the whole picture. Nonetheless, it does not take a rocket scientist to see a lot of what is going on right now is wrong, is damaging to us as a country, as a society, as a civilization and culture. Sure, the progressives would have you believe in "multi-culturalism", that every culture, every society, religion, racial agenda, and sexual deviance (I'm not talking about gays here) is not only acceptable, but is of equal value.

Perhaps that is why NOW and the feminists in our country refuse to speak out against female genital mutilation of infant daughters, wives and sisters by muslims. Why they refuse to speak out against the maiming, the acid-throwing, the cutting off of nose and ears, the stoning to death of girls and women who have displeased their fathers, husbands, brothers, or the local imam. Why they refuse to speak out against the fact that the Qu'ran allows the muslims - encourages them - to feel free to sexually penetrate any female child nine years old or older. Why it permits them to place their penises between the legs of even infants, as long as they don't sexually penetrate them (merely using their tiny bodies to masturbate themselves upon). Why it is acceptable even if they do penetrate the child, as long as they become responsible for that child for the rest of its life. Feeding, clothing, sheltering. Of course, the Qu'ran does not say the food must be healthy or of sufficient quantity. It doesn't say the clothing must be enough to keep the girl child warm. It does not say they can't be "sheltered" in a closet under the stairs. It doesn't say they must be protected from continuing to be raped and abused by any male member of the family, or even male friends of the "husband". Nor does the Qu'ran say the child cannot be beaten daily, routinely, by any member of the family, especially the women of the household, who resent having an additional mouth to feed, clean up after (when she bleeds or becomes sick from sexual abuse and beatings).

Oh, but the progressives will tell you "Islam is a peaceful religion. It is as valuable, no, it is more valuable than Christianity, than Judaism, than any of the other religions of the world." Try to deprive a muslim of a copy of the Qu'ran, or harm a copy of the Qu'ran, and the weight of the government, of the multi-cultural Left (but I repeat myself), will come down upon you. Our children who are raised to be Christian are not permitted to utter a prayer in public, at a sport or other gathering, yet the muslims are permitted to block whole streets in New York City and elsewhere when they decide to kneel in the street and pray to Allah, the "god" who favors the desecration of children and women, who, through his prophet Mohammed, has decreed that infidels must die. Peacefully, I suppose, if by that they mean they must die without resistance.

The ISIS (which the Great Pretender prefers to call the ISIL, as if the word "Levant" gives the group the right to rape and kill in that part of the world), is indeed muslim, is indeed of Islam. Orthodox Islam. The only true Islam. Those fools who speak of "moderate" Islam are ignorant. They do not know, or refuse to admit, that there is only "Islam". Those few who practice (or pretend to practice - we will get into "taqqiya" at a later date) so-called "moderate Islam" are actually disobeying the Qu'ran. They are disobeying the dictates of Allah claimed by his child-raping prophet, Mohammed. They are considered apostates, and the Qu'ran directs every true muslim to kill all apostates, for they are worse than infidels, having been muslims at one point in time, but choosing to deviate from the true path of Islam.

No our buddy B. Hussein O. is only pretending to attack ISIS, accomplishing two goals: looking like he is doing something to stop them, in the hopes of improving the PR of the Democratic Party for the up-coming elections, and at the same time wasting, throwing away, as much of our inventory of Tomahawk missiles and other ordinance as he can without actually harming any of his muslim friends in ISIS or elsewhere. Besides, he is a blood-thirsty little shit, and enjoys watching video of people getting blown up, as he does with many of the drone attacks he has ordered or approved. He enjoys what he feels is the "god-like" power of ordering a Hellfire missile from a drone dropped on the son of a noted (though never proven) American muslim terrorist who had already been killed in an earlier drone strike, as well as other deaths he has caused or approved.

Okay, this is a bit disjointed, even if not quite "stream of consciousness". I don't know how many folks will bother reading a long screed like this, so I'll stop now and continue later. These are issues that are important to me, so I will try to be good about keeping this blog going. I don't know if anyone will read it, as even those few who visited in the past stopped when I stopped writing. I'm hoping a few might return, and that a few new folks might wander by and have cause to consider what I have written. Take care. (Edited 9/26/14) 

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