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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lethal Weapon - your automobile

At the Silicon Graybeard's blog, I learned of a post by Michael Z. Williamson at his blog, The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse. It was called "We Need to Regulate Cars the Way We Regulate Guns". An excellent transposition of the regulations that apply - or which the Left and the Marxists in the White House and Congress want to soon apply - to firearms, written to apply to automobiles. I probably don't need to add this, but for the cheap seats: it's tongue-in-cheek.

Considering that there are many, many more deaths in cars, by auto accident, drunk drivers, suicide (yes, people do kill themselves in their cars, sometimes killing innocent people along with them), and even the odd homicide with an automobile, it seems logical that the government and all progressive citizens would want much tighter control of cars, perhaps even to ban many of them. They are already registered, so confiscating them in the case of a ban of certain types would be simple. Government "repo", as it were.

Lots of children have been killed, maimed, and injured in motor vehicle accidents, so - let's do it for the children, OK? Who needs a vehicle with more than four cylinders? Who needs a vehicle with a 20 gallon gas tank? Who needs an engine with a 400 cubic inch displacement? Or a turbo or supercharger?
Or an evil-looking spoiler, hood scoop, or air dam? Who needs a Chevy Volt which could burn you to death, or burn your garage and house down?

So, as they say, RTWT. It is well written and quite logical - if you use government and Marxist (but I repeat myself) "logic", that is.

Then, keep in mind that Michael Z. Williamson is also a science fiction author of a number of extremely well-written (and entertaining) books. Then tend toward the libertarian side of the debate, but he presents it in a painless and enjoyable fashion that you will find difficult to put down, if you enjoy science fiction. You can find them at your local library, or here:  http://www.baenebooks.com/s-112-michael-z-williamson.aspx

He really is a superb writer. Don't pass him up.

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