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~ Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hamas recruiting poster

While muslim  men  males who cannot get a woman are willing to use each other for sex, or are willing to die as a suicide bomber because they will then be able to frolic with 72 virgin houri (is that the origin of the word "whore"?), some young muslim men don't want to choose either of those options.

These more "discriminating" young men choose to take the path which Mohammed took: pederasty.

[Edit: this is incorrect. Pederasty applies to adult males and young boys alone, while pedophilia covers both genders, both ways - and yes, Virginia, there are only two.]

Also known as pedophilia, sexual interest in children. The above photograph is of a group of young muslims belonging to the terrorist organization known as Hamas. You know them - the organization in political and physical control of Gaza, where the so-called "Palestinians" live. At least until the U.N. is able to force the Israelis off of the little land that remains to them in the Middle East.

So, instead of having sex with each other (or perhaps, in addition to that), they are allowed to marry child brides. Oh, come on. You didn't think that was a photo of a bunch of muslim older brothers taking their little sisters to their First Communion, did you? Or did you imagine they were taking their dates to a Jon Benet Ramsey Look-Alike contest?

Daniel Greenfield, of Sultan Knish blogging fame, wrote an article called "Islam Was Born Out Of Child Abuse And Rape". In it, he relates, so accurately,

"Islam was not only born out of the rape of Aisha, but out of the rape and slavery of countless women captured by Mohammed's forces. The rape and abuse of those women was a recruitment tool for Islam. While muslims who fight to conquer and subjugate non-muslims are promised 72 virginal demon women in paradise, for many of the more practically minded, that was not enough incentive. They wanted their reward now. Mohammed's forces looted the property of those they conquered and subjugated. But they also kidnapped and sexually abused their wives and daughters."

Read the whole article. As I have tried to do in previous posts, it gives you a glimpse of the real Islam. Orthodox Islam, where child rape, infant rape, the killing of young girls, daughters, wives and rape victims is a point of "honor" for the scum who are orthodox muslim males. Males who truly believe that  "women are for making sons. Beardless boys (bacha bereesh) are for pleasure." Although they certainly aren't above using female children instead. Islam, where a muslim male is permitted to place his penis between the thighs of a child - even an infant - as long as he does not penetrate her (or him).

Yes, I know this is crude and disgusting. So is believing that Islam is anything other than a disgusting and perverted death cult.  The notion of "Coexisting" with Islam is sick and disgusting. And stupid, since Islam absolutely refuses to coexist with any other religion, culture, or political system. They will pretend to do so just until they are in a position to subjugate the rest of us, the way they subjugate their women, children, and each other, but their very Qur'an and Hadith explain that the Universal Caliphate is their ultimate goal, where you either submit (the literal translation of the word "Islam" is "submission"), become a slave ("dhimmitude"), or you die.

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