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~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 21, 2015

U.S. soldiers ordered to ignore Afghan allies’ abuse of boys

As I have stated numerous times in the past, the abuse, the sodomizing rapes of young boys, is a major facet of islam. mohammed intentionally included various forms of sexual deviation in his death cult "religion" in order to justify his own disgusting urges, but also to attract as many followers as possible. As has been the case for as long as islam has existed, "Women are for children, boys are for pleasure."

Our men in uniform are being forced to look the other way while our muslim "allies" in Afghanistan and elsewhere bring dogs onto U.S. bases to torture and otherwise abuse. They torture and kill the dogs for sport, and since islam tells them that dogs are "unclean", they feel justified in doing so. But, far worse, they are forced to look the other way and not intervene when they hear the screams of young boys being raped - on U.S. military bases - by the very "allies" they are working with to "win the hearts and minds" of the locals.

Even when the people of the villages where these boys are kidnapped from (and then held, chained to the muslim "allies'" beds on those U.S. bases they share with our troops), beg the U.S. military to save, to rescue, those children, the commanding officers force our men to ignore it, refuse to allow them to intervene. When one or more of them do intervene, they are court-marshaled, forced to resign (if they are officers), or otherwise harassed.

I'll say it again, for the cheap seats: there are no socially redeeming features of islam. It is a vicious, disgusting, morally depraved death cult that panders to the basest urges of the worst sub-human creatures to walk the face of this earth.

Read the whole article - and the comments - here:  http://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/09/u-s-soldiers-ordered-to-ignore-afghan-allies-abuse-of-boys

By the way, bacha bazi - "boy play" with bacha bereesh - "beardless boys" -  is supposedly not permitted under shariah, but that is a lie. It is acceptable because it was acceptable to mohammed, the "prophet" (p*ss be onto him), who was/is considered "perfect, without fault". Anything mohammed did is consequently deemed correct and acceptable behavior.

Friday, September 18, 2015

This Zebra Deserves To Have His Time-Line Shortened, Considerably.

I try not to pull my punches here understanding that, even though very few people read this blog, if the wrong person reads it and dimes me out, I could suffer a very unpleasant visit from the SS. The Secret Service, that is. I have mentioned the Zebra's obvious faggotry, the African genetics that caused the extremely, grossly large ass on the creature he pretends to be married to, and many other reasons to wish ill of the worst CIC this nation has ever suffered under, including Lincoln, FDR, and Carter.

Tonight, visiting the site called Bare Naked Islam, a blog on my favorites list, but one which I have neglected lately until reminded tonight by a friend, I read a post that leaves me so enraged I would like to say some truly unwise things about what I would be very happy to see befall the muslim-loving Zebra. No, I am not saying he is a muslim. That would be ridiculous. He is far too narcissistic to submit to allah (the make-believe moon-god), or to follow the dictates of the qur'an. But I'm sure he has very fond memories of "submitting" - probably to an imam or two, along with their male friends and relatives - when he was a muslim in Indonesia, the adopted son of Mr. Soetero, the muslim husband of that diseased ex-white female canine who was his mother. I feel quite certain little Barry Soetero was indoctrinated into the pleasures a bacha bereesh ("beardless boy") could experience at the hands of the male muslims who prefer boys over women for sex (probably 85-90% of all muslim males, since women both terrify and disgust them, except when they can't find a nine-year-old (or an infant) to rape. It seems obvious to me that they prefer little girls and boys because they are too young and inexperienced to compare muslim males to men who are actually capable of enjoyable sex. And if a child should question why that particular organ is so small and ill-formed (and ill-utilized), they can beat the child severely. For a worthless, POS muslim male, what's not to like?

This ass-hat, scum-sucking destroyer of America (transforming her into a third-world country where the government controls every aspect of our lives, and strips the fruit of our hard labor from us to give to muslims in Gaza and elsewhere, or to his friends, bankers, and bundlers like Jon Corzine, the folks at Solyndra, SEIU, and elsewhere, has written Executive Orders arranging for amnesty, incredible social benefits that even most Americans are unable to enjoy, and a free pass across the border for many thousands of Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and riff-raff from other countries south of our border and around the world. It is a known, and published, fact that many non-Hispanic illegals cross at both of our borders, including muslims from the Middle East and Africa. He also imports tens of thousands of Somalis at a time, and has stated he will bring as many as 200,000 Syrian "refugees" here to settle in our country.

Yet, here are twenty-seven - not even a significant fraction of the millions of illegal aliens who have already been allowed, encouraged, and assisted across our borders by our own government - Chaldean Christians who fled Iraq for their very lives, who will certainly be enslaved and/or killed if they return, who have been detained for entering our country without documents (undocumented aliens) and twelve have been ordered deported by an Immigration judge in California. The tradition of providing asylum for foreign nationals who are at risk of death if they were to be returned to their country is a very old and (previous to this bottom-dweller of a "Leader of the Free World") honored tradition. muslims are allowed into this country without any threat whatsoever to their lives simply because they are muslims. I've read that one or more of the Zebra's own family members from Kenya have stayed in this country years beyond the expiration of their visas.

I am having difficulties expressing the depth of my contempt for this cretin. He can order the Border Patrol to ignore and not detain illegal aliens coming across our southern border by the thousands, yet will allow Christian undocumented people - including some children - to be forced to return to a country where they will die, most likely at the hands of ISIS, which has killed thousands of Christians already, and enslaved many women and young girls as sex slaves. The Immigration judge who ordered this return should be singled out for some special attention as well as the rump-ranger in the Casa de Blanco.

Here is the article:

MUSLIM PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES decides to deport 12 Iraqi Chaldean Christians seeking asylum here after they fled the Islamic State (ISIS)

hqdefaultAt the same time, Barack Hussein Obama is trying to bring in up to 200,000 Syrian Muslim so-called ‘refugees,’ but apparently has decided there is no room in America for 12 Chaldean Christians who are being persecuted and slaughtered in Iraq by ISIS. What’s more, Chaldean leaders in the US were advised by the attorneys representing the Christian ‘detainees’ NOT TO COMMENT on their deportation. Or what?


WND  Nearly half of the 27 Iraqi Christians the Obama administration has been holding for the past six months at an ICE detention center in Otay Mesa, California, are set to be deported in coming weeks, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday.

An immigration judge ordered their removal in the last two weeks, ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said. She declined to provide specific information about why the immigrants are being deported and where they will be taken. If the Christians are sent back to Iraq they will face almost certain death.


The 27 Iraqi Christians — also known as Chaldeans — have been detained in Otay for about six months as their immigration cases proceeded, activists and family members told the San Diego Union-TribuneThe Chaldeans were detained by immigration authorities after they attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico border through the San Ysidro Port of Entry without documentation several months ago.

Iraq is home to one of the most ancient Christian communities, evangelized by the Apostle Thomas not long after the time of Jesus. It was home to 1.5 million Christians under Saddam Hussein but after the U.S. invaded in 2003, al-Qaida started bombing churches and kidnapping prominent Christian leaders. The attacks became more fierce after al-Qaeda in Iraq morphed into ISIS and the country has been virtually emptied of its Christian population since then.


Thousands of Chaldeans have fled Iraq, escaping fierce persecution at the hands of terrorists fighting for the Islamic State. Many of their men who refuse to convert to Islam have been beheaded or otherwise killed while their wives and daughters have been sold into sex slavery. Tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes and live in hiding, afraid to even show up at United Nations’ refugee camps, where they often find themselves the victims of further abuse by Muslims.

The pending deportation of these 12 detainees comes as two Iraqi women were arrested on suspicion of fraudulently seeking asylum in the U.S., a federal crime that comes with a penalty of up to five years in custody and a $250,000 fine, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. 

Iraqi Chaldean Christians rally in support of 27 Chaldeans being held at an ICE detention center in California.
Iraqi Chaldean Christians rally in support of 27 Chaldeans being held at an ICE detention center in California.

At the same time the Obama administration deporting Christians, it has over the years allowed in countless Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East who crossed the Southern border the same way the Chaldeans did.

The U.S. has large Chaldean Catholic communities in Detroit and San Diego. Chaldean families have held regular demonstrations in support of the 27 detainees, the majority of whom have family who are U.S. citizens, but on Monday they were told by government officials they’d better not comment on the issue.


Obama’s Justice Department has also gone after the nation’s most successful Chaldean Christian immigration attorney, Robert Dekelaita, 52, of Glenview, Illinois.

DeKelaita has helped thousands of Christians escape the jihadist-inspired violence of Iraq, Egypt and Syria going back to 2001. For his efforts, he was indicted last year on charges of immigration fraud. DeKelaita maintains his innocence and is still awaiting trial.

In an interview with WND last month, DeKelaita said Chaldean-Americans are some of the hardest working of all immigrants. Many in Detroit are successful businessmen who employ hundreds in the convenience store and hospitality industries. (Obama only wants muslims from the Middle East who spend their lives on welfare)