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~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gay Paris ain't so gay anymore

It's been weeks since my last post, and I think that while I've felt a bit remiss for my silence, a large part of me is simply feeling that writing about the scourge of islam is a waste of time. Not because it isn't important to educate people to the slime that is islam, but because so few people read my blog that I feel I'm urinating into the wind.

I am still reading posts and articles wherein folks are saying "ISIS is only a small fraction of muslims", "most muslims aren't 'radical'", "most muslims are 'moderate'", and similar crap that shows how ignorant people are about islam and the danger it presents. Even otherwise intelligent people allow their inner Polyanna to make them think islam and muslims would be fine if we could deal with those very few "radical" muslims who kill.

I've written so many times in the comment sections of other peoples' blogs about ISIS being the personification, the perfect expression of islam that I am surprised they haven't banned me from their web pages.

Now a group of muslims connected (even if only in their own minds) with ISIS - although ISIS is taking credit if I read the news correctly - have killed over a hundred people in Paris, with multiple hundreds wounded., and more psychologically traumatized (PTSD).

Now, if you factor in the insane behavior of all the "Refugees Welcome" idiots, it is possible to reduce the fervor of your sorrow at the large number of deaths and injuries. I'd dearly love to see a survey taken of those who were injured but not killed, to see how many were (still are?) in favor of letting "refugees" (largely young, single male muslims these days) into Europe.

Although the body count is close to that at Mumbai, less than in Madrid, and only a fraction of 9/11, it should be a wake-up call for France. Diversity isn't worth bringing in murderous muslims whose "religion" (the death-cult - spawned by a child molesting, murderous Arab) will not accept diversity itself, but calls upon all its members, commands all of its members to kill non-muslims and muslim apostates.

Remember: the craven creatures who brought you 9/11, Madrid, London, Mumbai, and now Paris are all sworn to kill or enslave every non-muslim in order to create the Universal Caliphate, with Sharia being the law in every country, every land. The qur'an demands it. Every true muslim must obey, unless they need to remain quiet and inactive while their numbers are too small. Taqiyya, the permission to lie and deceive non-muslims when it is not safe to be truthful with them, means the nice muslim couple or family across the hall from your apartment may very well be happy to slaughter you when it is possible to do so without consequences,.

In the meantime a large number of Israelis are being attacked by muslims with guns, knives, and even automobiles in their own country. An 11 year old and a 14 year old pair of muslim boys stabbed a security guard on a train (trolly?) in Israel. One was shot dead and the other was taken into custody (the one who didn't refuse to drop his knife, I would guess).

Hopefully, we will see civil war in the countries in Europe where the citizens finally stand up and refuse to be run out of their own country by traitorous politicians ("If you don't want refugees in your town, leave Germany!") and lawless, raping, murdering muslim invaders, posing as refugees. One small town with 100 residents was supposed to take in 1000 "refugees". Merkel needs to be strung from a lamppost.

France's Hollande has been complicit in the influx of muslim "refugees"into France, and it appears that he will rant a bit about ISIS and the killings, but do nothing to stop the invasion of France by these creatures. I'd like to see a similar attack in Berlin in order to force Merkel to back off from her planned destruction of Germany as a national state, instead of her desired "One World Order". If she were a victim herself, all the better. She deserves such an outcome due to her treason against the German people.

Enough. I doubt that any real improvement will come from this. Muslims will still flood Europe and continue killing European citizens, raping their wives and daughters, and destroying every building and structure they are allowed to inhabit.

Wake up, people. If Obama has his way, it will be "Coming soon to a city near you!" Unless you live in Michigan, where that is already the case, especially in Dearbornestan.