Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Color me surprised. I wrote elsewhere that I would eat a murder of crows ("murder" is the word used with this species to denote a large group - the same as "flock", but specific for crows) if Trump won.

This is one of the benefits of being a pessimist - if you are wrong, you are pleasantly surprised. No matter what happens over the next four years, it will be far, far better than four years of the Clinton Corruption. Even if there are no changes (although I anticipate quite a few), it will be better than the changes Hillary would have instituted.

We may end up with a Supreme Court which actually adheres to the U.S. Constitution.

We may end up with our borders protected against the perils of both illegal immigration and the influx of muslim jihadis into America.

We may - probably will - end up reconnecting with our former allies, strengthening those ties once again, instead of shunning them and siding with those inimical to the best interests of America. Hopefully, that will include supporting Israel against the so-called "Palestinians" (aka Hamas) and at the U.N. against damn near everyone.

We _will_ avoid a war with Russia, which is especially good, since it would also include doing the right thing in Syria, which means allowing their government to plot its own course, instead of trying to force regime change.

I fervently hope (I'd be praying if I was a religious person) that we move to shut down Iran's nuclear program. A country which continues to call for the destruction of both Israel and America has no business producing nuclear weapons. It wouldn't require regime change to affect this much-to-be-desired outcome, but it would be nice to see that happen any way - just not through our efforts. Defending ourselves and Israel - the only "democratic" government in the Middle East - is a legitimate policy to pursue, and taking down their nuclear weapons program should be a priority for Trump. He should get together with Israel and do what it takes. Whatever it takes.

Since ISIS has deposed the legitimate government of Iraq, is trying to do the same in Syria, and is conducting a wholesale slaughter of Christians and Kurds, it would be a proper thing to actually go to war with ISIS. The barbarity of their actions against all non-muslim peoples in the Middle East is cause enough, reason enough. The favor should be returned, with wholesale slaughter of these savages themselves. There is no way to redeem or rehabilitate these muslims - true, orthodox muslims, doing exactly as the qur'an commands them to do. Eradicate them, and perhaps other muslims will "see the light" and behave, even though their cult will not permit them to do much more than hide their infected minds and bodies in an attempt to escape retribution.

The next few years will be very interesting. If Trump survives possible assassination attempts (the Left is far more violent than the right - look at the Nazis [socialists] and the Communists of the old Russia/Soviet Union and China - so any attempt upon his life will originate there), what he does to restore our economy, our freedoms, our rights, and America's exceptionalism (exactly what brought so many valuable legal immigrants to our shores) will be interesting to see.

My thanks to the many millions of Americans whose votes over-rode the millions of dead people and multiple-voting socialists who attempted to elect Hillary. I'm starting to feel some new-found pride in America.

Monday, November 7, 2016

#Never Trump? Then take credit for #Nevermore America, #Nevermore Rule of Law, #Nevermore Freedom

One last shot at getting the #Never Trump crowd to wake up before it is too late. Yes, I have refused to vote for the lesser of two evils before, when it was Bill Clinton and Bush, Sr. I truly didn't see any significant difference between them, economically or politically.

This is different. Trump may be a slob, an arrogant ass, a foul-mouthed ( though NEVER as foul as Hillary to the very men and women who protected her life when she was First Bitc, er "Lady", and now as the Democrat candidate) boor, the last choice of a bunch of GOP losers, one and all (Cruz lost me when he started lying to try to get ahead ("Carson is dropping out, and  telling his people to vote for me").

THIS ISN'T ABOUT TRUMP.  This is about not helping subject America to the utter destruction and degradation of the United States of America. This is about preventing the Left from taking total control of the Supreme Court. This is about trying your damnedest to preserve the rule of law (hoping against hope that a Trump presidency will indeed see her imprisoned for all of her crimes.

This is about seeing to it that a serial child rapist, adult woman rapist, and generally sick, psychopathic bastard doesn't return to take up residence at the White House again. It's bad enough we have had eight years of a racist, race-baiting, homosexual, Alinsky-ite Communist doing his best to tear our country apart, without the further degradation of our government by showing the world we are stupid and morally decrepit enough to allow a child rapist into the White House (and don't you dare suggest that girls of 12 and 13 have sex with old men willingly, especially Epstein's underage sex slaves).

Come on, people. Save your bloody "principles" for a time when it doesn't matter as much as it does this election cycle. We may not have a chance in the face of the Left's control of the whole election apparatus, in the face of Hillary's ability to blackmail and otherwise coerce the FBI and any other group not already in the hands of the "elite", the commies and perverts and power-mongers.

Did you truly believe that Comey was having a "come-to-Jesus" moment, was trying to redeem his damaged integrity from the first pass he gave Hillary? Not on your life. He had to negate the incredible trove of email evidence obtained by the New York Police Department, evidence the U.S. Department of "Justice" threatened the NYPD into holding back, making sure it looked as if Hillary was "cleared" a final time, just before election day.

And I don't give an airborne rodent's rectum if he did it to "save our government from collapsing" because there were so many high officials, Congressmen and women, federal judges, CEOs and the premiers and presidents of a bunch of foreign countries who would have been exposed for having engaged in child rape and abuse on Epstein's plane and/or island. Along with Hillary, who went there six times that are known of, to indulge her own perverted desires.

It is almost midnight now, the night before election day. Please, if anyone who reads this is thinking of not voting for Trump, just swallow your bile, grit your teeth, and DO IT. This could be our last chance at an election that isn't pre-determined by those in power. Remember - even if Hillary is appointed rather than actually, legally elected, it might serve to temper the Left's enthusiasm if they see how many of us actually voted for Trump. Maybe it will make them understand how many might just "rise and rise again, 'til lambs become lions".