Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, August 26, 2011

There is a difference. And then, a similarity.

The Arctic Patriot posted on his web site that the Germans in WWII were valiant fighters defending their homeland from Stalin and the Marxists of Russia. The tenor of his post - if I understood it correctly - is that Marxism is far worse an evil in the world than the Third Reich was or could ever have been. I believe it was partly based on the fact that Stalin and Mao killed many, many more people than Hitler and his willing accomplices managed to kill, and partly on the very real fact that Marxism is responsible for so much of what is wrong in the world today, including the fools in our own government - indeed, in the White House - who wish to turn America into a socialist state.

Without getting into the fact that National Socialism - the Nazis - and Marxism are/were both collectivist ideologies spurning the rights of the individual, who was expected to submit to the will of the State, the "needs of the many", let us talk about the inherent evil in both of these ideologies. While it is certainly true that Marxism has been directly responsible for the deaths of many, many more of its own citizens than Nazism (supposedly around 40 million in Russia and between 70 and 100 million dead in the People's Republic of China, mostly during Mao's reign there), I think it is necessary to look a bit more deeply.

As I wrote in my comment to the Arctic Patriot, the Germans of the Third Reich must be judged by more than simply numbers. They must also be judged by the fact that they turned their considerable intellect as well as their engineering and organizational skills to the creation of an industry of death. They utilized their best minds and their abundant resources to make the extermination - not the mere killing in large numbers, but an actual attempt at extermination - of Jews as efficient as possible, while gathering unto themselves the wealth and the production and the physical labor of those same Jews while they were trying to eradicate them as a race, a culture, and a religion.

Add to that their torturing of so many of them, along with Poles, and Gypsies, and so many others. The "medical" experiments performed upon pregnant Jewish women, Jewish children, and of course the Jewish men and boys. Of the incredible cruelties perpetrated upon those people. Of having fathers shave the heads of their wives and their children, knowing that the next step for them was into the "showers" where they were gassed to death, instead of cleansed. Of Jews who were forced to strip the corpses of their families and friends of their gold teeth or other parts desired by particular orders from the engineers of the Holocaust.

There was a video made years ago called Shoah. It displayed not a single corpse, no pits of stacked dead awaiting the lime the bodies were covered with to make them break down more quickly. It never showed an oven or shower full of bodies, not a single act of violence was depicted. It consisted entirely of interviews with some of the survivors of the camps. It also included interviews with a couple of the camp guards who did not realize they were talking to Jews, but thought they were talking to other "good" Germans who had participated in this atrocity, thought they were talking to someone sympathetic to their work as enablers of the death camps. So they told of their true feelings, of the accomplishment and honor they felt in being part of the efficient German machine designed and built to rid the world of the Jewish filth, the Jewish vermin.

If you can watch this video, listen to these men and women speak of the horrors they experienced, the loved ones they watched die, and remain convinced that these people of Germany who were responsible for orchestrating such cruelty and murder and destruction were not the most evil creatures in a long history of human cruelty, I will be surprised.

I agree with Arctic Patriot and others who understand that Marxism is certainly much more of a threat now than National Socialism is now, and perhaps even a greater threat than the Third Reich would have been if it had been successful (but maybe not, if it had spread its evil control over the rest of the world). Marxism is certainly undermining what is left of America's legacy of a Constitutional Republic (not "democracy"). But it is not possible to compare the evil, the complete and utter soulless degradation of human spirit that was national Socialism under Hitler and his crew, to anything else that mankind has created as an ideology.

Except, perhaps,for the creation of Islam in 622 AD, that is. There is a reason the Grand Mufti and Adolph Hitler were such good friends. They both had many of the same goals. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/muftihit.html
The only difference being - and it is a significant one - that the ignorant savages who follow the true teachings of Islam will never possess the skill, the efficiency, of the German people when it comes to killing Jews. At least until Iran finishes building its nuclear weapons, and the Taliban takes control of the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Then they might actually realize the dream they share with Hitler: the total destruction of the Jewish people as a viable race, culture and religion.

"Want human rights? Leave the U.N."

Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish nails it once again. This article is not a biased diatribe of secret conspiracies, but a simple, factual relating of the worthlessness of the U.N. as an agency for the protection and promotion of human rights.

"Human rights don't come from international bodies. They emerge from freeing ordinary people to live the way they want to live. To choose their own systems and their own leaders. The UN does not represent those people, but the systems that rule over them. It is a vehicle for those people to make war on countries where individuals actually do have rights. The UN has done nothing to bring rights to the Muslim world, but it has taken away rights from Americans and other people in the free world.

The best thing we could do for human rights is to toss away the UN and its armies of bureaucrats and useless blue helmeted peacekeepers. Leave them by the side of the road, along with the World Bank and the WTO and all the rest of it, and actually build an alliance of civilizations based on countries that practice democracy and human rights. If you want a loan, don't cry to us about your poverty or your starving children. Hold free and open elections. Toss away your blasphemy laws and free your political prisoners. That is a lot more likely to bring about human rights, than funding building after building of scuttling bureaucrats moving around pieces of paper and dining out in posh restaurants. "

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"We don't need no stinkin' warrants"

Coming soon to a police department near you? Law enforcement in Houston, Miami, and other cities across America have been playing with drone technology for some time now. Apparently, it is no longer sufficient for them to be used for warrantless surveillance, now they are also capable of being armed with Tasers and/or lethal weaponry, such as shotguns and grenade launchers. Feel safe now?

The Shadowhawk comes in five different varieties and can be outfitted with a turbine or piston engine, CCD TV optics, infrared and thermal cameras, laser pointers, illuminators and range finders. Law enforcement has the option of adding 37 mm or 40mm grenade launchers, or if they feel adventurous, a 12 gauge shotgun. And who knows what other features come with the specialty military version of the chopper.

The Shadowhawk would be able to patrol the land or the sea for up to 2.5 hours at a time at speeds of up to 70 mph. You might think a gust of wind would knock the mini-copter out of the air, but it’s capable of withstanding gusts of up to 50mph. Through out it all, the camera keeps rolling.

Big Sis Gives Green Light For Drone That Tazes Suspects From Above

Mini chopper can also carry shotguns and grenade launchers

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The ShadowHawk is a 50lb mini drone chopper that can be fitted with an XREP taser with the ability to fire four barbed electrodes that can be shot to a distance of 100 feet, delivering “neuromuscular incapacitation” to the victim. The drone can travel at a top speed of 70MPH and can operate for 3.5 hours over land and sea.A video clip of the drone shows off its impressive maneuverability as it tails a suspect attempting to evade capture with sophisticated object tracking technology. Another video shows the drone conducting surveillance of two individuals involved in a firearm transaction.

The drone also has the capacity to carry 37mm or 40mm grenade launchers and or a multiple shot 12 gauge shotgun.

ShadowHawk will not only be used to target Americans, owners Vanguard Defense have just signed a contract to use the drone against pirates in east Africa

Technology that has been used to track and kill insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq for years has now been approved by Homeland Security for use in the United States.

“There’s a good chance ShadowHawk’s spine tingling buzz could be heard approaching a city near you,” reportsSingularity Hub.

“As a sign of new law enforcement tactics to come, the Sheriff’s Office of Montgomery County, Texas was recently awarded a grant by the Department of Homeland Security for a squadron of ShadowHawks. Montgomery County’s Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel is psyched. “We are very excited about the funding and looking forward to placing the equipment into the field. Both my narcotics and SWAT units have been looking at numerous ways to deploy it and I absolutely believe it will become a critical component on all SWAT callouts and narcotics raids and emergency management operations.”


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.


    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    In favor of religion.

    Folks that have known me for any length of time will probably be aware that I am an atheist. I was raised a Roman Catholic, and I won't go into my reasons at this time, but I have no personal interest in religion. It is important to me that you understand this does not mean I am against religion. I have a great deal of respect for those who honestly try to live their religious beliefs. [Except for the death cult known as Islam.]

    I support Judeo-Christian moral values, the values this country was founded upon. I try to live by them as best I am able, with many failures, of course, but not from lack of trying. I have little respect, however, for those who claim to be Christian, or who pretend to follow those Judeo-Christian moral precepts, but are actually only interested in being known as "Christian", not living as one.

    I subscribe to a news-gathering web site known as The Jewish World Review. One of the writers or commentators whose words are reposted on that site is Dennis Prager. I cannot tell you much about him save that he always seems to write sensible, logical, and morally correct essays. His post about the Ten Commandments is not a long one, so I will reproduce it in its entirety here. He provides some insight that you might not have read before, but which I hope you will see as quite important, as it applies to the world today:

    Jewish World Review August 16, 2011 / 16 Menachem-Av, 5771

    Still the Only Solution to the World's Problems

    By Dennis Prager

    http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | There is only one solution to the world's problems, only one prescription for producing a near-heaven on earth.

    It is 3,000 years old.

    And it is known as the Ten Commandments.

    Properly understood and applied, the Ten Commandments are really all humanity needs to make a beautiful world. While modern men and women, in their hubris, believe that they can and must come up with new ideas in order to make a good world, the truth is there is almost nothing new to say.

    If people and countries lived by the Ten Commandments, all the great moral problems would disappear.

    Or, to put it another way, all the great evils involve the violation of one or more of the Ten Commandments.

    Here is the case in brief for the Ten Commandments (using the Jewish enumeration, which differs slightly from the Protestant and Catholic):

    1. I am the Lord your G0d.

    There are moral atheists and there are immoral believers, but there is no chance for a good world based on atheism. Ultimately, a godless and religion-free society depends on people's hearts to determine right from wrong, and that is a very weak foundation.

    Plenty of people have died in history in the name of G0d. But many more have been killed, tortured, and deprived of liberty in the name of humanity and progress or some other post-Judeo-Christian value. Religion gave us an Inquisition and gives us suicide terrorists, but the death of G0d gave us Nazism and Communism, which, in one century alone, slaughtered more than a hundred million people. All the founders of the United States -- yes, all -- knew that a free society can survive only if its citizens believe themselves to be morally accountable to G0d.

    2. Do not have other gods.

    The worship of false gods leads to evil. When anything but the G0d of creation and morality is worshiped, moral chaos ensues.

    [Reg T: Allow me to add here - that includes worshipping "The One". How anyone can miss seeing that BHO is morally bankrupt and devoid of love for anyone besides himself is a mystery to me.]


    Every weekday JewishWorldReview.com publishes "must-reading". Sign up for the daily update. It's free. Just click here.

    No one is godless. Either people worship God, or they worship other gods — nature, intelligence, art, education, beauty, the environment, Mother Earth, power, fame, pleasure, the state, the fuhrer, the party, progress, humanity. The list is almost endless. And no matter how noble — and false gods are often noble — when they become ends in themselves, they lead to evil.

    3. Do not take G0d's name in vain.

    People have misinterpreted this commandment. They think it prohibits saying something like, "Oh, my G0d, what a home run!" But the Hebrew literally means "do not carry" the name of the Lord in vain.

    In other words, we are forbidden from doing evil in G0d's name. Only when thus understood does the rest of the Commandment make sense — that G0d will not "cleanse," or forgive — the person who does this.

    Thus, the Islamist who slits an innocent's throat while shouting "Allahu Akbar" is the perfect example of the individual who carries G0d's name in vain and who cannot be forgiven. These people not only murder their victims, they murder G0d's name. For that reason, they do more evil than the atheist who murders.

    4. Keep the Sabbath day and make it holy.

    Leaving the world one day a week and elevating it above the others is the greatest vehicle to family harmony and to harmony with friends.

    One day a week without video games, without parents leaving to go to work or to do their own thing on the computer forces parents and children to spend time together and to actually talk. It even encourages couples to make love. It also weakens the institution of slavery. If even your servants get a day off because G0d commands it, that means you do not have absolute control over them. [Editor's note: According to Jewish ritual practice, there are specific ways to both observe and celebrate the Sabbath and, by extension, the holy festivals.]

    5. Honor your father and mother.

    The first thing every totalitarian and authoritarian movement does is to try to undermine parental authority. That's why it is dangerous, even in a democracy.

    Take our universities, for example. Woodrow Wilson, the first progressive president, said, "The use of the university is to make young men as unlike their fathers as possible."

    And that is exactly what colleges have been doing for over a half a century. Instead of searching for truth and beauty, the universities have been alienating American youth from their fathers' — and the Founding Fathers' — values.

    6. Do not murder.

    If people lived by this commandment alone, the world would enter a heavenly state. At the same time, the commandment has been widely misunderstood. The Hebrew originally prohibits murder, not killing. By mistranslating the Hebrew as "Do not kill," too many modern Westerners have been taught that pacifism is moral and noble. It is neither. It is an accessory to murder, since it prevents pacifists from doing the only thing that stops mass murder — killing the murderers.

    The Nazi death camps were liberated by soldiers whose job was to kill murderers, not by pacifists or "peace activists."

    7. Do not commit adultery.

    Observance or even near-observance of this commandment alone would end the formation of the underclass. No amount of state aid can do what marriage and commitment to a spouse do to end poverty and almost all social pathologies.

    8. Do not steal.

    This commandment prohibits the stealing of people, the stealing of property, and the stealing of anything that belongs to another. The first prohibition alone, if obeyed, would have rendered the slave trade impossible.

    Protecting the sanctity of private property makes moral civilization possible. That is why the recent riots in London should frighten every citizen of the U.K. and the West generally. Just as the burning of books leads to the burning of people, so, too, the smashing of windows and the looting of property leads eventually to the smashing of heads.

    The rampant violation of this commandment by the governments of Africa is the primary reason for African poverty. Corruption, not Western imperialism, is the root of Africa's backwardness.

    9. Do not bear false witness.

    Lying is the root of nearly all major evils. All totalitarian states are based on lies. Had the Nazis not lied about Jews, there would not have been a Holocaust. Only people who believed that all Jews, including babies, were vermin, could, for example, lock hundreds of Jews into a synagogue and burn them alive. That similar lies are told about Jews today by Arab governments and by the Iranian state should awaken people to the Nazi-like threat that anti-Semitism still poses.

    10. Do not covet your neighbor's spouse, property, etc.

    The cultivation of class warfare — i.e., the cultivation of coveting what richer citizens legitimately own — inevitably leads to violating the other commandments, most particularly the ones that prohibit stealing and murdering.

    There is only one way to achieve a great society, and it is not by creating a massive state that doles out other citizens' money. It is by cultivating citizens who try to live by these Ten Commandments. They are as relevant today as they were 3,000 years ago.

    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    An Imperial Presidency?

    Much has been made of the President's vacationing again on Martha's Vineyard, at an expensive and exclusive residence. It was reported on one site that the usual fee for said location was $50,000 a week. Staying ten days - if the owner is crass enough to charge The Voice Of The Teleprompter (Biden would, if he owned it) - would therefore cost around $70K if prorated, but that is just the beginning. Add in transportation costs, the cost of all the Secret Service agents to secure the place before and during his stay, the cost of all the ass-kissing friends and sycophants that MicHELLe is sure to bring along, and you are beginning to talk about enough money to support a goodly number of citizens whose unemployment benefits ran out months ago.

    Several web sites and blogs have mentioned how damaging this is likely to be to BO's re-election campaign, and what a weapon it provides the Republicans when they speak to the many reasons for not re-electing him. Francis Porretto at http://www.eternityroad.info/index.php gives some excellent reasons to believe it will keep him from winning re-election.

    I fear that might not be the case, though. Paranoiac that I am, I worry that TVOTTP has good reason to be unafraid. That there just might be a reason for his arrogance and evident lack of concern.

    Between his placement of newly appointed Marxists in the Civil Rights and voting bureaucracies, his control of the Department of Justice (he has a grip on Holder where his balls would be if he had any), his connections with the latest iteration of whatever "ACORN" is called now, and the fact that no election irregularities or even outright fraudulent activities have been acted upon from his 2008 nomination and election, doesn't fear any such issues in 2012.

    Any bets on whether or not we will see an Executive Order shortly before the 2012 elections allowing all of the illegal aliens in this country to vote? And that Holder will uphold its validity, supported by (a new "Super") Congress?

    I really don't think Obama's handlers would permit him to cut his own throat this way unless there were other forces in play to counterbalance the obvious effects of this behavior. He, himself, is obviously dumb enough to make that kind of mistake (which we have verified every time he strays from his teleprompter), but I don't believe Soros and Valerie Jarrett and some of the other puppet masters would allow him to behave this way unless they have something up their sleeves (or arses). I hope I am wrong, but I fear I am not.

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    I am sickened by this.

    I have been reading Gates of Vienna, and have it listed as a blog I follow, but I am not certain I can continue to do so. Although I value much of what I have read concerning the fight in Europe against the dangers of, and damage caused by, multiculturalism and islam in particular, I have just read a post by the distaff side of the couple who runs the blog that has me wondering at her sanity. (Having worked Psych for over eight years as an RN, I have a slight familiarity with the DSM IV.)

    Dymphna, the female half of the couple just posted an article called, "Sluts, Stupidity, and Cassandras". In it she opines that women who dress like "sluts" are complicit in their own rapes. That's right, she thinks that "If the act of strutting your stuff results in an equal reaction, a girl must take at least half the responsibility for whatever transpires as a result. " Can you believe such an attitude from the keyboard of a woman? Based on the photo she uses as an icon for her profile on this blog, I would guess she has some sort of religious affiliation, possibly Catholic, yet her statement is one of the least Christ-like things I have heard in a long time. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, although I am no longer a religious person, but it sickens me to think there are women who could actually spew this kind of unforgiving, unChristian nonsense.

    If men canot control their own behavior enough to not rape a woman they find sexy or slutty or simply female, that is all on them. Short of a woman getting naked with a man and allowing him to penetrate just before saying "No", I can't think of an excuse for rape. Frankly, at that point, I don't think it could even be considered rape. Our sex crimes instructor at the San Diego Police Academy back in the late seventies was fond of repeating, "Penetration, no matter how slight, completes the crime," but if a woman permits the penetration, all bets are off. I can't imagine that happens very often, though. It's not bloody likely a woman would let it get that far.

    I dated for quite some time in the sixties and seventies, during the "sexual revolution", and certainly am not a prude. There have been a number of occasions when my dates had permitted significant intimacy, even getting naked on several occasions for some serious foreplay, but then said "No". None of them suffered rape, at my hands (I can't speak for anyone else they dated). That doesn't make me a saint, simply a responsible adult male who doesn't indulge in rape. Nor would I ever force my wife. (Ask my first wife: she permitted sex about three times a year during our eight years of marriage. Thank goodness my second wife has a great libido. Is this too much information? :-)

    To hear this woman voice her belief that merely dressing in a provocative manner excuses rape makes me want to cease reading anything else she has to say. Perhaps she is simply a fat, friendless, foolish female who resents attractive women and enjoys knowing some of them suffer being raped, but no matter what her condition I have lost any respect I might have previously held for her thoughts and opinions. Your mileage may vary.

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    Western Complicity in the Rape of Boys in the Islamic World

    Not just in the Middle East, either. This is so prevalent, the soldiers of several Western nations have been counseled by their superiors to "look the other way. It's a cultural thing." This certainly is gross to anyone who cares about children, but anyone who feels the muslims have a right to practice their "religion" as they see fit should be aware what they are supporting.

    I started to post the whole article, but it is far too long. Be sure to read the third comment, by someone who has been there and seen it.

    Jury Rights Day - September 5th

    I've written before about the legal procedure called "jury nullification". I believe I have spoken to the fact that it remains one of the very few ways that remain which allow American citizens to have any effect upon the justice system whatsoever. It is so potent a weapon when used properly that every judge in every courtroom across the country tries to negate it by lying to the jury and telling them they may only judge the facts in any trial. The truth is that it is the jury's right and duty to judge both the facts and the law.

    If the law is unjust, if it is unfair, if the punishment does not fit the crime, or if a juror's conscience simply will not permit them to convict, it is that juror's right and duty to vote for acquittal. Even though I am in favor of the death penalty in some cases, if a juror cannot support the death penalty, if they believe it is unjust or morally unacceptable, it is their right to vote against it. (These days, in far too many cases, they would probably be saving the life of an innocent person, railroaded onto death row by an overzealous prosecutor.)

    Remember, in jurisprudence there are two concepts which speak to what is right and what is wrong: "malum per se" and "malum prohibitum". "Malum per se" means "bad in itself": murder, rape, child abuse or molestation. Things that every civilized (which is why it doesn't fit in with the teachings of Mohammed) person knows to be wrong. "Malum prohibitum" means "bad because it is prohibited", forbidden by those who rule. Running a stop sign, "cheating" on your taxes, catching a fish without a license.

    Now, running a stop sign can be dangerous, could cause an accident injuring or killing someone innocent. However, if you are given a ticket for running a stop sign when it is three A.M. and you can see a mile up the road that there are no vehicles or pedestrians or horse-drawn buggies that you will put at risk by rolling through the stop, you are being punished by "malum prohibitum", punished for doing nothing that could possibly cause any harm, something someone decided they just don't think you should be allowed to do. Like smoking a cigarette in a building in many cities, buying an alcoholic beverage in some counties of some states, riding a motorcycle without a helmet in many states, or getting circumcised in San Francisco (they were almost successful in passing that law).

    By extension, if a man is charged with a civil rights violation, or with the "crime" of "hate speech" because he openly speaks of the fact that some muslims mistreat, beat, abuse, and rape their wives, that some muslims kill their daughters when they feel the daughter has compromised their family "honor", does he deserve to suffer imprisonment because of this "malum prohibitum"? Has he caused an individual harm by speaking the truth? Would it not be appropriate for a juror to decide that, while he may have indeed committed the "crime" he was charged with, that he did not deserve to be punished for telling the truth? Ask Geert Wilders of the Netherlands how he feels about that.

    If a man loaned a rifle to another man and, while shooting it at a shooting range, the rifle malfunctioned and fired twice when the trigger was only pulled once, does the owner of that rifle deserve to be arrested, convicted, and sent to prison because a broken part in the rifle caused it to malfunction? Does he deserve to be stripped of thousands of dollars defending himself, impoverish his family, lose his job and his good name, and be sent to prison? Even though it was proven his rifle malfunctioned and there was no intent by anyone to make it fire more than once per trigger pull? Ask David Olofson, who is now a felon because he owned a broken rifle.

    When the government and our elitist legislators and the regulators of the various alphabet agencies (IRS, EPA, FDA, ATF, FBI, DOE, etc.) have citizens arrested for laws and regulatory violations that the people of this country had no say in creating, laws which criminalize behavior or activities that neither you nor I would deem wrong, it is the right and the duty of the citizens of the jury to vote for acquittal, even if the facts indicate the "crime" was indeed committed. Please visit FIJA.org and read about the history of jury nullification, of the purpose of this organization, and of the upcoming "Jury Rights Day".

    14 years old. 44 pounds. Will she survive?

    Apologists for islam will claim this is an aberration, a "one-off" that is rare, that it only happens a few times involving "radical" believers of islam, not the "moderates" they have come to know and love (as Obama loves them). In reality, this is an oft-repeated, common response save that this muslim's particular version of islam allows him to torture his daughter rather than kill her, as the orthodox version of islam commands (see the first line of the article). Consider the fact that she would have died, if not for her neighbors and her pastor.


    Uganda: Father tortures daughter for converting from Islam to Christianity

    Muhammad said, "If anyone changes his religion, kill him." All Susan Ithungu's father did was torture her. He must be a moderate.

    Seriously, however, evidently Beya Baluku, Susan's father, belongs to the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence (madhhab), which differs from its three Sunni counterparts in teaching that a female apostate should not be executed, but rather confined to a room and beaten until she returns to Islam (cf. Al-Siyar Al-Kabir, vol. 4, p. 162).

    "Girl in Uganda Loses Use of Legs after Leaving Islam for Christ," from Compass Direct News, August 11:

    NAIROBI, Kenya, August 11 (CDN) — A 14-year-old girl in western Uganda is still unable to walk 10 months after her father tortured her for leaving Islam and putting her faith in Christ, according to area Christians.

    Susan Ithungu of Isango village, Kasese district, has been hospitalized at Kagando Hospital since October 2010 after neighbors with police help rescued her from her father, Beya Baluku. He was arrested shortly afterward but quickly released, sources said.

    Susan and her younger brother, Mbusa Baluku, lived alone with their father after he divorced their mother. In March 2010 an evangelist from Bwera Full Gospel Church spoke at Susan’s school, and she decided to trust Christ for her salvation.

    “I heard the message of Christ’s great love of him dying for us to get everlasting peace, and there and then I decided to believe in Christ,” she said from her hospital bed. “After a month, news reached my father that I had converted to Christianity, and that was the beginning of my troubles with him. Our father warned us not to attend church or listen to the gospel message. He even threatened us with a sharp knife that he was ready to kill us in broad daylight in case we converted to Christianity.”

    Pastor Joseph Baluku of Bwera Full Gospel Church in Kasese said neighbors took her to the government hospital about 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Kasese town after she was freed.

    “He locked her up in a room of the semi-permanent house for six months without seeing sunlight,” the pastor said. “The younger brother was warned not to tell anyone that Susan was locked up in a room and was not given any food.”

    Young Mbusa said that when their father was away, he roasted bananas for his sister.

    “I also dug a hole under the door, where I could pour water through,” he said. “My sister could drink the water using her tongue. But most days she could only feed on mud.”

    A nearby resident who requested anonymity said neighbors became concerned after not seeing her for several months.

    “Her brother then disclosed to us that Susan was locked up in one of the rooms in the house,” the area resident said. “We then reported the case to the Harukunggu local council and then to the Bwera police station. The police went to the house and broke the door.”

    Susan was immediately taken to the provincial government hospital about 17 kilometers (11 miles) away near Bwera town, where Pastor Baluku visited her.

    “The miserable young Susan was bony, very weak, and not able to talk or walk,” said the pastor. “Her hair had turned yellow, she had long fingernails and sunken eyes, and she looked very slim, less than 20 kilograms [44 pounds].”...

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Why Islam must be eradicated, like a cancer.

    Yes, many will consider that title to be irrational, even obscene - to speak of doing away with a religion? Who but a madman would think such a thing? Who but a bigoted, hate-filled, right-wing loser could possibly think of outlawing or refusing to permit the worship, as he saw fit, of another man?

    I do. I say that Islam really isn't a religion, unless your definition of religion includes death cults that actively preach the killing of non-believers, including targeting their infant children. And if somehow it actually was a religion, it is one which should be eradicated from the face of the earth, or at the very minimum, should be practiced only in a walled community, a Coventry from which none who followed Islam would be permitted to leave.

    In my wandering around the Web tonight, I came across a post by Daniel Greenfield (http://sultanknish.blogspot.com) from March of this year, entitled "The Muslim Terrorist War against Israeli Families" (http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2011/03/muslim-terrorist-war-against-israeli.html). In it he writes of the direct and intentional targeting of not only Israeli families per se, but their infant children. Specifically targeted, in spite of the availability of (nonetheless innocent) adult parents.

    I posted a blog on the Fogel family back when they were killed. I spoke of my rage at what had been done by these flea-ridden, an-orchid, goat-raping, camel-fornicating muslim scum. But until reading Daniel's post tonight, I had no idea it was actually policy to target and kill infants.

    For any of you out there - and I include my otherwise lovely family members who remain Democrats in the face of reality - who wish to marginalize this, to claim that only "radical" muslims do these violent things, I'm afraid I must correct you. As I have written before, these are the followers of the true and orthodox Islam, not muslims who have "perverted" the "Word of the Prophet" (may he burn forever in a fire on a spit - transversing his body from facial orifice to nether orifice - basted in bacon fat and rubbed with the offal of pigs). These are the die-hard believers of what Mohammed taught. The parts of the Quran or Hadith that are held up for view by those muslims who would deceive you into thinking Islam truly is a "religion of peace" are the writings of what Mohammed said early in an attempt to create a make-believe religion he could use to bend a bunch of goatherds and farmers to his will. When he was able to raise enough of an army to start putting his enemies to the sword, the truth came out. Islam has never been a religion of peace, and it never will be.

    Once you come to terms with that fact - and believe me, you will learn it to your eternal sorrow if Islam is allowed a greater foothold in this country - you will understand that there is no room on Earth for an ideology which feels comfortable with, brags about, the brutal murder of defenseless infants, children, mothers and even fellow muslims. How could you close your eyes, your ears, and your hearts to such senseless killing? To deny the fact that Islam refuses to permit the very existence of anyone who does not follow their beliefs, to not grasp the fact that they are willing to even kill fellow muslims who do not accept all of the same tenets as they do, Shia against Sunni, is to deny reality.

    Islam is a melanoma upon the skin of civilization. It is fast spreading and fatal. If it is not cut out in time, if it is allowed to spread, it will kill us.

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    A Failed Presidency

    I use Yahoo for my email. I rarely read their news because Yahoo is so hopelessly liberal that it just isn't worth the heartburn. Imagine my incredible surprise to see a news heading that read as above:

    Amazing, isn't it? Yahoo published an article by Forbes that actually tells it as it is. I'm not familiar with the author, John Mariotti, but it could as easily been written by Mark Steyn or Victor David Hanson. Here it is in its entirety:

    A Failed Presidency -- The American Problem

    Few Americans needed Standard & Poor to confirm the mismanagement of the United States government and its finances. The downgrading of American credit will raise interest rates on America’s huge debt and ultimately on all Americans. Popular polls say that most Americans blame Congress—but that’s too simplistic. As much as Barack Obama would like to shift that blame onto Congress, the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of President. It is first and foremost a leadership problem that is crippling America—and the leader is President Barack Obama—not the many members of Congress.

    No matter how many speeches he makes, the conclusion is clear: Obama’s greatest failure is spending America into enormous deficits, and being clueless about how to get the economy to recover. His speeches, riddled with “I” and “We” are mostly serving to indict him for his failings. Appearing on TV more than any other sitting president, Barack Obama is constantly “explaining” why things aren’t working, when he should be working on what to do different and better.

    Instead he is “campaigning,” which is the only thing he knows how to do reasonable well. But he can’t fix the economy; he has neither the experience nor the knowhow to do it. His failed, misguided policies have only exacerbated the size of his mistakes and shortcomings.


    “I didn’t say ‘Change we can believe in tomorrow.,.’ I didn’t say, ‘Change we can believe in next week…’ “We knew this was going to take time.” —Barack Obama, Aug. 4, 2011.

    Obama has surrounded himself with academics, theoreticians and politicians and all of their solutions are wrong, flawed and ineffective. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the evidence. Nobody in his inner circle has meaningful business experience. He not only doesn’t understand business, he dislikes businesses; they are only useful as a way to collect taxes to redistribute.

    For Barack Obama’s first 18 months, and occasionally even today, he and his loyalists try to place the lion’s share of the blame for America’s problems with George W. Bush. There is little doubt that Bush erred seriously on several counts: he initiated two expensive wars and then saw the Iraq war mismanaged for at least 2-3 years.

    Then Bush failed, along with the (then) GOP led Congress to rein in spending to compensate for the cost of these wars. Finally, he reduced tax rates and created the Medicare prescription drug program (which turned out to work better and cost far less than was feared). Coincidentally, the much-maligned TARP initiated by Bush actually staved off a financial collapse and is largely being paid back by the banks and insurance companies involved. In perhaps his greatest mistake, Bush failed to veto a single spending bill sent to him by Congress.

    Bush’s mistakes were clearly serious errors, but they pale in comparison with Obama’s failures since he took office. The Democratically controlled Congress was complicit with Obama’s failures. They have not submitted, and Obama has not submitted a realistic budget for the country in over 800 days—a clear failure to meet their responsibilities. (Exception: Obama’s irresponsible Feb. budget, which was voted down 97-0 by a Democratically controlled Senate.)

    To chronicle Obama’s failures and his shortcomings is impossible within the length of a simple blog post. A few of them are most notable. Obama aided and abetted by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid rammed the new health care legislation down the throat of America—and Obamacare was created. Parts of it are well-intentioned, but much of it is feared by Americans and especially small businesses. Arguably some of Obama’s greatest damage to the economy has been done by his appointees in the EPA, NLRB, CPSC, et. al., and the Justice Department.American business is oppressed by regulation.Sadly, Obama barely realizes this.

    Next came the $840 billion “stimulus” package, (mostly pork and patronage), which worked poorly or not at all—unless you consider creating jobs at $275,000 each to be a good solution. Not enough “shovel-ready” projects were really “shovel-ready” Obama admitted recently, chuckling awkwardly at his naiveté. Obama and his experts (now mostly gone back to finance or academia) predicted a drop of unemployment to under 8% when the number of jobless went the other way—upward. Now, more Americans have been out of work, for longer, than any time in the past half-century.

    Obamacare not only violated many of his eloquent campaign promises; e.g., Taxes on Americans earning less than $200/$250,000 per year will no increase one penny—except for the new Obamacare tax to 3.8% applied to investment income—which will hit millions of Americans. When faced with his party’s impending losses in 2008 elections, Obama dispatched Rahm Emmanuel to attempt buying-off candidates in the 2008 primaries with a promise of high-level jobs, a legally questionable practice at best, and unethical one at worst.

    During Obama’s term in office the deficit has grown astronomically as he continues, even to this day, to insist on more spending and more taxes (especially those on “millionaires and billionaires” a category that most Americans earning $200-250,000 per year hardly imagine including them.)

    Those who point to his achievements name “bailing out” GM & Chrysler—but many experts feel that was done by using executive power for further illegal actions, denying legal bondholders their rightful returns. There is also a strong belief that ordinary bankruptcy could well have accomplished the same result at a cost of almost $20 billion less of taxpayers’ money. But then spending too much of taxpayers money has never bothered this White House.

    To make Obamacare’s outrageous financial claims, Obama & his Democratic Congressional minions desperately needed to cut its cost. Thus, buried in the 2000+-page bill, Obama and his accomplices Reid and Pelosi cut $500 billion out of Medicare. Now he pretends to worry about seniors while ignoring Medicare’s impending insolvency. After all, even if Obama could win a second term, he will be gone before Medicare fails, and be able to blame it on his successor.

    Barack Obama was going to close Gitmo—until he realized that it was as unrealistic as much of his campaign rhetoric. Obama has violated the law, which requires the president to act within 15 days after the Medicare commission advises him of a financing problem. His Democratic allies gave him a waiver in his first year, but this year—he simply ignored the law.

    Obama followed Bush’s foreign policy and even left most Bush appointees in charge, until recently. Obama’s vanquished primary opponent Hillary Clinton has precluded him from making as big a debacle of foreign policy as he has on domestic policy. He tried, early in his career, kowtowing to foreign dictators and despots, apologizing for America instead of protecting and defending it.

    The ultimate failure of President Barack Obama is that he is unable or unwilling to lead; to define anything more than vague generalities as a solution to America’s daunting problems. Even his own allies in the GAO state, “we can’t value a speech.” In his desperation to run for reelection, Obama continues to abdicate his responsibilities. The debt ceiling was a showcase of his failings as he periodically jumped in and out of negotiations until he literally neutralized himself.

    The president made himself an outsider in the decision, even as he tried to sound like a voice of reason, making speech after speech, saying less in each successive one. Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner finally fought through massive partisan problems to reach a compromise agreement—but it was clearly too little, too late. Kicking the hard work down to a twelve person “super-committee” was not enough to settle financial markets.

    While Barack Obama campaigned, making still more speeches at his 50th birthday celebrations, the Wall Street voted with its money and the Dow-Jones average dropped over 500 points and the S. & P. dropped even more—5%+. 117,000 jobs created in July don’t even approach the number needed to offset new entries to the workforce. The drop in unemployment from 9.2% to 9.1% signals more unemployed Americans giving up, not more of them being hired.

    Happy Birthday Mr. President. You have accomplished something no other president has done. You’ve spent America into a hole that will take a decade to fix, and kept more Americans out of work longer than anyone in recent history, and you’ve accomplished all this in record time, only 2-1/2 years. Who knows how much harm you can do given still more time.


    John Mariotti is an internationally known executive, consultant and an award-winning author. His book, The Complexity Crisis was named one of 2008’s Best Business Books. In a recent novel, The Chinese Conspiracy, he merges an exciting fictional thriller with the factual reality of America’s risk from Cyber-Attacks. (www.thechinesecomspiracy.com). Mariotti does Keynote speeches, serves on corporate boards and is a consultant/advisor to companies. He can be reached at www.mariotti.net .

    Here's the link:

    and here (in case Yahoo should remove their site):

    Don't Fall For The Left's Manipulations

    As usual, Daniel Greenfield posts an excellent essay (How To Fight A Blood Libel) on how the Right needs to blow off the Left's attempts to paint them as being responsible for the violent acts of any individuals - either the rare acts of violence of non-Leftist actors or those who were actually Left-leaning individuals themselves.

    Greenfield is amazing in his ability to cut to the chase, to go to the crux of the matter in his analyses of political acts and political will. In this post he explains how the Left attempts to portray the Right - especially political figures, radio and TV pundits, and even Internet bloggers - as being responsible for the acts of violence perpetrated by individuals. How they always get it wrong, intentionally using these tragedies to paint the Right as being responsible every time there is an act of violence that seems to be politically motivated.

    More importantly, he goes on to explain how unnecessary it is for those on the Right to feel any moral responsibility at all, although conservatives tend to accept responsibility simply because there is a greater abhorrence of violence on the Right than on the Left - as the Left uses violence to advance its aims on a regular basis, as a primary tool in their toolkit. Consider the history of every country which has attempted communism or followed Marxist agendas and you will see it is true, such as Russia, China, and Cuba (Che and Fidel were stone killers of their own people too, not just Stalin and Mao).

    Please read Greenfield's post, especially you conservatives visiting here. Hopefully you are already practicing his suggestions, but if not, you might consider giving them a try. They certainly make sense to me.

    For any liberal or "independent" readers, please try to suspend your immediate response to anything a conservative might write and take the time to see if there just might be some truth to what he is saying here. If you aren't simply a knee-jerk Democrat, if you truly think for yourself based on the facts presented, I believe you will find much to consider here, and may come to the realization that the media is not fair and balanced (including Fox). That the Right - as difficult as it may be to accept - isn't the author of the violence we are seeing more and more of these days.