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Friday, August 26, 2011

There is a difference. And then, a similarity.

The Arctic Patriot posted on his web site that the Germans in WWII were valiant fighters defending their homeland from Stalin and the Marxists of Russia. The tenor of his post - if I understood it correctly - is that Marxism is far worse an evil in the world than the Third Reich was or could ever have been. I believe it was partly based on the fact that Stalin and Mao killed many, many more people than Hitler and his willing accomplices managed to kill, and partly on the very real fact that Marxism is responsible for so much of what is wrong in the world today, including the fools in our own government - indeed, in the White House - who wish to turn America into a socialist state.

Without getting into the fact that National Socialism - the Nazis - and Marxism are/were both collectivist ideologies spurning the rights of the individual, who was expected to submit to the will of the State, the "needs of the many", let us talk about the inherent evil in both of these ideologies. While it is certainly true that Marxism has been directly responsible for the deaths of many, many more of its own citizens than Nazism (supposedly around 40 million in Russia and between 70 and 100 million dead in the People's Republic of China, mostly during Mao's reign there), I think it is necessary to look a bit more deeply.

As I wrote in my comment to the Arctic Patriot, the Germans of the Third Reich must be judged by more than simply numbers. They must also be judged by the fact that they turned their considerable intellect as well as their engineering and organizational skills to the creation of an industry of death. They utilized their best minds and their abundant resources to make the extermination - not the mere killing in large numbers, but an actual attempt at extermination - of Jews as efficient as possible, while gathering unto themselves the wealth and the production and the physical labor of those same Jews while they were trying to eradicate them as a race, a culture, and a religion.

Add to that their torturing of so many of them, along with Poles, and Gypsies, and so many others. The "medical" experiments performed upon pregnant Jewish women, Jewish children, and of course the Jewish men and boys. Of the incredible cruelties perpetrated upon those people. Of having fathers shave the heads of their wives and their children, knowing that the next step for them was into the "showers" where they were gassed to death, instead of cleansed. Of Jews who were forced to strip the corpses of their families and friends of their gold teeth or other parts desired by particular orders from the engineers of the Holocaust.

There was a video made years ago called Shoah. It displayed not a single corpse, no pits of stacked dead awaiting the lime the bodies were covered with to make them break down more quickly. It never showed an oven or shower full of bodies, not a single act of violence was depicted. It consisted entirely of interviews with some of the survivors of the camps. It also included interviews with a couple of the camp guards who did not realize they were talking to Jews, but thought they were talking to other "good" Germans who had participated in this atrocity, thought they were talking to someone sympathetic to their work as enablers of the death camps. So they told of their true feelings, of the accomplishment and honor they felt in being part of the efficient German machine designed and built to rid the world of the Jewish filth, the Jewish vermin.

If you can watch this video, listen to these men and women speak of the horrors they experienced, the loved ones they watched die, and remain convinced that these people of Germany who were responsible for orchestrating such cruelty and murder and destruction were not the most evil creatures in a long history of human cruelty, I will be surprised.

I agree with Arctic Patriot and others who understand that Marxism is certainly much more of a threat now than National Socialism is now, and perhaps even a greater threat than the Third Reich would have been if it had been successful (but maybe not, if it had spread its evil control over the rest of the world). Marxism is certainly undermining what is left of America's legacy of a Constitutional Republic (not "democracy"). But it is not possible to compare the evil, the complete and utter soulless degradation of human spirit that was national Socialism under Hitler and his crew, to anything else that mankind has created as an ideology.

Except, perhaps,for the creation of Islam in 622 AD, that is. There is a reason the Grand Mufti and Adolph Hitler were such good friends. They both had many of the same goals. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/muftihit.html
The only difference being - and it is a significant one - that the ignorant savages who follow the true teachings of Islam will never possess the skill, the efficiency, of the German people when it comes to killing Jews. At least until Iran finishes building its nuclear weapons, and the Taliban takes control of the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Then they might actually realize the dream they share with Hitler: the total destruction of the Jewish people as a viable race, culture and religion.

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