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~ Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Imperial Presidency?

Much has been made of the President's vacationing again on Martha's Vineyard, at an expensive and exclusive residence. It was reported on one site that the usual fee for said location was $50,000 a week. Staying ten days - if the owner is crass enough to charge The Voice Of The Teleprompter (Biden would, if he owned it) - would therefore cost around $70K if prorated, but that is just the beginning. Add in transportation costs, the cost of all the Secret Service agents to secure the place before and during his stay, the cost of all the ass-kissing friends and sycophants that MicHELLe is sure to bring along, and you are beginning to talk about enough money to support a goodly number of citizens whose unemployment benefits ran out months ago.

Several web sites and blogs have mentioned how damaging this is likely to be to BO's re-election campaign, and what a weapon it provides the Republicans when they speak to the many reasons for not re-electing him. Francis Porretto at http://www.eternityroad.info/index.php gives some excellent reasons to believe it will keep him from winning re-election.

I fear that might not be the case, though. Paranoiac that I am, I worry that TVOTTP has good reason to be unafraid. That there just might be a reason for his arrogance and evident lack of concern.

Between his placement of newly appointed Marxists in the Civil Rights and voting bureaucracies, his control of the Department of Justice (he has a grip on Holder where his balls would be if he had any), his connections with the latest iteration of whatever "ACORN" is called now, and the fact that no election irregularities or even outright fraudulent activities have been acted upon from his 2008 nomination and election, doesn't fear any such issues in 2012.

Any bets on whether or not we will see an Executive Order shortly before the 2012 elections allowing all of the illegal aliens in this country to vote? And that Holder will uphold its validity, supported by (a new "Super") Congress?

I really don't think Obama's handlers would permit him to cut his own throat this way unless there were other forces in play to counterbalance the obvious effects of this behavior. He, himself, is obviously dumb enough to make that kind of mistake (which we have verified every time he strays from his teleprompter), but I don't believe Soros and Valerie Jarrett and some of the other puppet masters would allow him to behave this way unless they have something up their sleeves (or arses). I hope I am wrong, but I fear I am not.


  1. I may be alone in this, but I'd rather he stayed on Martha's Vineyard all the time. Keep congress from coming back. Maybe it can slow down the tsunami of regulations coming out of that bunch.

  2. Actually, I read a post from someone else a while back suggesting he simply stay on the golf course, hoping for the same result. Either option would save the country trillions of dollars and perhaps restart the economy.

    There are times when I wish someone had slipped Bin Laden a copy of Clancy's book _Executive Orders_.

    May I further suggest that Richard Cloward and Frances Piven be considered the latest iteration of Marx and Engles? I'm sure BO has read all four of them, with Valerie Jarrett turning the pages for him and sounding out the big words.


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