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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Forget Allen West - another betrayal

Betrayal. Sounds pretty harsh, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it applies quite properly to Allen West's failure to stand by his campaign rhetoric when he was trying to get elected to his current office in the House.

I was hopeful that Mr. West would step forward and become a viable candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, but I see I was ignorant of who he really is: another politician who will say anything he has to in order to get elected, but who will then betray the very principles he claims he holds when it is time to stand up and be counted. In a recent speech to the Young America's Foundation, he claimed that voting against the sorry compromise put forth by Boehner (in order to satisfy the Democrats) had no purpose. "If I had voted no, what would I have been voting for? And they couldn’t answer that.”

West tries to pretend there was no reason to vote against it, sounding like the Democrats when they stated that the Republicans (including the Tea Party which elected West, but he now repudiates) don't have a reason, they simply don't want to let the Democrats do what "needs" to be done. West is lying, as the Tea Party elements trying to stop the damaging compromise did have a purpose, a reason - a reason they stated quite clearly: to stop the spending that is bankrupting this country. The same reason they stated during the 2010 midterm elections (which West agreed to at that time): stop the growth of government. Stop the needless and harmful spending. Return the power to the people of this country, instead of the politicians who currently wield it.

West is a sellout, or a fraud. He has either abandoned the principles he claimed to hold when he ran for office, or he has joined the other side. Here is a post on another blog that shows the betrayal West is guilty of:

31 JULY 2011

Oh, Colonel...really?

Commenter "Grandpa" at iOTW sums up the recent actions of Allen West. To say I'm disappointed is on the level of saying that outer space is slightly chilly.

FACT: Congressional bill #1 in 2011 was a vote to defund Obamacare. Allen West did not support it and voted NO.

FACT: Allen West voted to continue FUNDING for the fraud that is Pigford. [Editor: i.e. he voted for race, not reason.]

FACT: Rep Kings Bill to defund the Libyan war and call Obama to task on his violation of the war powers act. Allen

West voted no. He voted to fund Obama’s war.

FACT: Allen West disparaged, the Tea Party with name calling. Sure he twisted himself in knots saying people

misunderstood. But I heard him. There was no misunderstanding.

FACT: Allen West voted to support the raising of the Debt Ceiling. A specific platform plank he used as a talking

point in his election effort at 36 different venues in speeches. He promised on 36 different public occasions to vote

AGAINST raising the debt limit and borrow more money.

Principles matter, perhaps not to progressives who are comfy in the land of hypocrisy and lies, but a conservative,

a real patriot, should never be comfy there or even know where the flippin place is. It shouldn’t even be on their


"Steadfast and loyal," Col. West? Really? You were elected to take a stand against the Obama regime, sir. Remember?

What happened to that?

I need a drink. Make that several. :( (h/t Wraith)

He is a politician, just like Obama. Makes claims to become elected that he abandons once he has won the prize he sought. I promise you he would do the same in any attempt to become President. Forget Allen West as a candidate for any further office.

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  1. I just saw this post by Big Fur Hat, and had to add it:

    "West is not a colonel. He’s a major, as in MAJOR disappointment."


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