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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Islam must be eradicated, like a cancer.

Yes, many will consider that title to be irrational, even obscene - to speak of doing away with a religion? Who but a madman would think such a thing? Who but a bigoted, hate-filled, right-wing loser could possibly think of outlawing or refusing to permit the worship, as he saw fit, of another man?

I do. I say that Islam really isn't a religion, unless your definition of religion includes death cults that actively preach the killing of non-believers, including targeting their infant children. And if somehow it actually was a religion, it is one which should be eradicated from the face of the earth, or at the very minimum, should be practiced only in a walled community, a Coventry from which none who followed Islam would be permitted to leave.

In my wandering around the Web tonight, I came across a post by Daniel Greenfield (http://sultanknish.blogspot.com) from March of this year, entitled "The Muslim Terrorist War against Israeli Families" (http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2011/03/muslim-terrorist-war-against-israeli.html). In it he writes of the direct and intentional targeting of not only Israeli families per se, but their infant children. Specifically targeted, in spite of the availability of (nonetheless innocent) adult parents.

I posted a blog on the Fogel family back when they were killed. I spoke of my rage at what had been done by these flea-ridden, an-orchid, goat-raping, camel-fornicating muslim scum. But until reading Daniel's post tonight, I had no idea it was actually policy to target and kill infants.

For any of you out there - and I include my otherwise lovely family members who remain Democrats in the face of reality - who wish to marginalize this, to claim that only "radical" muslims do these violent things, I'm afraid I must correct you. As I have written before, these are the followers of the true and orthodox Islam, not muslims who have "perverted" the "Word of the Prophet" (may he burn forever in a fire on a spit - transversing his body from facial orifice to nether orifice - basted in bacon fat and rubbed with the offal of pigs). These are the die-hard believers of what Mohammed taught. The parts of the Quran or Hadith that are held up for view by those muslims who would deceive you into thinking Islam truly is a "religion of peace" are the writings of what Mohammed said early in an attempt to create a make-believe religion he could use to bend a bunch of goatherds and farmers to his will. When he was able to raise enough of an army to start putting his enemies to the sword, the truth came out. Islam has never been a religion of peace, and it never will be.

Once you come to terms with that fact - and believe me, you will learn it to your eternal sorrow if Islam is allowed a greater foothold in this country - you will understand that there is no room on Earth for an ideology which feels comfortable with, brags about, the brutal murder of defenseless infants, children, mothers and even fellow muslims. How could you close your eyes, your ears, and your hearts to such senseless killing? To deny the fact that Islam refuses to permit the very existence of anyone who does not follow their beliefs, to not grasp the fact that they are willing to even kill fellow muslims who do not accept all of the same tenets as they do, Shia against Sunni, is to deny reality.

Islam is a melanoma upon the skin of civilization. It is fast spreading and fatal. If it is not cut out in time, if it is allowed to spread, it will kill us.


  1. Well spoken, sir. I read the Sultan regularly, and while some may consider his position to be "hateful" and "bigoted", I find that it indeed rings more true to the facts than the hollow platitudes about the "religion of peace". Peace by the methods of Islam means the end of resistance, for once the infidels are gone there will be no one to disturb the peace. Stark contrast to the western understanding of peace as resolving differences and agreeing to terms of acceptance. Should we, in the name of freedom of religion, allow the practice of a religion dedicated to eradicating all other religions by force? Do we, in the name of a free and open society, tolerate the growth of a society within our society whose ultimate goal is to destroy our society? I agree, Islam either needs to emerge from the 7th century or be relegated to a historical footnote.

  2. In its melting pot days, the US was known as a place where Muslims came and settled in, quietly becoming part of the place (see. Dr. Zudi Jasser). But as more of our leftists went to wholesale importation of everyone who wasn't from a European lineage (thanks to Ted Kennedy in 1965), you got things like Deerbornistan, Michigan, the taxi drivers in Minneapolis who insist on foot baths, and the muzzies who take jobs in places where they're exposed to pork, or to dogs, so they can sue over it.

    No surprise: leftists and Islamists teaming up to destroy us. Just look around...

  3. Unfortunately, islam would need a very significant reformation in order to become civilized enough to permit its continued existence. "Good" muslims, such as Dr. Zudi Jasser if he indeed is one and not simply remaining low-key and quiet about his true faith (I know nothing about him), are actually apostates. Orthodox islam is indeed violent, abusive to women, and all about creating a universal Calip-hate (hyphen is intentional).

    Those who are indeed willing to live and let-live, who don't seek to kill all Jews or all infidels, who don't molest young boys or have sex with female children, or kill their daughters for "honor, are like "Jack-Mormons" who drink and smoke. They aren't following the real tenets of their faith. If a _real_reformation took place, not simply lip-service, but full rejection of those nasty and unacceptable parts that cause harm to children, women, Jews, and "infidels", I could easily live side-by-side with such people.

    Until that happens (I should live so long), islam needs to be suppressed, especially in this country, and frankly - given my feelings about the abuse of children and women - eradication would suite me much better. There really is nothing in the "religion" that recommends it to the benefit of anyone, as far as I can see. It was created from whole cloth - like the make-believe holiday "kwanzaa" - and doesn't deserve to be recognized as a valid religion. IMO, anyway.

  4. If the present trends continue, in 50 years European Muslim population will grow from 52 million to 370 million, while U.S. Muslim population will grow from 8 million to 147 million. We debate this problem at: http://templars.forumshome.com/

    Our manifesto: http://templars.forumshome.com/t10-our-manifesto

  5. End of the,,, everyone will get to know which is the real religion.. until that happen, u people never believe of Allah..

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  7. When commenting, please quote. If you can, please show us, by contextual interpretation, one verse in the Qur'an that promotes violence and hatred. Why I stress on context is because some verses were a command to push forward and to slay when the muslims were being attacked. There is, however, enough evidence to suggest that Muslims were ordered not to attack unless attacked. War is only allowed for defense and never as offense.

  8. Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority". This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be 'joining companions to Allah').

  9. Zaffran how can Islam be a religion of peace when u have persecuted and klled 80 million Hindus?

  10. Islam must be 100% erased. It will never be peace with it in this world. NUKE TGEM.


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