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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Battered Citizen Syndrome

I just came across a web site, thanks to WRSA, at http://daletoons.blogspot.com/2011/05/battered-citizen-syndrome.html. Incredible! Its perfect, especially the sneer and the wife-beater undershirt. All the Lefties and those who voted for a race instead of a leader will continue to make excuses for this sick induhvidual, but the poster tells it as it is. My only complaint it that it stops just short of showing the bloody knuckles of the hand not holding the flowers.

Here is the text that goes along with it:

Battered Citizen Syndrome

There you are, America, lying in the hospital with a broken jaw, a dislocated collar bone and in serious danger of losing your right eye. You told the doctors you fell down the stairs, but tell yourself that Barry's been under a lot of stress lately, and you just wouldn't listen when he told you to shut up. Maybe Barry's right to blame all of his failures on you and your former man. After all, jealousy is a sign of love isn't it? Just last week he killed a rat for you and you didn't show as much gratitude as you could have. He probably won't go off on you again, unless you do something to make him crazy. Oh no, here he comes, and you look a mess. Awww, he brought you roses…and a mean left hook. –Dale

Of course, we know this creature is actually a pussy. I'm sure MicHELLe could easily kick his ass, and probably has, more than once. I kinda wonder: does the Secret Service have orders to ignore it when she slaps him around a little?

Dale's site has another poster, this one of Sarah Palin as a modern day "Rosie the Riveter", imitating Norman Rockwell's painting. It is well-done also. Check them out.

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