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Friday, August 28, 2015

As I was saying . . .

Watch the video, then read how ISIS is indeed the perfect expression of islam, from one who is still there, suffering from it.

[I made the mistake of writing this before I was able to watch this lady's video (I'm having problems accessing youtube), and ass-u-med she was going to describe her rape as a newly "married" nine-year-old muslim girl. Instead, she describes becoming "pissed-off" - her words - about the indoctrination she was getting in a group setting, explaining what she would face now that she was deemed an adult woman, per islam.] The video actually relates the indoctrination of nine-year-old girls - at least the ones who haven't already been married off and raped - that islam deems it not only acceptable, but desirable, for these little girls to be given to older men as sexual toys (under the example of mohammed, who was "perfect" in everything he did) and states that the father of a child given in "marriage" to a muslim male will go to "heaven" for allowing his child to be raped in this fashion. Of course, in islam, females merely exist to satisfy the urges of their muslim husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, male friends and neighbors. mohammed (p*ss be onto him) created his "religion" with so many ways for his followers to enjoy the rape and abuse of females, and female children, because he knew that large numbers of scum-sucking arab/iranian males would flock to his banner to enjoy those perversions.

BTW, muslim boys are deemed adults at sixteen, so they can be enjoyed sexually up until that age, although I'm certain many imams and other influential muslims may stretch that a bit (pun intended).


Then read the article:

Exposing the role that Islamic jihad
theology and ideology play in the modern
global conflicts

Iraqi priest: “There’s
no such thing as
moderate Islam…
ISIS represents
Islam one hundred
percent” AUGUST 27, 2015 4:15 PM BY ROBERT SPENCER

Fr. Douglas al-Bazi’s coreligionists in the West, and their leaders
among the U.S. Catholic bishops, would be supremely
embarrassed if they heard him talking this way. They are sure that
Islam is a Religion of Peace, and woe to you if you don’t fall in line
behind them. They don’t want to hear about Islamic supremacism
or about Muslim persecution of Christians. Instead, they bow and
scrape before imams and Muslim leaders who have never lifted a
finger to stop Muslim persecution of Christians. They actively work
to silence and marginalize those who speak out about this
persecution. They consign today’s new martyrs to their fate,
sacrificing them on the altar of their fruitless, delusional and selfdefeating
quest for “dialogue” with Muslims. How many Christians
has that “dialogue” prevented from being persecuted or martyred?
Why, absolutely none, of course. But the comfortable suburban
Church continues on its comfortable suburban way, secure in its
illusions and delusions.

One day, however, the truth it has so assiduously endeavored to
ignore, deny and suppress will dawn upon it with undeniable and
terrifying reality, and maybe some of those bishops will realize how ill
they served their people by enforcing and reinforcing their ignorance
and complacency.

“‘There’s No Such Thing as Moderate Islam’: An Iraqi Priest
Describes the Christian Genocide,” by Matteo Matzuzzi, Il Foglio,
August 26, 2015 (translated by Francesca Romana, Rorate Caeli):

“Please, if there’s anyone who still thinks ISIS doesn’t
represent Islam, know that they are wrong. ISIS represents Islam
one hundred percent.” Father Douglas al Bazi, an Iraqi Catholic
parish priest in Erbil, raised his voice during an intervention at the
Meeting in Rimini, with a choice of words – in a provocative way
and in hard tones – that few had ventured use so far.
He carries on his own body the scars of the torture he underwent
nine years ago, when a band of Jihadists kidnapped him for nine
days, keeping him in chains and blindfolds along with a broken
nose from being kneed: “For the first four days they didn’t even give
me anything to drink. They would walk past me saying ‘Father, do
you want some water?’ All day long they would listen to the reading
of the Koran to let the neighbours hear what good believers they

Father Douglas Al Bazi is in charge of two refugee shelters for
Christians who survived the advance of the black horde – not far
from Ankawa. After the marking of houses with the “n” of the
Nazarene plus the Christians displaced on the Nineveh plain, a year
ago, “from morning to night we receive thousands of refugees” and
the exodus continues. “I’m proud to be an Iraqi, I love my country.
But my country is not proud that I’m part of it. What is happening to
my people is nothing other than genocide. I beg you: do not call it a
conflict. It’s genocide”, said the priest, who doesn’t want to hear
anything about “moderate Islam”: “When Islam lives amidst you, the
situation might appear acceptable. But when one lives amidst
Muslims, everything becomes impossible. I’m not here to instigate
you to hate Islam. I was born amid Muslims and I have more friends
among them than I have with Christians. But people change and if
we go to my country, no-one will be able to distinguish the light
from the darkness. There are those who say: “but I have lots of
Muslim friends who are very nice”. Yes, certainly! They are nice over
here! Over there the situation is very different!”

A situation in which regard the vice-President of the French
Conference for Imams also had some tough words to say. Hocine
Drouiche, also the Imam of Nimes, intervened last July at the
European Parliament: “In the world, Christians are being
persecuted, hunted down, deprived of work, imprisoned, tortured
and murdered. All means are being used to force them to deny their
faith, including the ritual of collective rape, considered in some
states a form of penal sanction. Owning a Bible has become a
crime, religious worship is prohibited and there has been a return to
the times of Masses in the caves and the first martyrs”. And the
fault, Drouiche had added in a discourse which had not been
highlighted very much by the European media”, is contemporary
Islam”, which is much closer “to sectarianism rather than a
universal, open religion”.

“I believe in the end they will destroy us”
Father al Bazi’s account is of one who runs the risk of being
murdered on the street every day: We never know if coming out of
the church we’ll be able to go into it again alive. In Baghdad they
had the church explode right in front of me. They shot me on the
legs with a AK-47, a type of Kalashnikov, and probably sooner or
later they’ll kill me”. Yet his faith is solid: “When they put me in
chains, during my kidnapping, they tightened a big padlock on my
wrists. On the chain there were ten extra rings, which I used to
recite the Rosary. I have never prayed it so earnestly as I did in that
situation”. “I – added Father Douglas – don’t implore your help. I’m
not frightened just as my people aren’t frightened either. I believe
they’ll destroy us in the end. But I also believe that we will have the
last word. Jesus told us that we need to carry our own crosses, and
that is what we in the Middle East are doing. Yet the most important
thing is not the carrying of the cross, but following it. And following it
means accepting, challenging and committing oneself right to the
very end”.

“We need to have patience and carry the cross each day, but we
also must react”, said Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, parish priest in
Aleppo, echoing him, and reported how the city is now “divided in
tens of parts, each one of them in the hands of a different group of
Jihadists. Our Church of St. Francis is sixty metres from the firing
line. They have already hit many churches, we don’t know when it
will be our turn”. Here is why Father Douglas, at the end of his
intervention, launched a warning to the feeble West:
“Wake up! The cancer is at your door. They will destroy you. We,
the Christians of the Middle East are the only group that has seen
the face of evil: Islam”….

However, the Christians suffering at the hands of ISIS are not the only victims. Kurds, Yazidis, and other infidels - even other muslims who are not the same sect of islam as those who rally under the ISIS banner - are being killed, or made into sex slaves and sold to be raped and otherwise abused. Or raped and abused and then sold for others to rape and abuse, often until their "owners" tire of them and kills them.

Is it not incredible that there are so many, in this country and elsewhere across the world, who can close their eyes and their ears and convince themselves that islam is a "religion of peace"? This foul cult of rapine, child molestation and murder needs to be eradicated. Those who follow orthodox islam need to be exterminated as the vermin they truly are.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

islamic rules of conduct

In visiting some of the web sites that send postings to my email, I came across an article that clearly depicts the depravity, the disgusting, degenerate behavior of those who follow true, orthodox islam. What this sick group of sub-humans believes their moon-god not only permits, but encourages them to do in his name. This is an excerpt from the article:

One of Islam’s highest leaders, the now deceased Ayatollah Khomeni, who lead the Islamic revolution in 1979 in Iran and who, until his death in 1989, was the highest authority of the country, both politically and religiously, also wrote the book Tahrirolvasyleh, which is a collection of Islamic rules of conduct for Muslims. Here he is quoted for: “A man can quench his sexual thirst by use of a baby. The only condition is that he does not penetrate the vagina, but anal sex is okay.” [This is obviously good news for all the other Ayatollahs, imams, and the rest of the muslim perverts (redundant).  I don't doubt that Khomeni made use of this pronouncement himself.]

Elsewhere, he writes that: “It is better if a girl marries so early that she gets her first period in the home of her husband rather than in the home of the father. Every father who gives his daughter away in marriage at such an early age will have obtained a place in heaven.” [Considering that muslims are permitted - even encouraged - to have full-penetration sex with their child brides when they reach the age of nine - the age when mohammed "married" Aisha - as well as anal sex with infants, any female child will most likely bleed long before her first menses.]

And further: “A man can have anal sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels, etc. However, he should kill the animal after ejaculating.” It should be noted that their rules say the meat from the animal used for sex may not be sold in his village. It goes on to say that the meat can be sold in any other village. There is no requirement to inform the buyer that the animal - no, not meaning the muslim seller - is not a virgin.

And some words on the rights of women: “A woman who has entered into a true state of matrimony does not have the right to leave the house without her husband’s permission – she must be available to him and fulfill his every need and must not refuse to give herself to him unless there is a valid religious reason.” ["A true state of matrimony refers to the women subject to the "married for one night" rules that muslims use to "work around" the qur'an when they want a strange piece and don't have any slaves handy, or anyone available to rape.]

Khomeni also does not think that a husband having anal sex with his own son is a valid reason for divorce: “If a man has anal sex with his son, brother or father after he is married, the marriage is to continue.” [Khomeni - who probably pitches as well as catches - certainly didn't want to reduce the pool of available partners.]

This is islam. The pseudo-religion, the death cult, that our dear Zebra/Soetero/the Obamination loves and supports. He is obviously not a muslim, but he loves muslims and enjoys emulating them from time to time. I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover he is into bacha bazi, too.

[Update 11/15/15. Several of the links given above have failed, so here is a current one that is still running: https://txlady706.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/ayatollah-ruhollah-khomeini-mohammed-and-the-muslims-say-that-sex-with-children-is-ok-sex-with-animals-is-ok-men-having-sex-with-boys-is-ok-and-female-genital-mutilation-is-required-excerpts/]