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Thursday, August 20, 2015

islamic rules of conduct

In visiting some of the web sites that send postings to my email, I came across an article that clearly depicts the depravity, the disgusting, degenerate behavior of those who follow true, orthodox islam. What this sick group of sub-humans believes their moon-god not only permits, but encourages them to do in his name. This is an excerpt from the article:

One of Islam’s highest leaders, the now deceased Ayatollah Khomeni, who lead the Islamic revolution in 1979 in Iran and who, until his death in 1989, was the highest authority of the country, both politically and religiously, also wrote the book Tahrirolvasyleh, which is a collection of Islamic rules of conduct for Muslims. Here he is quoted for: “A man can quench his sexual thirst by use of a baby. The only condition is that he does not penetrate the vagina, but anal sex is okay.” [This is obviously good news for all the other Ayatollahs, imams, and the rest of the muslim perverts (redundant).  I don't doubt that Khomeni made use of this pronouncement himself.]

Elsewhere, he writes that: “It is better if a girl marries so early that she gets her first period in the home of her husband rather than in the home of the father. Every father who gives his daughter away in marriage at such an early age will have obtained a place in heaven.” [Considering that muslims are permitted - even encouraged - to have full-penetration sex with their child brides when they reach the age of nine - the age when mohammed "married" Aisha - as well as anal sex with infants, any female child will most likely bleed long before her first menses.]

And further: “A man can have anal sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels, etc. However, he should kill the animal after ejaculating.” It should be noted that their rules say the meat from the animal used for sex may not be sold in his village. It goes on to say that the meat can be sold in any other village. There is no requirement to inform the buyer that the animal - no, not meaning the muslim seller - is not a virgin.

And some words on the rights of women: “A woman who has entered into a true state of matrimony does not have the right to leave the house without her husband’s permission – she must be available to him and fulfill his every need and must not refuse to give herself to him unless there is a valid religious reason.” ["A true state of matrimony refers to the women subject to the "married for one night" rules that muslims use to "work around" the qur'an when they want a strange piece and don't have any slaves handy, or anyone available to rape.]

Khomeni also does not think that a husband having anal sex with his own son is a valid reason for divorce: “If a man has anal sex with his son, brother or father after he is married, the marriage is to continue.” [Khomeni - who probably pitches as well as catches - certainly didn't want to reduce the pool of available partners.]

This is islam. The pseudo-religion, the death cult, that our dear Zebra/Soetero/the Obamination loves and supports. He is obviously not a muslim, but he loves muslims and enjoys emulating them from time to time. I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover he is into bacha bazi, too.

[Update 11/15/15. Several of the links given above have failed, so here is a current one that is still running: https://txlady706.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/ayatollah-ruhollah-khomeini-mohammed-and-the-muslims-say-that-sex-with-children-is-ok-sex-with-animals-is-ok-men-having-sex-with-boys-is-ok-and-female-genital-mutilation-is-required-excerpts/]

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  1. The web sites I linked to have removed this article from their pages (404 "Page does not exist"). I wish I had copied them in their entirety, but this post is an accurate rendition. The first four paragraphs _were_ copied directly from the article.


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