Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change, or How I Yearn to Shiver in the Dark

Over 150 nations gathered at the U.N. in New York City today to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which was ratified last December.  That beaming fool Kerry represented our runaway government at this meeting, giving a speech that - thankfully - did not include James Taylor singing "Kumbiya".

That worthiest of print news concerns, the New York Times (stock worth what, about 50 cents a share now?) had an article about the signing, written to delight the marginal intellects of those few who are still reading the NYT, after they unwrap the fish they will cook for supper.

I read a caption for the news story on the Accuweather web site. (It seems pretty much all of the weather web sites continue to support “global warming/climate change”, probably in fear of losing their audience of liberals who never question what they are fed by the mainstream news media, believing Al Gore to be not only the inventor of the Internet, but the discoverer of the deadly threat of Global Warming™ - which had to be re-named “Climate Change”, because it was discovered there actually hasn’t been any global warming in the last 50 years, let alone caused by man’s activities or industries.)

The story spoke about 155 countries meeting soon at the UN (it took place today, April 22nd) to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (probably to be followed by the Paris Agreement on Ending Season Change, so it will be summer everywhere forever). I’m sure the reason so many countries are willing to sign is because A) they have no intention whatsoever of doing anything involved that might cost them anything or restrict their economy, development, or needs, and B) because Obama has promised to spend billions of America’s taxpayer-funded budget on all the little countries - supposedly to keep them from adding carbon into the atmosphere.

Obama is definitely trying to fundamentally change America - into a third world, impoverished country like Cuba, with the same sort of tyrannical Marxist government. The more he can drive us into debt, the sooner he can get the Cloward-Piven strategy to take effect. He isn’t spending trillions more than we have simply because he is a Democrat who _loves_ to spend someone else’s money (especially on golfing, Michelle’s vacations - from him, her jewelry and expensive clothing), he likes spending trillions - on other countries, jihadis masquerading as refugees, paying off large political donors and bundlers, and greens fees - but he _really_ likes knowing he is driving America closer and closer to financial collapse. 

Since fools like Obama are socialists/Marxists, they don’t understand economics (if they did, they wouldn’t become, or remain, socialists). So he doesn’t understand that all of the money he and Michelle have amassed since getting into politics and selling favors, accepting money for access, and all the other ways scum like them become rich will be worthless if the economy crashes. Perhaps he thinks he would still be able to golf, dress well, and eat well, simply because he was the President at one time. As I said, he doesn’t understand how it works.

When the poo encounters the rotating airfoil, he may discover that A) food, transportation, and green fees will not be provided in exchange for another rousing community-organizing Marxist diatribe, or for hosting a group of felons calling themselves “rappers”. He may also discover himself abandoned by the Secret Service agents, men and women who know he and Michelle hate their guts, while enjoying the safety their presence provided. Those agents may very well pack up and leave, to stay home and keep their families safe, instead of covering his ass (literally, as he exposes it to his  paramours). At that point, he won’t last long, because there will be _someone_ who understood whose fault to whom the whole debacle was attributable. That someone (or “someones”) will then do what should have been done in 2008, before he was “elected”, aka removing his vile self from this planet, thereby preserving a bit more otherwise wasted oxygen. As well as preventing the anthropomorphic creation of a bit more carbon dioxide he produced (required by almost all plant life, but don’t tell the Global Warming/Climate Change freaks about that. It would spoil the illusion for them.)

So, the PACC (see above, at the start of this missive) will certainly be used by those who long for a speedy consummation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, when almost all of the citizens of the former USA will be forced to accept whatever is done in the name of government by our betters, the elite individuals who know they were born and bred to rule us, to make us do what they know is best for us. People not only like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer, but also McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Graham, and Boehner. Most of them are actually fools, of such diminished intellect (Pelosi being a “poster child” for such a lack of comprehension, logic, and reasoning), that they don’t understand they are being manipulated by those above _them_, the Soros’s, the Bloombergs, and the academics on the far Left like Peter Singer, all of whom are convinced their wealth, their breeding, their “superior” intellects and/or position make them superior to us wage slaves and persons of marginal mental capacity (in their eyes), incapable of making what they believe are the right choices. 

I believe the elite may well have set themselves up with retreats that are as self-sufficient as money and power can make them (perhaps a small nuclear power plant, solar and wind installations, seed banks, and enough peons to provide them with personal servants as well as worker bees to keep things neat, tidy, and running smoothly? Including breeding stock, of course, just as in the heyday of the Old South. They might be white, Asian, or Mexican instead of black (too hard to keep the blacks down on the farm), but they will exist and procreate at the whim of the elite who know in their very bones they were meant to survive the destruction they visited on the rest of us, as they fundamentally transformed the whole world into a third-world existence.