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~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't Fall For The Left's Manipulations

As usual, Daniel Greenfield posts an excellent essay (How To Fight A Blood Libel) on how the Right needs to blow off the Left's attempts to paint them as being responsible for the violent acts of any individuals - either the rare acts of violence of non-Leftist actors or those who were actually Left-leaning individuals themselves.

Greenfield is amazing in his ability to cut to the chase, to go to the crux of the matter in his analyses of political acts and political will. In this post he explains how the Left attempts to portray the Right - especially political figures, radio and TV pundits, and even Internet bloggers - as being responsible for the acts of violence perpetrated by individuals. How they always get it wrong, intentionally using these tragedies to paint the Right as being responsible every time there is an act of violence that seems to be politically motivated.

More importantly, he goes on to explain how unnecessary it is for those on the Right to feel any moral responsibility at all, although conservatives tend to accept responsibility simply because there is a greater abhorrence of violence on the Right than on the Left - as the Left uses violence to advance its aims on a regular basis, as a primary tool in their toolkit. Consider the history of every country which has attempted communism or followed Marxist agendas and you will see it is true, such as Russia, China, and Cuba (Che and Fidel were stone killers of their own people too, not just Stalin and Mao).

Please read Greenfield's post, especially you conservatives visiting here. Hopefully you are already practicing his suggestions, but if not, you might consider giving them a try. They certainly make sense to me.

For any liberal or "independent" readers, please try to suspend your immediate response to anything a conservative might write and take the time to see if there just might be some truth to what he is saying here. If you aren't simply a knee-jerk Democrat, if you truly think for yourself based on the facts presented, I believe you will find much to consider here, and may come to the realization that the media is not fair and balanced (including Fox). That the Right - as difficult as it may be to accept - isn't the author of the violence we are seeing more and more of these days.


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