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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Anti-Semitic U.N.

Just came across a YouTube video presentation about part of the reason the U.N. is biased against Israel, seeking to de-legitimize them. It displays the hypocrisy of the U.N. in having abusive, oppressive nations leading the Human Rights council, and speaks of the countries which have ganged together to destroy the only viable and truly humanistic democracy in the Middle East, indeed possibly the world, considering the fact that we are becoming more of a socialist oligarchy under the rule of Obama.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7Mupoo1At8&feature=player_embedded (h/t to Double Tapper)

I have read a number of tracts explaining some of the reasons the Jews have been persecuted through the centuries. Does it not move you to wonder, that so many countries and cultures should have tried so hard to either exclude the Jews from their midst, enslave them or completely destroy them? There are those who would claim it is because of something wrong with the Jews themselves, that it is like the body's immune system fighting off an infection, but I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why this is the worst sort of true racism, an evil anti-Semitism which is rotten, putrid with a pathological sickness of its own which it projects onto the Jewish culture and religion.

Don't call me a hypocrite for not being willing to accept Islam as a valid religion - it is merely the fantasy of an ignorant pedophilic madman who discovered a way to subjugate large numbers of other ignorant herdsmen and villagers who needed to be led, willing to accept vague promises of virgins in the after-life if they would only bow down before him, give him their virgin pre-pubescent daughters for his sexual pleasure, and kill anyone he pointed them toward. Of course, it didn't hurt that he was also telling them they could keep whatever women they came across as the spoils of war, to be used as sex slaves and targets for their rage and feelings of inadequacy, "things" which could be beaten without reason or consequence. That really appeals to the Arab mentality (as low as that is), especially when you throw in the permission to use young "beardless" boys as sex objects as well, which many Arabs prefer over the goats and camels many of them had been using prior to Mo making up the pretend religion called Islam.

And for those of you late to the game, don't think I am making any of this up. If you actually read the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sura, and understand the concept of abrogation (http://www.jihadwatch.org/islam-101.html), you will find these statements are true.

Back to the Jews: they are called the Chosen People, chosen by G-d. Were I to believe in G-d myself, I would believe he has chosen them to suffer for that honor. They certainly have, from being Pharoah's slaves, to Rome's oppressed subjects, to the victim's of European disdain and ill-treatment, to the victims of Russian pograms, to beig cast into the ovens of Nazi Germany as well as having been used for horrendous and cruelly pointless medical experiments by "doctors" allied to that regime. They continue to suffer today, as victims of the attacks of muslims and skinheads, and all manner of anti-Semites throughout the world. And as they suffer at the hands of a U.N. which is no more compassionate, fair, balanced or moral than Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Milosevic, or any other butcher known to mankind.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) once wrote an essay about the Jews, this link being the summation of the essay. He wrote of their endurance, but also of their disproportionate contribution to mankind. I think much of anti-Semitism may simply be an unconscious (or at least unstated) manifestation of the envy felt by lesser members of the human race. However, it may also be true that their inoffensive acceptance of much of what befalls them makes them an easy target, a target that has been chosen time and time again by tyrants throughout history to focus a country's anger upon. A target that would not fight back, and was therefore safe to use to distract a populace from what the tyrant was actually doing to them. If it could be blamed upon the Jews, the anger of the populace would not fall upon the tyrant.

Another facet is the fact that the Jews, being industrious, hard-working and clever, would amass property, fortunes that were the envy of those around them. When kings and governments needed money, they would borrow - often with no intention of paying back - from the Jews. Some would simply confiscate their wealth, condemning the Jews and making up reasons as to why the Jews deserved to be treated in that fashion. How well that has worked through the ages is incredible to me, but it certainly worked for many a king, many a tyrant.

As with any attempt to generalize, you can always point to exceptions, but as a race and as a culture, the Jewish people have never deserved the treatment they have received at the hands of the rest of the world. It is reprehensible for any agency which claims to be formed for the purpose of protecting and nurturing the people of all the countries on earth to savage the State of Israel the way the U. N. has for so many years now. If there were no other reason for ending the U.N., that would be reason enough. It is a nasty conglomeration of self-serving political leaders who decide the fate of their subjects (almost none are true citizens), and who have decided that the Jews must continue to suffer at the hands of their "betters". An organization that prefers the counsel of a creature such as Ahmadinejad - who calls for the physical destruction of Israel and the annihilation of her people - over the open democracy that Israel offers all of her citizens, Arab and Israeli alike, is not an agency worthy of support. Its actions and demands - such as Durban - must be fought against and shown for the ant-Semitic evil that they are.

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