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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sodom and Gomorrah revisited

On the JWR web site, I came across an essay where a Rabbi (Moshe Averick) wrote "A Plea To Atheists", concerning the fact that, apparently, many atheists hold to no moral standards, believing that moral standards are a religious construct that have no truth value to those who do not believe in G-d or a Supreme Being of some sort, or that moral standards are a social convention at best. Rabbi Averick is especially concerned about the attempt on the part of some people, notably atheists again, to change the way society looks at pedophilia.

In reading about this, I discovered that there is a recent move to try to change the DSM IV, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, removing pedophilia as a disorder. These people want to have us all treat pedophilia as sex between consenting partners, irrespective of whether a child can actually consent. These disgusting, immoral (characterizing themselves as "amoral", although they do know better) creatures speak of twelve-year-old boys who desire (so they claim) sex with an adult, as if these children simply cannot bear to not have homosexual encounters with aged chickenhawks with rouged cheeks and toupees askew upon their bald heads, simply must be fondled and penetrated by these perverted creatures. Man-Boy Love, indeed.

I have written elsewhere (not on this blog) about a book by Piers Anthony, who has written many science fiction and fantasy novels. He wrote a book called Firefly, in which a five-year-old girl is mad to have sex with a middle-aged adult male. She seduces and practically rapes the man, who struggles mightily to refuse her charms, but simply cannot, and succumbs to the little witch's wiles, penetrating her repeatedly over a period of time, weeks or months, IIRC.

Right. I never finished the book, so perhaps I missed where this adult male admits it was only a fantasy and never happened, or where they got married when she turned eighteen, or whatever. No matter the outcome of the book, it was a paean to pedophilia, an apologia for child sex, demonstrating (in the author's mind alone) so vividly how difficult it is to spurn the sexual needs of the very young. What a load of horse manure.

Obama appointed one of his many Marxist and totally immoral fellow travelers to the post of Education Secretary, who then appointed Kevin Jennings to head the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. Per Erick Erickson at Redstate, "Working in a school system, Jennings was approached by a 15 year old boy who told Jennings that a much older man had picked the boy up in a bus station bathroom. Jennings encouraged the boy to pursue a sexual relationship with the man. Kevin Jennings is Barack Obama’s 'Safe Schools Czar.'"

With a society that has made homosexuality - considered a perversion of nature for thousands of years (how would a species not die out if the very fluids of reproduction were routinely deposited in places that made procreation absolutely impossible?) - an acceptable practice for everyone, a society that encourages child sex ("Man-Boy Love"), that looks upon incest as being merely an embarrassment rather than a perversion, that teaches our very school children to look upon homosexuality as simply an alternate yet very reasonable choice, we are destined for the kind of social aberration that was the downfall of the mythical (or real?) Sodom and Gomorrah. When our country has sunk to the low of even considering making pedophilia an accepted practice, it is time to stop our slide into such corruption and complete immorality.

How an otherwise intelligent and rational human being could consider pedophilia acceptable is beyond my ability to conceive. There is no way a child has the experience, the insight, the education, or the freedom to choose his or her own path when it comes to having sexual relations with anyone, even another child, let alone an adult who would take advantage of the child's innocence to gratify their own desires. It is even sicker, more destructive, for an adult to seek to convince a child that such activity is good, or an expression of love for another person, as some incestuous parents and pedophiles have done.

How have we sunk so low? I realize child sex has been a feature of other cultures, accepted as either normal or at least permissible in places like the Middle East (Arabs, muslims), Greece (in the past more so than currently), and in Thailand. That certainly doesn't make it right, any more than the prevalence of cock fighting or dog fighting makes those activities proper. America was meant to be a grand experiment with improving the way people interact with each other as well as with their government, protecting the rights of the individual against the wishes of the mob (that being the definition of true democracy: the wishes of the mob). How has a nation based on the correct moral strictures of Judeo-Christian thought and religion come to this point, that children should be a commodity for the gratification of the sexual pleasure of adults? That is something we may have come to expect from the muslim freaks who are orthodox followers of Islam - the religion not of peace but of pedophilia - but not from American citizens. Yet, here we are.

I explained to Rabbi Averick that, although I am an atheist, I try to be a moral man. That not all of us atheists believe morality is in the eye of the beholder, that some of us do understand there are mala per se, things that are wrong, that are bad, in and of themselves. Pedophilia is one of those things. Let us please not lose sight of that fact, not allow the Left and the repugnant moral relativists to put all of our children at even greater risk in this aberrant society which seems to have replaced the world we knew and loved.


  1. It's a topic that is so hard to contemplate that it's often left alone. Consequently, the evil ones get the run of the place. Like Kevin Jennings. That this guy should ever be allowed near a school, let alone making policies, ought to a felony in every state of the country, and a crime in every country on earth.

  2. Were I the parent of a child he encouraged to have sex with a pedophile (and learned of it), he would no longer have been an issue. The three S's would have been invoked.


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