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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 26, 2014

Testicular cancer

No, not me. Western civilization. Russia may be showing a little more in the way of "cojones" right now than the rest of the West - Europe and America, anyway, but Western Europe has bent over to appease its muslim immigrants and muslim "citizens" (although they don't consider themselves to be citizens of the European countries they live in). America has its trousers at half-mast, but hasn't quite bent over yet, although it is starting to lean forward. And heavily to the left. [late ed. change ;-)]

Those of us who have been paying attention know how far "multi-culturalism" has taken over countries like Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, England. It is fairly common knowledge that Geert Wilders, a member of the government of the Netherlands, has been harassed by his own government for "hate speech" for the truths - most of them easily proven to be factual - he has spoken concerning islam. However, as much as I despise the governments of Scandinavia and Middle Europe for their coddling of muslims, the most craven, cowardly, disgusting government is that of the United Kingdom.

Where the other governments of Europe are suffering from the cancer, England has not only had a bi-lateral orchiectomy (surgical removal of those two little organs), but the cancer has spread to every part of the "body politic".

Not too long ago, a local politician gave a speech at a street rally in which he related a quote of something said by Winston Churchill concerning islam and muslims. [You probably have noticed I refuse to capitalize the word - it is because I refuse to show any respect for the cult of islam] This politician was arrested, because his voicing of that quotation was deemed likely to "incite" the local muslims. So, obviously, Europe has a problem with free speech. Oh, wait - I misspoke. Free speech is permitted, but only if it is done by muslims. They can speak of killing infidels, of beheading non-believers, of wiping Israel from the face of the earth, of destroying America, the "Great Satan". They can curse the very British government which provides free housing and billions (that is not an exaggeration) of pounds of money and other assistance to muslim immigrants, without fear of reprisal. So, no free speech for the countries' own citizens ("subjects" in the case of the UK), but complete freedom of expression for muslims.

That is not the worst of it. As Paul Harvey used to say, here's the rest of the story.

Recently, it became public knowledge that the borough of Rotherham in the UK had experienced well over 1400 cases of rape, gang-rape, forced prostitution, forced drug addiction for the purpose of sexual abuse and forced prostitution, grooming for prostitution and sexual abuse (the only distinction being whether the sex was paid for or provided as a "courtesy" to friends or acquaintances), as well as beatings, being doused with gasoline and threatened with death. The victims were all young, female, and British non-muslim. It is believed that the number of girls victimized may actually be more than double that figure. One young victim verbally confronted one the muslims who "groomed" her for sexual abuse when she saw him on the street, and was violently arrested by the very police who looked the other way when the muslims used her.

One thing that stands out like a neon sign is the fact that the British media refuses to identify these scumwads as muslim. The papers all call them "Asian". None of the names you read are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, or even Malaysian. They are all Middle Eastern, and the scum involved are all muslim. In much of the UK, they are predominantly Pakistani, as I believe were most of the Rotherham animals involved.

I know that a number of parents did actually try to get the police - and the city council - to do something during the 16 years this was known to be going on, but nothing was done because the perpetrators were muslims. I must say I just can't understand how this continued so long without at least _some_ of the fathers killing some of the muslims involved. Yes, I understand that the British are sheep, that they permit their government to do things that should have ended when the Magna Carta was signed (although we are catching up with them in that sense, since our government has been ignoring the Constitution for many years, especially since Wilson and FDR, but even more so since the Obamination took office). I also know that a number of the young girls victimized were children of single mothers, some of whom were drug addicts and not even available as a parent to the girls.

Nonetheless, had this happened in some parts of America (notably the South, and parts of the West) I feel certain a torch-light parade of fathers, brothers, and concerned citizens would have piled Pakistani bodies on the outskirts of town soon after it was discovered to be going on, not simply protesting it verbally for sixteen years.

Oslo, Norway has been trying to conceal for some time the fact that 100% (again, not an exaggeration) of the rapes occurring in their city have been perpetrated by muslim males. Yet, even that pales against a town that would look the other way while thousands of young girls were raped, gang-raped and otherwise victimized by muslim scum. But - don't for a minute think that this hasn't been happening in other towns and cities in England, as well.

I hope someday that islam will be recognized as a cancer on the face of the earth, and that the death cult will be eradicated, perhaps beginning with the destruction of the islamic shrines in Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem (a place that Mohammed never actually visited). It should be done, not simply because of the damage to so many muslim children and women, the damage to innocent citizens in Israel, and in various other countries around the world, but because the beliefs and behaviors of the cult are so vile, with no redeeming value whatsoever.

Any muslims - or wanna-be muslims, muslim apologists, or other fellow travelers - who wish to visit me to dispute the issue, feel free to contact me. I would be perfectly happy to provide explicit directions to where I live. Just keep in mind that this is rural, mountainous country, and I have three or four sturdy shovels close at hand.

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