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~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 5, 2015

Following the qur'an: ISIS obeys the commands of allah as passed through the holy prophet mohammed.

“When your Lord inspired to the angels, ‘I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.'” (Qur’an 8:12)

When anyone - and especially the President, Barack Hussain Obama, who is not a muslim but takes the side of muslims over even the very people he swore an oath to protect, whose job it is to protect - tells you we must respect islam and the right of muslims to practice their "religion", stop and ask yourself this question: if my religion tells me it is my duty to kill every black person on the face of the earth, do you still have to respect my right to practice that religion, to kill those black people? If my religion tells me it is my duty to kill every person of Jewish descent on the face of the earth, do you still have to allow me to do as my religion tells me I must? What if my religion tells me it is acceptable for me to rape any nine-year old (or older) girl that I "marry" in the name of my religion? Do you imagine there are any nine-yeart-old girls - even muslim girls - who really want to have forced sex with a man, let alone some smelly old goat of an elderly muslim male?

How is it, then, that you would accept the President's demand that we must accept the barbaric, disgusting, horrific, and lethal behavior of those commanded by their made-up "god" allah to beat, burn, stone, rape, kill, and even - as seen by the commandment from the qur'an above - to cut off the fingertips of a child. The child of a man who has chosen the Christian faith for himself, said child being tortured and beaten by ISIS members in order to make the man recant his belief.

Obama knows the torture, beatings, gang-rapes of young girls, stonings, burnings, drownings and beheadings are happening every single day by ISIS members (and many other muslims who aren't actually part of ISIS) in the Middle East. He simply doesn't care. Yes, that is a fact, a fact which follows quite easily from the fact that he is doing nothing to stop ISIS other than a few bomb attacks on the muslims fighting alongside Assad in Syria, some of whom may be ISIS members. 

I haven't a clue what it might take to wake up the progressives in this country, the brainless Nancy Pelosis, the venal Harry Reid's, the slimy, scheming Schumers, the doddering, weepy, limp-appendaged Boehners, to the fact that islam is a scourge, a plague that will - if allowed to continue - destroy Western Civilization. Now, if you are as stupid as Pelosi, you simply aren't bright enough to connect the dots and see where they are leading. If you are as venal as Reid, you don't care, as long as you, your son, and your cronies can get rich off of your government connections in the meantime.

The people who control the mainstream media, the broadcast and cable TV stations, the newsprint media, and even the progressive web sites are all so complicit in this suffering, death, and destruction that they deserve death as a penalty. Yes, I do understand that seems harsh - until you look at the facts:

                     Do you really think that the majority of even the progressives are in favor of old men repeatedly raping - orally, anally, and vaginally - nine-year old girls? Of being allowed by their religion to rape infants anally, but just not vaginally? Do you think most Democrats would approve if they realized that the daily rape, beatings, and other abuses of muslim sex slaves - like the thousands of girls and women recently captured by ISIS in their attacks throughout the Middle East - were really happening?

The media deliberately covers these horrific activities up by either not writing/speaking of them, downplaying them, or pretending that these things are just "conspiracy theories" of a few weird Republican or conservatives, "tin foil hat" loonies. They make it easy for the Left to go on about its business telling itself it is all lies. That decent muslim people would never do that. That the wives and daughters of muslim men would never allow themselves to be beaten or raped. Why they simply would run dowm to the local court and have a restraining order issued. I'm sure the Shariah courts issue restraining orders every day <s>. And most Democrats, progressives are indeed disconnected enough to let themselves believe it isn't really happening.

There is nothing new about this, folks. The owners and editors of our newspapers knew when millions - yes, millions - of Ukrainians were starved to death by their own government. Yet those newspapers, those well-respected news commentators such as Walter Duranty, claimed nothing was going on, that the Ukrainians were not being starved or otherwise abused. (Of course, these Communist sympathizers would never say anything against the Soviet Union.)

Our news media knew about the concentration camps, the death camps, operated by Germany before and during WWII. Yet, they ignored that, also, refusing to print what was going on, the millions who were being killed, starved and worked to death, even experimented on in brutal "scientific" experiments, such as how long a Jewess would survive when she was in childbirth with her legs strapped together.

Nonetheless, the facts are out there. A tiny bit of applied logic would inform the people on the Left that there are very nasty things happening, happening in the name of islam. When even that evil witch who parties on the taxpayers money stands holding a hashtag sign about the girls taken as sex slaves by Boko Haram does nothing, when she doesn't demand that her husband - the most powerful politician in the world - mount an operation to free those girls, what does it tell you? It tells you she really doesn't give a damn. The only effort she is willing to expend is to hold a piece of paper up infront of a camera - just before she boards Air Force 1 on her way to Martha's Vineyard. Or Hawaii. Or Spain. Or Rome.

I've got to cut it short here, folks. Let me rephrase that, since this "ain't" short, that's for sure: I have to stop here, because I am having difficulty handling the knowledge that our government is currently being led by people who really do not care about anything beyond their next golf game or foreign vacation - all at our expense. If that doesn't make you sick too, then God help you. Think about all of the current in your face EVIL that is being ignored by those who could be doing something about it. It should be Barack and Michelle's fingertips coming off instead of a young, helpless, frightened and suffering boy's.

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