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Monday, June 29, 2020

Who will be Biden's V.P., and how was she chosen?

My friend Bill Doyle and I have believed for some time that Hillary will be "chosen" by Biden as his VP. I've been giving it a lot of thought, and I'm having second (and third) thoughts.  I think it might be Michelle Obama, instead. First, she is not under a cloud of multiple felony crimes as Hillary is. No, Hillary will never be charged, let alone tried, for even the felonies she has _admitted_ being guilty of committing. But many people may still understand she is a criminal - just an "undocumented" criminal.

Another reason is that - in my opinion only - her sociopathic personality and extreme anger when things don't go her way would make her less controllable by those who operate (like a marionette) the various Democrat leaders, such as Barack Hussein. Given the power of the presidency, even those in control might fear finding their names on her "List". I'm not sure she _could_ be controlled, and the PTB may feel the same way.

It could be claimed by the DNC that Michelle is far more popular, that she would win the bipartisan black vote, the bipartisan "female" vote, the total Democrat vote, and even the vote of  non-Democrat white male virtue-signalers. So, if all the Democrat election fraud by mail-in vote, hacked voting machines, vote harvesting, illegal alien votes, multiple voting by Democrat voters, and other methods were in actuality overcome by the real votes of the majority of legal American voters choosing Trump, they could still manipulate the vote _count_ itself, and claim she won due to her "widespread bipartisan popularity". That would be a far easier sell than it would be for Hillary. (DNC ad for Biden VP: "No hags need apply").

Think about this, and point out where I am wrong. Please. I think Hillary might still be easier to beat, so seeing Michelle made VP by the DNC could be a very bad thing.

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