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~ Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honor and the cult of islam, aka: the definition of oxymoron

I should have done as Lever Action did on his blog, and advise those few folks who visit here (less than his blog, I'm sure) that I would be away from the 'Net for a while. The "missus" and I have been traveling around the country visiting friends and family, and have not had easy access in some of the locations where we have stayed.

Currently, I am in a town near Dallas called Gun Barrel City - great name, isn't it? - visiting my best friend from high school (not to diminish my other best friend, from grade school and junior high. Sad to say, I don't really have many close friends who value my weird - if interesting - friendship. Frequent readers here probably aren't surprised ;-)

My friend, Glenn, showed me a poster which I simply had to post. We all have failings as individuals, and some cultures and societies have failures as well (we seem to be heading that way, presently), but some - such as islam - exhibit the worst features, the worst failures of human spirit possible.

Those who deny American "exceptionalism" are worse than fools. They are traitors to what our best people do to help others across the world. They betray the young men and women who place themselves in harm's way to protect the helpless. When our own President bows to those who embrace a cult which demands the death of those who do not believe as it does, he demeans both the office of the Presidency and all that America stands for. He shows himself to be a fool, or worse.

Where is the honor in using human shields, as the muslims do? In making living bombs out of their own retarded children? In stoning women to death for the crime of being raped by a male relative? In cutting off the noses and ears of young girls who have dated an unapproved boy? In causing the death of over a dozen school girls because they couldn't be allowed to leave a burning building without their burkas? In using young "beardless boys" as sex toys for the gratification of their own perverted urges?

I am quite certain that some of my relatives believe I am way out in left field on the subject of islam (yes, I refuse to capitalize it anymore, as I have been refusing to capitalize "muslim" for some time now). Understand that most of my relatives are either Roman Catholic or formerly so. They are loving, compassionate people who care about others and many of them have gone far beyond the norm in donating time and money and even their own homes, taking in foster children and adopting children. Unfortunately, though, some of them are Democrats, and end up supporting politicians who think the ends justify the means. Politicians who do not care that islam is a cult of death, not a peaceful religion that we could actually co-exist with (don't you just love the "Co-exist" bumper stickers that include the symbol for islam, which prescribes death for any muslim who converts to a different faith?)

I would hope that even left-leaning people (who still have their wits about them) could take the simple concept offered by this poster on Honor and conclude that islam is not honorable. That islam is about death, not love of our fellow humans on this earth. That islam will only permit life if that life is muslim, and is especially harsh toward those who have renounced it. That the very books (quran and haddith) that are the foundation of islam declare that lying and deception (taqqiyah), are perfectly acceptable if they advance the cause of producing a universal caliphate, a world where islam is the only permitted religion or mode of government.

Let me say it for the cheap seats:   THERE IS NO HONOR IN ISLAM.

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