Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Silence Is The Goal

The assault on free speech by many countries across the globe is gaining a foothold here in America, as well. While we still enjoy the ability to say what we will, and to post what we will here on the Web, free speech is nonetheless under attack in the media and in the halls of government, where such scum as Harry Reid and John Kerry whine about how we shouldn't be allowed to voice any opinions that offend their particular sensibilities. Those That Would Rule Us do not wish us to say anything which might awaken others to our actual plight as their chattel. Any criticism of government, socialism, "social justice", wealth distribution, etc. are deemed damaging, subversive, seditious.

The excellent owner of the blog Eternity Road, Francis W. Porretto, has written an article under his nom de plume (or alter ego), Curmudgeon Emeritus. It is entitled, Silence is the Goal. Our silence, that is. The silencing of Those Who Would Not Be Ruled. We are not talking about anarchists (for the most part ;-), but simply those who believe in the natural rights of the individual, and their inviolability by those who think they know better, or simply wish to exert power and control over the rest of us.

Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly has taken an incredibly nasty hit in Merry Old England, where those whom the government disapproves of suffer beatings and arrest even when peaceably convening in the venue of a pub. In Canada, people have been sued and harassed for expressing an opinion about muslims and islam, the "religion of peace". We won't even start on the long and tortuous trials of Geert Wilders in Denmark.

There is a strong movement by liberals, Democrats especially, to silence those of us who feel threatened by the changes occurring both in our government and in our society. They have already muddied the waters significantly by redefining our language to mean what they wish it to mean, making it difficult to have a meaningful discussion of these issues as what they mean by a particular word is diametrically opposite of what the word formerly meant. Bringing this country to the condition where it is no longer permissible to voice an opinion contrary to "political correctness" would be tantamount to silencing any dissent they wish to be silenced.

Please read Silence is the Goal, and take it to heart.


  1. While I am still gainfully employed by some that may disagree with my politics, I try and keep politics out of my blog. Yet we still have differing opinions on various post subjects, be it guns or how to make chili. One thing I have noted, is conservatives will discuss, even if they disagree, giving their viewpoint, the facts to back it up and inviting challenging response to same, all politely and listening. The anti gun/liberals that wander over just rant, insult and leave (usually with a fake name or no name).

  2. True story, Brigid. I've heard a number of horror stories of folks harassed and/or fired for voicing their opinion, so I don't blame you in the least.

    Liberals don't support individual rights - including freedom of speech - only collective rights. It is their "collective right" to voice an opinion ("Sarah Palin should be killed", or "Bush should be hung"), especially from the cover of a false name or the center of a mob.

    Simply disagree with something Barry or Harry or Nancy has said, and you are a traitor and a right-wing terrorist. They insist that the Right simply STFU.


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