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Monday, February 6, 2012

Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in a so-called Patriot

It is with great regret that I find it necessary to remove a blog from my list of those that I follow with pleasure and the anticipation of reading great ideas and insightful thoughts. However, when I find that the individual writing the blog has stepped away from rationality, and displays a taste for the beliefs and ideas of the Third Reich, I must part ways with him.

The Arctic Patriot and I have disagreed before on whether or not Nazi Germany had any redeeming characteristics. If I understood him correctly, he felt that they were a worthy nation, based at least in part on their fight against the Communists. I supposed at the time that he meant in the fashion of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". I cannot countenance a nation which supported the planned and very efficiently carried out death of millions of Jews, along with Gypsies, Poles, the "defective" (retarded men women and children, the aged and infirm, etc.) and many others, including political dissidents (just as the Communists killed political dissidents, or consigned them to gulags). I truly believe, however, that his appreciation for the Third Reich consisted of more than simply their distaste for Communists. I was unable to get any feeling from him that the murder of more than six million - even though this was indeed far surpassed by both Stalin and Mao Tse "Dung" in the numbers of their own people they killed - was actually a crime against humanity.

Now, I find in the side notes of his blog demonstrable distaste for Jews and Israelis, as well. Providing a list of "choices" (talk about stacking the deck in favor of the responses you wish to get, much like the apologists for the "Global Warming" scam) for whether or not America should go to war with Iran, he lists:

Iran is a Muslim country and Islam is evil. Israel is Jewish and Jews are Gods Chosen People. We should protect Israel even though their religion holds Goyim in utter contempt.

Now I don't know where he gets his info - probably from his autographed copy of Mein Kampf - but Jews do not hold goyim in utter contempt, any more than Catholics hold Jews in utter contempt. Judaism does not seek the death of all non-believers the way Islam does, the way Islam requires it, but he acts as if Judaism is no more morally correct than Islam, although anyone with half a brain - who does not worship either Mohammed or Adolf Hitler - can read both the Torah and the Quran and tell the difference.

He then goes on to another choice:

Israel should be the only nation allowed superior military hardware in the region even if they do sell it to our enemies.

We sell our technology and our weapons to our enemies, and have for many years. The muslims in Afghanistan are currently using weapons we gave them, let alone sold them, to kill our troops. We have done this before and during every war. We sold equipment and technology to the Germans before (and during - as did Rockefeller and Joseph Kennedy) the war, as well as steel to the Japanese that was made into ships and aircraft and weapons with which they killed many thousands of our troops and sailors. We continue to supply the Palestinians with money that they buy weapons with, which are used against the Israelis on an on-going basis. But the Israelis are bad because someone in their country has made some money by selling to people who may - or may not be - our enemies. I don't hear AP condemning America for giving aid to the Germans before WWII. But they were German, so that makes it all right, I suppose.

Finally, along with many other slanted, biased, and infantile "choices" he lists:

Yes, lets start World War 3 just for the hell of it. Supporting Israel is worth dead US soldiers and crashing our economy.

Not only does he get ridiculous here (World War 3? Did invading Iraq - twice - bring about World War 3?), but he shows his contempt for Jewish life, Israeli life. We would never have become a country if France had not given us significant aid against England. That was partly because they were willing to help anyone who would cause trouble to, or weaken, England. But it was also because they understood the desire for liberty that burned within the breasts of so many in what was to become America. The desire for freedom, the right to live without fear or tyranny or oppression.

Israel wants these things as well. They have never sought to oppress the Arabs, the muslims, living within their country. They have allowed many thousands to become full citizens of Israel, and have even allowed them to participate in their government, in the Knesset, their equivalent of Congress. They do not seek the death and destruction of any country, even those which have sworn death and destruction to them, who have attacked them on their own land and killed thousands of their own citizens. They wish only peace, to be left alone, to survive and live their lives without the constant fear of death and destruction. Yes, they have attacked other countries to secure their own survival, or in response to the murder of their own people, as well as due to incursions by terrorists supported and equipped by Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and elsewhere.

A wise man once put it this way. Take away the arms of the muslims, and there will be no war. Take away the arms of the Israelis, and there will be no Israel. That is not to suggest that there should be total disarmament of the muslims, however desirable that might be. It is merely to demonstrate the difference in intent between the two factions. One seeks the destruction of Israel. The other simply seeks the survival of Israel.

Yet the Arctic Patriot, lover of Germany as it went to war with not just the Russians but with humanity itself, feels that Israel and the Jews are out of line. That they are unworthy of our help, our support. I imagine, if I were to waste my time attempting to discuss this with him, that he would fall back on Ron Paul's anti-Semitic stance of isolationism - a failed attempt to claim that we shouldn't get involved in any other country's defense, but which I believe he has demonstrated to be due to his dislike of Israel and Jews (just as AP has demonstrated it). Yes, I feel quite certain he would claim that,in spite of Israel being the only other functioning democracy in the world (Britain is a socialist country, not a functioning democracy, although they are worthy of our support as well, as we did in WWII), let alone the Middle East, it is not our place to give them aid of any sort.

Actually, that would suit the Israelis quite well, if it also included a promise that our government would not interfere at all. If they would simply stand aside while Israel defended herself appropriately, instead of demanding that Israel give up what little land they possess in a ridiculous attempt at swapping land for peace. (That has never worked. It has only allowed the Palestinians to move ever closer with their Katusha rockets, their mortars and their homicidal bombers.) Instead of demanding the Israel "show restraint" in her response to the murder of her women and children by muslim scum.

I wonder if AP loves the muslims the way Nazi Germany and Hitler loved the muslims, knowing full well they were partners in the attempt to rid the world of any and all Jews? From the stance he has taken on the subject of Jews and Israel, I would guess he does.

Consequently, I must purge his biased and bigoted blog from the list of those I am willing to read. I wish I could still call him a compatriot in the fight in America for the freedom and liberty we have lost, and that many of us wish to regain. But I have sworn to withhold myself from those who are proven anti-Semites. I need no "friends" among the neo-Nazis, the muslims, or other trash who hate the Jews just for being Jews.

I am a gentile - a "goy", as it would be said in Yiddish. I have no Jewish blood in me, to the best of my knowledge, although I would gladly claim it, if it were the case. Both sides of my family have been French-Canadian and Roman Catholic as far back as we can tell (although I am a heathen, a lost sheep now).

Nonetheless, after much reading about Shoah and the Jews, after knowing many Jewish people - nice and not-so-nice, as is true of all groups of people, save perhaps the orthodox followers of Islam - back in New York when I lived there, after some slight familiarity with their religion and their culture, I find I like them, with all of their virtues and their faults as a people, a culture, and a religion. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) once wrote a short article on the virtues of the Jews, what light and knowledge they have supplied to human civilization through the centuries, and I find myself in agreement.

Those ignorant enough, base enough, those biased and poisoned of mind enough to hate the Jews and the Israelis deserve to be shunned. They deserve to be separated from any approval or acceptance as being worthy of friendship or contact. How you choose to deal with them, dear reader, is up to you. But I find them disgusting and completely without any redeeming features. I am done with the Arctic Patriot, as he calls himself.


  1. Hey, Reg T.

    Why don't you include the full context.

    I copied and pasted a survey from another site. The entire thing was sarcasm.

  2. Hey, great "find" BTW! Congrats!

    I "only" posted it openly for a few weeks...


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