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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taqiyya: religious deception

My post on Islam killing for disrespect was commented upon by some blunt tool going by the name of J Smith (John, I presume? What an interesting name for a muslim). This fool attempts to portray Islam as the Religion of Peace. As if we haven't heard this before. I suppose none of the muslim scum in the Middle East who have been blowing each other up, poisoning young school girls, stoning women to death, beating little girls with Down's Syndrome, beheading journalists (well, I guess they're not all bad) ;-), and generally killing and causing mayhem are actually true muslims, according to J Smith.

There is a tenet of Islam which says that deception in the service of Islam is permissible. Lying to protect and promote Islam is not only acceptable, it is encouraged and expected.  From Islam 101 at Jihad Watch we learn:

i. Taqiyya -- Religious Deception
Due to the state of war between dar al-Islam and dar al-harb, reuses de guerre, i.e., systematic lying to the infidel, must be considered part and parcel of Islamic tactics. The parroting by Muslim organizations throughout dar al-harb that "Islam is a religion of peace," or that the origins of Muslim violence lie in the unbalanced psyches of particular individual "fanatics," must be considered as disinformation intended to induce the infidel world to let down its guard. Of course, individual Muslims may genuinely regard their religion as "peaceful" -- but only insofar as they are ignorant of its true teachings, or in the sense of the Egyptian theorist Sayyid Qutb, who posited in his Islam and Universal Peace that true peace would prevail in the world just as soon as Islam had conquered it.
A telling point is that, while Muslims who present their religion as peaceful abound throughout dar al-harb, they are nearly non-existent in dar al-Islam. A Muslim apostate once suggested to me a litmus test for Westerners who believe that Islam is a religion of "peace" and "tolerance": try making that point on a street corner in Ramallah, or Riyadh, or Islamabad, or anywhere in the Muslim world. He assured me you wouldn't live five minutes.
The author goes on to explain that "taqiyya" means "to remain faithful", but that its actual meaning is dissimulation. Just as "Islam" means "peace", but its actual meaning is "submission". Islam means peace through submission, just as taqqiya means to remain faithful through dissimulation, tricking non-believers into believing Islam is peaceful. He then adds:
"Taqiyya" is the religiously-sanctioned doctrine, with its origins in Shi'a Islam but now practiced by non-Shi'a as well, of deliberate dissimulation about religious matters that may be undertaken to protect Islam, and the Believers. A related term, of broader application, is "kitman," which is defined as "mental reservation." An example of "Taqiyya" would be the insistence of a Muslim apologist that "of course" there is freedom of conscience in Islam, and then quoting that Qur'anic verse -- "There shall be no compulsion in religion." {2:256} But the impression given will be false, for there has been no mention of the Muslim doctrine of abrogation, or naskh, whereby such an early verse as that about "no compulsion in religion" has been cancelled out by later, far more intolerant and malevolent verses. In any case, history shows that within Islam there is, and always has been, "compulsion in religion" for Muslims, and for non-Muslims.
In times when the greater strength of dar al-harb [the non-muslim world] necessitates that the jihad take an indirect approach, the natural attitude of a Muslim to the infidel world must be one of deception and omission. Revealing frankly the ultimate goal of dar al-Islam [the Islamic world] to conquer and plunder dar al-harb when the latter holds the military trump cards would be strategic idiocy. Fortunately for the jihadists, most infidels do not understand how one is to read the Quran, nor do they trouble themselves to find out what Muhammad actually did and taught, which makes it easy to give the impression through selective quotations and omissions that "Islam is a religion of peace." Any infidel who wants to believe such fiction will happily persist in his mistake having been cited a handful of Meccan verses and told that Muhammad was a man of great piety and charity. Digging only slightly deeper is sufficient to dispel the falsehood.
The Left in America (and throughout Europe, Australia, and the rest of the non-muslim world) would have you believe Islam is "the religion of peace" because it suits them to do so. Promoting and protecting Islam - while vilifying and undermining Christianity (no prayer in public places, no nativity scenes, no displays of the Ten Commandments per the Supreme Court - which displays the Ten Commandments on their own building - nothing that might offend a muslim). These useful fools accept the taqiyya spoken and written by muslims through CAIR and the other organs of the Islamic world (dar al-Islam) without question, because it makes them feel good that they can demonstrate how open and un-bigoted they think themselves to be, how multicultural and worldy they believe themselves to be.
So, when lying SOBs like "J Smith" attempt to get you to believe Islam is the "Religion of Peace", remember that Islam literally translated means "Submission" (to the will of Allah). Remember that the religion of peace is responsible for all of the "suicide" bombers, the beheadings, stonings of women, "honor" killings of young girls and women, the rape of Western women ("pieces of meat" per their imams), the sodomy of young boys ("beardless boys": Bacha Bereesh, boy sex slaves), the sexual penetration of infant girls (whom they must "provide for" for the rest of their lives if they do so, although they are then treated as sex slaves, not wives), and sodomy with animals as well. There is your "religion of peace" - actually a death cult for all but true believers, with sexual slavery and perversion the fate of any female - child or adult woman - as well as young boys and infidels who come under their control.
Don't listen to their lies. Don't accept their deception, their Taqiyya.   

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