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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Iran re-affirms its plan to destroy Israel

I indicated in my post "American Traitors", that Obama, Kerry Jarrett (who was born and lived in Iran) were negotiating to agree to Iran continuing to enrich uranium. IIRC, they already have enough centrifuges to produce weapons-grade uranium. If Iran is not stopped from getting more centrifuges - which would be necessary if they are going to produce fuel to operate nuclear power plants, which is what they _claim_ to be doing, in spite of possessing more than enough oil to power their country for the next century or two - then those additional centrifuges will simply be used to create more weapons-grade uranium for (gasp) more weapons.

In a post at Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch, Iran has again made it clear they intend to destroy Israel - and by extension, America, which they call "The Great Satan". Yes, the author of this latest threat is not a member of their government, per se, but neither was his statement corrected or disavowed by Iran's actual leaders. His militia, the Basij militia of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, is a group used, and encouraged in their activities, by Iran's leaders. He is merely parroting what the secular and religious leaders of Iran have been saying for many years.

So, have you any qualms remaining about the possibility that Israel has been spying on our government? Can you see where they might feel the need to determine in just what way Obama et al are betraying them at any particular point in time? I certainly do. Hopefully there is a highly-placed Jew or someone who sympathizes with Israel concerning Obama's willingness to see Israel damaged and/or destroyed. Someone close to Jarrett or someone else in the inner circle who can help.

Israel is the one country in the Middle East which is an actual democracy. Arab countries ruled for many centuries by clans and tribes are incapable of being led to democracy. It is foreign to them and not the way they wish to live or do business. Attempts to do so will end in disaster, as has happened with Iraq, and may soon in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The only reason I can see for fighting over there is to prevent the genocide and wholesale killing of Christians and other non-muslims. And, before you whine about America not being "the world's policeman", remember that America would still be ruled by Britain if France had not come to our aid.

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