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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, December 15, 2017

Is this "conspiracy theory", or actually possible? You decide. WHY CLINTON LOST THE ELECTION.

[This has been edited, as it was poorly written late at night, and needed to be corrected.]

The puppetmasters wanted someone they could control. Clinton has never been driven by ideology - at least not since Alinsky stopped popping her for convenience, whenever he happened to be in town and didn't have a phone number for someone easier on the eyes. She is driven by two things, only: money and the ability to screw with - or kill - the people who displease her in any fashion. It could be her hairdresser, one of her staffers, a random person wearing a MAGA hat, or a whole group - such as The Deplorables™. They couldn't trust her to accomplish the goals they would set for her.

The individuals who own and operate the Left - Soros is on the fringe, held out as a visible target, still working for his masters, as he did when he aided the Nazis in rounding up Jews for the camps and the killing - simply didn't want her to win.
The _real_ movers and shakers, who remain anonymous to us in the cheap seats, knew they could control Trump by surrounding him with true believers/Obama hold-overs like McMaster, Tillerson, and Cohn. The puppetmasters know they must allow Trump to win a round or two, to satisfy the people who think they voted him into office, to quiet the plebes. So he gets to appoint Gorsuch, or wins a Supreme Court case which will seem to give him the ability to stop some of the jihadis who have been sneaking into America with the "refugees" (who are merely jihadis who haven't come out of the closet, yet), while the majority of the muslim fifth column is openly assisted in immigrating thanks to our own government and the groups getting rich by "re-settling" muslims all over our country.

As a separate issue, many of us on the conservative (not necessarily Republican) Right have noticed something interesting about where these muslims are being placed. Many are being inserted not just into Red states, but into conservative counties where they are expected to return the favor by voting Democrat. There is the additional "benefit" of them being in good position to go full-jihadi on us when the time for playing "Moderate™ muslim" is over.

So, Hillary was allowed to play her games with the primaries, shutting Sanders out, since she (illegally) was able to arrange for complete control of all the money available to the DNC. However, I contend that it is possible the puppetmasters of the Left arranged for Trump to win, because he could be controlled. But even if they failed to control him, they could place so many stumbling blocks in his way that he would do far less harm to their agenda than Hillary might do with her greed and sociopathic personality.


  1. You might be right. Some of those obama/shrub/clinton deep state puppet holdovers are gone though.

    The problem for me at least is the assumption that whoever or whatever is controlling the puppet strings is both
    omnipotent and omniscient. They make mistakes, miscalculate etc. For example the internet took them by surprise. They have lost control of the narrative.

  2. Off topic, Reg, a pleasant Christmas to you and yours. Not using the word merry, because it doesn't apply to the current environment we have to watch every day.


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