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Friday, May 17, 2019

Not deregulation, simply keeping government coercion out of the equation



  1. Good article and good comments over there, and this is a discussion that will only be finished when people get tired of the "companies" and stop using them.

    An off topic note of greater concern is discussed in the link.


  2. Grog,

    I don't go to WRSA very much anymore. It seems to have been taken over by Jew haters and jerks who think ad hominem attacks are legitimate discussion. I really don't think Pete is anti-Semitic, but he has chosen not to weed them out, and they have been spewing their nonsense in much larger numbers, the last time I looked. BUT, I did see a couple of good comments by Aesop lining out the risks and the likely outcomes of not quarantining illegals coming from countries with an active Ebola presence.

    As poorly as ICE agents are treated in the media and by their own agency, I cannot fault them for dumping the African (Congo and Uganda) illegals in a sanctuary city. If they were to sequester them in ICE facilities, it would put them in extreme danger. I don't think it was mentioned in the back-and-forth comments addressed by Aesop, but it could easily be part of a plan to destroy ICE by Soros and his minions.

    If ICE detained them in their facilities, all of the agents involved in processing them and holding them could get exposed to the virus. Iy wouldn't take many infected illegals to infect a large number of ICE personnel, to the point where there soon would not be enough to police the border (not that it has been doing a lot of good lately, with hundred-thousand monthly numbers of illegals crossing into the U.S.

    I think this may be an intentional attack on ICE and America. It is an invasion with a biological warfare component,. If the illegals were given sufficient money to travel via common carriers - buses, trains especially - infected individuals could quickly spread Ebola all across the country. Such illegals could have been promised their families would be paid large sums of money if they would spread the infection as far and wide as possible.

    I really think the military and the CDC should be dealing with any entry by people from, or who recently traveled to, the countries where Ebola is active.

  3. BTW, Blogger has screwed up my account, and it doesn't list me as "Slogging" anymore, but as "Multihull Company", a short-lived blog warning about the company my wife and I bought a 37' Lagoon cat from.


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