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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Ebola knows no boundaries - especially with a little "help" from your "friends"

A friend (h/t to Grog) reminded me about a situation that I seriously doubt was brought to national attention by the legacy media. I could be wrong, since I haven't been connected to any form of television broadcasts since 1987. Yeah, 32 years ago. No satellite, no cable, no rabbit-ears. (Just a plethora of dvds to watch.) So, I acquire my news via the Internet. Not all of my sources are conservative web sites and blogs, but probably 90% of them.


Got your tinfoil hats on? Here we go: are you able to consider for a moment that this may be biological warfare perpetrated by private (NGO) parties? Do you really believe that a large group of illegals from the Congo just happened to arrive in Mexico south of Del Rio, Texas, all by themselves, crossing over into the U.S. at that location? Do you imagine they were allowed - with or without passports - to board commercial aircraft to fly to Mexico or Central America? Hundreds of them in one group? 

What if someone with a lot of money - or the people to whom he _gave_ a lot of money - chartered a jet and loaded these hundreds of African illegals aboard? If some of them are carriers of the Ebola virus, they could infect a number of the ICE agents who process them, said ICE agents then infecting co-workers, family, friends, and/or a number of people encountered in shopping at Walmart, etc.

It wouldn't be long before ICE was no longer able to carry out its job. In addition, since the incubation period is roughly 21 days (three weeks), it could happen that a lot of folks would be infected in the first two weeks before definitive symptoms set off alarms and the beginning of an epidemic.

Think about it. folks. This isn't conspiracy theory we are talking about. It is a look into the risks, the rationale, and the possible outcomes of SOMEONE providing long distance transportation for a group of hundreds from a country with an Ebola presence and epidemic.


  1. That's the key question, Reg, who is arranging for these people to get here.

    Aesop has some pointedly raw observations on this, no play on words intended.


    1. Thanks for the link, Grog. Aesop has some very interesting things to say about the risks involved in allowing people like these Congolese illegals who crossed at Del Rio and were then transported (by Border Patrol, I think) to San Antonio. I agree with what he has said, but I sure wish ICE or Trump would try to determine who exactly helped these DRC illegals to get to the border in the first place.

      I'm not a warmonger, but intentionally bringing the risk of ebola to our country should be considered an act of war. The possibility of the disease getting out of hand and causing a pandemic is very high. Due to the availability of air transportation and the prevalence of places - like shopping centers, sporting events, etc. - the risk of mega-deaths occurring in the US and the rest of the world is great. Aesop, who I hadn't realized from earlier posts is evidently a physician, explained that our government has made no significant steps to prepare us to deal with an incursion of ebola, or similar extremely deadly and contagious diseases.

      Of course, our government has also made no real effort to protect us from EMP attack, either. I know some military facilities and infrastructure have been hardened against an EMP attack, but if the country itself is not able to prevent systemic damage from EMP, it will not help that the military can still function when the rest of the country is suddenly without power.

      Anyway, we need to find out who is responsible for bring these Congolese illegals to our border.

    2. Grog, I don't know why, but Blogger is not labeling my comments as coming from Slogging Toward Liberty, for some reason. Instead they are using a much older blog (Multihull Company?) that I ran for a while back around 2010.


  2. Good morning, Reg, sounds to me like Blogger is doing a google or youtube, trying to limit free speech that has a conservative view.

    As for your question on who is helping the illegals get here, a lot of people say George Soros and his "open borders foundation" are the primary cause of the illegals getting here, as referenced in this story from last year.


    It would surprise me not at all to learn he is funding the illegals from Africa, how else are they flying or sailing here and then walking through Central America.

    Rhetorical comment.

    There's others that are helping him, no doubt, but he is the primary funder of illegals for them to tgravel here, and it's because he wants to ruin America. What else could it be. He is evil.

    1. He is indeed evil, were it based on nothing more than his working with the Nazis to round up his fellow Jews, to his own financial gain, I'm sure, along with keeping his own butt out of the ovens. However, he has proven that "prior behavior predicts subsequent/future behavior". I confess I cannot fathom the depth of his hatred toward America. Perhaps his self-hatred causes him to pick large targets to match the depth of his self-loathing. I would bet that nothing matches his self-hatred like the success of America. His acquiring citizenship was just a tool - one that Trump should relieve him of for conspiring in so many ways to destroy America.

      I know I shouldn't be surprised that the UN has a migration department which has been assisting in moving illegals across our borders (UN migration representative and former Goldman Sachs executive Peter Sutherland). Certainly they abuse our northern border as well, but for refujihadis rather than campesinos. Lord, how I wish Trump could pull us out of the UN. He could then use the building as a homeless shelter - for our veterans and others in need - or lease it to new small businesses for office space. Perhaps the money gained by doing so could be used to fund social media that will not censor, but rather incentivizes large numbers of people to drop Farcebook, Google, Twitter, etc., although his use of Twitter to publicize things the MSM refuses to tell us about is a good thing, as liberals get to read it as well. Eventually, a few of them may wake up to the reality of what the Left has planned for all of us, them included.

  3. Grog, I meant to ask but hit the "send button" too quickly: have you read that the Africans from the Congo walked through Central America? I only read one or two articles on their crossing, and I don't recall either saying whether they walked their or were transported. Absent reliable information, my bet would be they were bused, or driven in semi-trailers to the border. I'm hoping that Border Patrol quarantined them for three or four weeks, minimum, before dropping them off in San Antone - or wherever they dropped them. It would suck for them to have given "Patient Zero" a ride into a big city.

  4. Grog, sorry. I read rhetorical comment", but then went back and treated it otherwise. I'm sure you didn't mean "walked" literally, but my mind is a bit drifty these days.

  5. Good morning, Reg, even though it's Monday. chuckling

    I replied last night, and don't see it, so I'll reply again.

    For your question on the "migrants" walking or not, the answer is no, they are being bused.


    As for your thought on getting quarantined, not always.


  6. Howdy, Grog. I had a reply go missing myself. Thanks for the links.

    I wonder how many people have paid attention to the clothing on these "suffering" illegal immigrants? Back in the late seventies and early eighties, when I lived in San Diego, working as a police officer at San Diego PD, those of us working the border at night when things were quiet would work with Border Patrol in rounding up illegals coming across at Otay Mesa and other locations. None of the illegals were dressed as nicely as these "caravan" groups are dressed. Back then their clothes were often old and worn, colors mis-matched, looking like thrift-shop clothing. Most of what I see today on these Open Foundation-assisted illegals are nice new clothes, obviously new jackets and coats. Shoes/footwear appear new as well.

    I can understand many of them wanting to come here because living conditions are far superior to what they left behind, but they aren't interested in assimilating. They are used to being given things - clothing, travel money, transportation. Then, when they cross the border and are detained, they complain because they are housed in places that aren't comfortable, or at least to their liking. Soros and his partners in crime didn't bother to tell them that they are straining the ability of ICE to house them, even briefly.

    The Democrat scum in Congress wail and shout that we should be doing more for them, taking care of them, but every time a vote comes up for the money needed to care for them - while they are detained - they vote it down. They refuse to help them, and engage in virtue-signaling instead of a bi-partisan attempt to deal with the problem. These ignorant Daughters and SOBs in the House and Senate simply want the gates thrown open, admitting hundreds of thousands of illegals, with no money to pay for the food, water, medical care, housing, the administrative staff to deal with all of the paperwork, all the things required by our over-worked Border agents and ICE agents.

    The Left doesn't care whether or not there is any money available, because they and Soros - and the recently $18 Billion richer Open Foundations who has been spending that Soros money on bring them here from Central America and now Africa, wants them here in the millions for only two reasons: to vote Democrat, overwhelming the votes of true citizens of America, and to crash the welfare system.

    Many of us conservatives know what the Left does _not_ want the rank-and-file Democrat voters (let alone the Republican and independent voters) to know - that the Cloward-Piven strategy is in full play. Oh, I'm sure some of the Democrats and RINOs are aware of this, but there are obviously many low IQ members of Congress who don't (perhaps 300-400 of them?). Some of them would certainly support it, but the few who manage to be Democrats yet can still reason with some small amount of facility (but not enough to change their stripes) would see the danger involved in crashing the system.

    So, every hundred thousand illegals they can get across the border bring us closer to the end game of the C-PS. If and when it is successful, the first people to suffer are going to be everyone on welfare, when their EBT cards stop working. When their only choice becomes living in a FEMA camp or "living" on the streets. Then the middle class, who won't be given even the small amount of subsistence that will be provided to the "poor", will be taxed, regulated, and legislated out of existence. They will become the new poor, but without the support of a welfare system. Whatever assistance they receive will come with the requirement of obeying everything .Gov tells them to do.

  7. Agreed, but it also goes beyond your summary, it's to simultaneously expand the group of people dependent on the .gov for living, and to reduce the self reliance of people or remove them when they resist or push back. Because it's "for the good of the people", ya know. spit.

  8. Yes, I did miss that part, and it should have been obvious to me. Self-reliance is almost non-existent among those who are caught up in the web of welfare (even if by choice). Control of a group is bound to be simpler when the victims don't realize they no longer have a choice. We've seen what can happen to those of us who try to be self-reliant. Not just "preppers", but anyone who decides to take their lives into their own hands. Think of how many people have been hassled by .gov when they decide to home-school their children, grow a vegetable garden in their front yard, catch rainwater, share fresh milk with others, etc.

    We talk these days of "weaponized" agencies, such as IRS, FDA. Think of how many years it has been where Child "Protective" Services has had the ability to yank a family's children out of the home and into foster care, or an institution. I can't think of a means more certain to force people to submit to .gov than the threat of having their children abducted, or perhaps denied necessary medical care. Some years back, there was an article I read where a young couple (in Maine, IIRC) had their newborn child taken from them by CPS - because the husband read and commented at a pro-gun web site. And look at England, where a child can be refused medical care at the whim of a hospital, or the doctors attendant upon the child.
    Charlie Gard Court-Ordered Killing Defies Parents' Wishes ...

  9. Are you still with us? it's been a while since you've posted anything.

  10. Sorry, Grog. Still breathing, but dealing with an "age factor" - relatives and friends passing away. My stepmother, last of my aunts, and a long time family friend. Expected, but not ready for, nonetheless. It has put me in a space where I am finding it hard to motivate, but I haven't quit yet, even if it looks as if I have. With all that is going on, the senseless verbal violence against Trump by the Left and the NeverTrumpers, - but I repeat myself - the "I'm pretty sure they are staged" mass shootings, and the subsequent hysteria, things are looking a bit dismal for those of us who cherish the rights the Second Amendment seems to be failing to protect. More above, in a new post.

  11. No aoplogies needed, Reg, life happens, I know this well. Good to know you're up and about, if only to muddle through the day.


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