Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 18, 2019

We do as we must


For some reason I am unable to publish any comments on my own blog, so I'll respond to yours here, as a post. Maybe this will work.

I've stopped visiting Pete's blog. I like him, but I've tired of how the comments seem to have been taken over by anti-Semites and ad hominem a**holes. A waste of my time wading through their dementia.

So I missed that about LaVoy. Put a black robe on someone, let them decide the ordering of the lives of others, and you have a recipe for not simply arrogance, but for a god-complex. Hopefully, it will be a case of "as ye sow".

If Hillary could be convinced he was preparing to examine evidence of misprision in the case of the Haiti earthquake debacle, she might add his name to those of the Haitian official, Klaus Eberwein, who supposedly shot himself in the head the day before he was to testify before Congress, and the surgeon, Dr. Dean Lorich, who supposedly comitted suicide by stabbing himself in the chest with a knife. Both happening just a few days ago. I would welcome the karmic balance, although finding him"suicided" with a literal fork sticking out of his right temple might be a bit harder for her to pull off. However, since there is nothing in it for her, I shouldn't fantasize about it.

I've donated to LaVoy's family, and bought his book, Only By Blood And Suffering, and Thara Tenney's book, Liberty Rising.

On the issue of the "impeachment" by the House, I think it is meant to prepare for a coup sometime next year. I am thinking the Dems will attempt to pull off some sort of "Trump cannot be on the ballot", "not a legitimate candidate" caper - projecting their own transgressions onto him,  just before everyone is set to head to the polls. They have proven that the rule of law, from the Constitution itself to the legal procedures involved in impeaching a president means nothing to them. The secret meetings, refusal to allow other sitting legislators into the room, only permitting parts of witness testimony to be seen, badgering witnesses, not allowing Trump's lawyers or representatives to be present and to cross examine, all point to a willingness to completely ignore the law.

When I was working for the California Highway Patrol, I was forced to join the union (C.A.U.S.E.). One of the bylaws of the union was that in any vote upon an issue, however the union board voted was the way the issue would be handled. Period. Even if the membership voted unanimously for or against, the vote of the board determined the outcome. Insane? Yes. I have no idea how they were able to get away with it, but they did.

I think the Dems believe they have the same "right" to overrule the wishes of the citizens of this country - for our own benefit, of course. Some of them may even actually believe it. They have been trying it by voter fraud, having been successful often enough that they have come to think that they simply cannot be denied. They understand they were able to pull of the most outrageous fraud in the history of the United States, by electing, twice, an ineligible, America-hating bag of pus, who did his best to destroy our country as well as Israel - by giving Iran secret information on Israel's nuclear assets and capabilities, and also by helping to finance Iran's nuclear ambitions, giving them billions of dollars ($1.7B in cash, actual currency, if not more that we did not hear about) assisting them in making them a new nuclear power. I wouldn't be surprised if it was discovered that he even released technical information on _our_ nuclear technology, as well as tactics and capabilities.

I read about Pelosi's son, and her appearance in a company advertising video, and I read that some other politicos have been involved in the Ukraine's businesses. I'd like to think that would make a difference, but obviously it won't. I believe I can state that as fact because we all have seen video of Biden saying out loud that he extorted the firing of that prosecutor by threatening to withhold a billion dollars worth of loan guarantees if they did not. He should have been taken into custody, tried, and convicted for that.

Additionally, based on numerous videos, photos, and the statements of various Secret Service agents, he is a sexual predator, a groper and a pedophile who cannot keep his hands off of children. Jeff Sessions slapped his hands away when he tried to touch Sessions' granddaughter.

Yes, I know Biden won't get elected, but he shouldn't even be allowed to run for office. Any office, let alone elected as the Groper-in-Chief. A gay, pinto Communist was bad enough, but a pedophile? He shouldn't still be drawing breath.

So, I am really pessimistic about anyone being held to the rule of law. The Left has decided that the Right is too weak, disorganized and easy to browbeat. Trump is strong, and he has pulled off some fine moves, shown some real finesse, so I am hoping that he can handle all that they throw at him. If he can't, it may come down to a real civil war right on the steps of the Capitol building, or of the Supreme Court. As disorganized as we are on the Right, I can't see us sitting at home, watching the Left remove him forcibly from office. If we allow them to pull off such a coup, I doubt there will ever be another lawful federal election in America.


  1. Good morning, Reg, so you're being reverse censored, interesting but not surprising, with the fact that several blogs have been shut down for "tos" violations this year, all of them being in the same foundation of reality as yours.

    I still visit Pete's site, but stopped reading the comments as you did, and your description of the commenters is being polite. But he does believe in free speech, which is why he allows the vitriol, yet on the other side of the page, it's his blog, so if he turns off comments that is his place to do so.

    For the other points, agreed on all counts, and if I may say so, to my view this is the money quote, "projecting their own transgressions onto him", because this is what the dems have been doing for the last three years, before Trump actually walked into the office, to obscure or deflect attention from their corruption, which they know will get them arrested and convicted. This has been the focus of their efforts, to do anything which will avoid prison, even if it means destroying the country. This is the depth of their venality, and Trump knows this, and they know he knows.

    As for the last paragraph, "If he can't, it may come down to a real civil war", yes that is a very real possibility, which will be ugly in orders of magnitude very few people want to consider, or can even imagine, although some have done this based on their experiences, Selco is one blog that offers details on how it could be, there are most likely several dozen blogs that have this information, I don't read every blog on the webz, I don't have time and doing so would give me a migraine, chuckling.

    I took about ten minutes to type this, because I read your post while typing the reply, to be accurate, didn't want to just put up a bunch of words, these discussions are far more serious than many out in the world want to admit, they would rather gloss over the discussion and change their focus back to some worthless teevee show, they have surrendered their integrity and self reliance for a good pair of shoes, I'm sure you understand why I say that.

    How much time is left? I have no idea, it could be before the election next summer, it could be the attempted removal of the President in 3 months, it could be in 15 months after the election, there's no way to predict that. And I have to agree with "As disorganized as we are on the Right, I can't see us sitting at home, watching the Left remove him forcibly from office. If we allow them to pull off such a coup, I doubt there will ever be another lawful federal election in America." this is a given, considering that the Rule of Law died ten years ago, with the election of obozo, and some would argue it was gone several years before that.

    So, the future will be what it is, I would like to think that we who discuss these events will pull together if a removal is actually attempted, and stop the insanity, but that remains to be seen.

    Have a great weekend, and a quiet rest of the year, G_D willing, Sir.

  2. As a follow up comment, if some of the words are changed, this song applies to us, because we will not go quietly.



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