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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Energy - Why we won't have enough

Daniel Greenfield's article on our lack of planning for our energy needs. Superb, but depressing. It covers all the bases and explains why America is in a decline. A country such as ours cannot run with insufficient energy.

Solar and wind are useful though expensive alternatives for individual homes and small businesses, but are not viable for general energy production. Wind machines are too expensive to make and maintain, and their output is limited by the vagaries of the wind. No steady output, no reliable production. Hydro is too limited by location, as is geothermal - only more so. New Zealand gets a useful amount of energy from geothermal activity, but America's geothermal sites are too few and far between.

Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant was old technology, with safeguards inadequate for the severe earthquake it suffered. Today's technology, including thorium reactor technology that does not produce the long-term radioactive waste that uranium-based reactors do, is much safer. Nothing can be made fail-safe, however, which is why we don't use nuclear reactors to power America cheaply and reliably. Our "leaders" refuse to permit technology which isn't 100% safe. Daniel explains it much better than I could. Read this now.


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