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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Saga Continues

I did get a response from jlevyyellow on Gates of Vienna:

Blogger jlevyellow said...

Reg T wrote, "While visions of sugarplums dance in your head, you might consider the fact that A) a lot of us older folks have skills you younger folks don't have that enable survival when normal economies and modes of exchange fail. Grown a garden lately, young man?"

Thanks for the compliment. I am 67 and yes I have been growing a garden since my retirement. No goats yet, however, I am looking at the possibility of 2-3 Boers! Very pretty!

By the way, you should have known that I was older, since I can write a coherent sentence.

To which I replied:


True you do write with fair eloquence, but your judgment argues against experience. That is why I knew you are younger. We older folk don't write of ourselves as surplus, non-productive people. So, I question your veracity as well as your judgment. I seriously doubt you are over thirty, young man, no matter what you pretend in your post. You display youth's mistaken equivalence of education with intelligence and maturity.

Nice try. Massive fail."

I should have added the part from his original post where he states:

older people will die off quickly, as will children and all non-productive people. These are the expensive populations that are dragging us down.

Obviously, using the “us” pronoun indicates he does not belong to the “non-productive”, “expensive” population. So, he isn’t older, isn’t a child, and doesn’t consider himself non-productive. My guess is under thirty, but he could be a bit older than that. Young people are maturing much later these days than they did just a generation or two ago.

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