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~ Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trumping the rhetoric of "civility"

Along the lines of the Left's hijacking of the term "civility" is the fact that Republicans (with the exception of Joe Hill) have refused to call Barack Hussein Obama on his lies and slander. Arnold Ahlert, an excellent political commentator, writes about Donald Trump's debate with Mitt Romney, one of the leading RINO contenders for the 2012 Republican candidacy for President. Ahlert goes on to explain how speaking plainly about Obama puts Trump, who really isn't "Presidential" material, far ahead of the crowd of contenders for the Republican nomination for 2012. He then speaks of the need for any nominee to confront Obama on his policies, his lack of direction, his obvious hypocrisy on all of the stances he has taken about undeclared wars, debt ceilings, deficit spending, etc.

Mention of Donald Trump is merely the vehicle he uses to introduce the topic of how to run against B. Hussein Obama. Well worth the reading.

"President Obama, who has told his followers "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun" on one occasion, and "we're going to punish our enemies" on another, is hardly deserving of such deferential treatment. This is what Mr. Trump intuitively understands. It is about time other Republicans learned that lesson as well. 2012 is one of the most critical elections in memory, and allowing Democrats and/or their media cheerleaders to frame the parameters of "acceptable" rhetoric is a fool's errand. The best defense is a good offense. Any Republican presidential candidate incapable of making the president defend his policies is no candidate at all."


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