Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Man to Respect and Emulate

I don't often re-post another person's blog posts on my blog, not because it isn't worth doing, but simply because so few people stop by here at my blog. Occasionally, however, someone writes a post that I simply must  repost on my blog.

WRSA - Western Rifle Shooters Association - is a blog I stumbled across because - living in Montana and shooting rifles, especially my "Quigley" rifle, a Shiloh Sharps in 45-110 (.45 2-7/8) - I thought it would provide some information about shooting here out West. Turns out that it is primarily a political forum, dealing with liberty, individual freedom, and the loss thereof that we are experiencing here in this once-great country of ours.

Today's re-post of his is especially pertinent to my blog because it states so succinctly what I feel about tolerance, bigotry, Jews and Islam. Here it is:

"The WRSA policy on race/religion/ethnicity/gender/class is simple:
Fact-based discussion on controversial topics is encouraged.

Unsupported assertions regarding the Jewish people or any other religious or ethnic group as a whole will be mocked or deleted, at editorial discretion.

The only exception to the above rule is the totalitarian-political-system-of-pillage-and-rapine-masquerading-as-a-religion known as Islam.

Members of the NSDAP, the Communist Party, global socialists, and their adherents, followers, or fellow travelers can and should each go stab themselves and at least one ideological ally in the eye with a bayonet.


That is all."

Go to the link above, and read some of the comments. Understand, while you are reading them, that the bigots and racists there are not present only on the Right, as the media and the Democrats would have you believe. There are many of their ilk on the Left as well, they just hide behind smiles and political correctness. Never forget that it was the Southern Democrats who fought so hard against civil rights for the blacks in this country, while it was the Republicans (moral, honest men of integrity, not the scum who call themselves Republicans today - scum like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, etc.) who fought for and won recognition of the civil rights of all people of color.

Pete at WRSA and I have disagreed at times, but I would take a bullet for this man. Don't be deceived by his manner of speech. As a former sailor (USN) and a former peace officer, my language is often as forceful and improper as his. He is moral, rational, and possessed of an integrity we could all do well to emulate. 

For those of my friends or relatives who are Democrats or who lean Left, this is what a real conservative - not to be confused with today's Republicans - looks like. I commend him to you.

Please read him. However, if you indeed fall into the categories mentioned (a Communist or a global socialist desiring to force all the rest of us into your scheme of global socialism, or a member of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party - the Nazi Party)  please read this before you stab yourself in the eye. (Twice.) You might find yourself agreeing with him - in which case you needn't draw your bayonet in the first place :-)

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