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Friday, December 28, 2012

Blasphemy as a National Security Threat

The holidays and personal dynamics have reduced the frequency of my posts lately, but I couldn't pass up passing on another of Daniel's posts at his always excellent blog, Sultan Knish. Daniel writes, in his article called "Blasphemy as a National Security Threat" about the "Stockholm Syndrome" as a euphemism for the behavior of Western Civilization toward Islam, and the muslims who follow the orthodox version of the cult. In this article he speaks to the (useless) attempt to appease those who truly follow Islam by condemning, arresting, and/or deporting those who speak out against this cult. As most people know, any criticism of Islam is considered blasphemy by those creatures who practice it.

As usual, Daniel clearly and logically details this useless and fruitless attempt by Western governments to limit the atrocities of these insane muslims by catering to their supposed "sensibilities". Although there is no reason whatsoever to believe that this appeasement reduces the muslim violence, they continue to do it anyway, then go back and state that muslim violence "would have been worse" had they not dealt harshly with those citizens of their own country who were accused of "blasphemy" against Islam or the pederast prophet named Mohammed. Daniel states:

"Trapped in a long-term war, our leaders are looking for ways of making the conflict more manageable. If they can't win the war, they can at least limit the number of attacks. It's not the open book kind of appeasement, but the double book kind. The open book is still patriotic, but the second book in the bottom drawer is running payments to the terrorists and finding ways to accommodate them. And anyone who runs afoul of the second book, also runs afoul of national security."

Yes, in the case of America, literally billions of dollars have been given to muslims around the world as payments to try to appease them, to reduce their violent behavior. Just as with the ridiculous concept of "land for peace", which has obviously been a total failure, "money for peace" has mostly been spent by the so-called "Palestinians" and other muslims to arm themselves with rockets which they fire at Israeli civilians and their homes, schools, and hospitals. With explosives that are used to blow up buses, restaurants, and religious ceremonies full of Israeli citizens.

If you are not already aware of various trials around the world where the right of free speech has been put on trial because it was deemed blasphemous to Islam, called "hate speech" simply because it was critical of Islam, then do a search for "Geert Wilders" (or use this link, to start) and "Mark Steyn" (or use the link) as a start.

Read Daniel Greenfield's article. Then go back and read as many of his earlier articles as strike your fancy. You will not only enjoy his clarity of thinking and his ability to explain things in an easily understandable fashion, but you will definitely learn things you were unaware of, brought into the light by his active keyboard. He is a real mensch, if he wouldn't mind a gentile such as myself saying so.

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