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~ Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

AMERICAN TRAITORS: a nuclear Iran, operated by an islamic dictatorship, chosen and supported over Israel

Obama and Kerry - indoctrinated, trained, and groomed for office by the Communist machine.

It is patently obvious by now that Obama was raised as a child by a mother, grandparents, and - more than likely - by a biological father (and possibly a molester, as he was known to have "short eyes") named Frank Marshall Davis, all of whom had dedicated communist ties. These people were demonstrably in favor of Communism over the liberty, freedom, and open market philosophy of American Republicanism (as in the American republic espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, not as "Republicans" - a disease that has much in common with Democrats and the Left).

Kerry, a spoiled elitist, raised in a culture of money and privilege, apparently was targeted for Communist indoctrination also, much as was  McCain by the North Vietnamese and the Chinese during his internment in Hanoi. And, before you denigrate this statement, try judging it by Kerry's and McCain's actions, their behavior, rather than their speech, their statements. Think of the traitorous behavior and statements made by Kerry against his fellow soldiers in 'Nam, his association with that traitorous bitch Fonda. She had somewhat of an excuse, being as vaporous an airhead, an ignorant and stupid twit as she is. She obviously has an IQ somewhere significantly south of 100. (How I wish I could make her read this. This truth would absolutely infuriate the skanky bitch.)

So. We know that Obama and Kerry are both Communist indoctrinated. We know they have both willingly absorbed and committed to this indoctrination, and act according to their accepted communist beliefs. We know that they both have declared their disdain and hatred for America and what our Constitution stand for. We know for a fact that they have committed completely to the philosophy of the Left, its collectivism and hatred of the conservative support of the rights of the individual.

What we have now just had proven to us is their desire to see America destroyed. To see the American exceptionalism as a culture destroyed  by both communism and the violent death cult of islam which Obama and Kerry have both chosen in preference over the protection of this country as a republic created to support not only the rights of the individual, but a free and open market economy designed to bring about a healthy and vibrant nation.

The Prime Minister of Israel, "Bibi" Netanyahu, gave a speech today to our Congress in which he spoke to the need to stop Iran developing as a nation in possession of nuclear weapons, a nation which has repeatedly announced its intention of destroying both Israel and America.

And yet, Obama and Kerry both work to realize this stated intention of Iran and it's "religious" (actually a death cult, not a true religion) dictatorship. While Israel seeks to stop Iran from realizing its nuclear ambitions, Obama and Kerry - both deserving of the punishment awarded to such deadly traitors - seek to help Iran reach the goal of being a country possessed of the very nuclear weapons it has sworn to use against both America and Israel.

These two traitors deserve the punishment of death, for assisting a country which has sworn to destroy America and its people in attaining that goal. And, yes, I hope that the NSA and other agencies which illegally read each and every one of our private writings, as well as our open blogs, does read and make note of what I am posting here. There is no other determination that can be made other than the fact that both Obama and Kerry are traitors to America and our Constitution when they support the destruction of America, when they fail to do everything possible to protect us, but rather seek to aid our enemy in becoming able to realize the destruction of our country and our population, along with that of Israel, one of our staunchest allies.

As a blog that is so little known, so little read as mine will likely be ignored by the NSA (et al), I doubt that anything will befall me other than a moment's laughter at the thought that any agency would even pay attention to this. Nonetheless, I am willing to risk it. These two scum, these traitorous asswipes deserve the worst that could possibly happen to them. Please read this post by Allen Roth at Secure America Now:

Fellow Patriot,
Did you see Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech?!

Israel's leader stood strong as he spoke before a full Congress about the global dangers of a Nuclear Iran, and how does the Obama Administration react? By immediately calling his speech "no new ideas, all rhetoric." 

Yes. You read that correctly. Even after Netanyahu praised the President and the White House for America's unwavering alliance, the Executive Branch still chooses a dangerous future with Iran over our historical relationship with Israel. 

At this very moment, Secretary of State John Kerry is in Switzerland “negotiating” with the Iranians. He is working on a bad, back-door deal that will put the security of all Americans and Democracy at risk. This is unacceptable.
As Netanyahu stated, “a decade may seem like a short time in political terms, but it is the blink of an eye for the life of a nation.” Our fight to stop terrorism and its largest state sponsor needs every bit of support it can get. 
We will continue to stand with Israel, the only true ally of America in the Middle East. We will continue to work towards a peaceful future, one that focuses on the security of the American people and denounces our enemies.
Thank you,
Allen Roth

Our Congress is populated by spineless people who refuse to act against the politicians and bureaucrats who work toward the destruction of our country as a republic. So, I envision no help from that quarter. I do not know how we can vouchsafe our country from what the Left has planned. It may be that there is no help in sight. We may have to rise up as insurgents against what the Left - currently in control - has in mind for us. Only time will tell.

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