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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ISIS - all its members, associates, and admirers - need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice

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ISIS Blows Up A BABY For

Arabic media reports say ISIS trainer taught recruits booby-trap methods by blowing up infant child of (a) man executed beforehand.

In arguably one of its cruelest acts yet, the Islamic State (ISIS) has reportedly blown up a
baby as part of a demonstration showing how to handle explosives. So reports The Clarion

The unparalleled incident took place in Diyala Province, eastern Iraq, this past Friday,
according to Sadiq el-Husseini, Security Committee Chairman of the province on behalf of
the anti-ISIS forces there. He recounted the event to the local Arabic-language A-Sumeriah

"The organization booby-trapped the baby in front of dozens of armed ISIS men," el-
Husseini said, "and then detonated it from afar." He explained that the purpose of the
operation, including the rigging of the baby and the detonation of the explosives attached to it, was part of an ISIS training exercise teaching various booby-trapping techniques.

"The organization doesn't care about the most basic human values," said el-Husseini. "Their crimes are incalculable, and the blowing up of the baby is the best proof of the threat of ISIS ideology to the state."

The baby's father was apparently executed some weeks ago, after being accused of taking

part in the killing of an Islamic State member.


As I've said before, ISIS is the accurate and complete expression of islam, the most perfect followers of the commands of the qu'ran, as spoken by the "prophet" (P*ss Be Onto Him), mohammed. Supposedly at the direction of his moon-god, allah.

Now, I realize any true muslim, following the qu'ran and hadith, probably wouldn't be all that upset by the death of their child (as opposed to a child bride or "beardless boy", which would deprive them of their pedophiliac sex object), especially if it was a female child (the article above does not state which gender). Nonetheless, giving the man - who might not have even been muslim - the benefit of the doubt, I am glad he was killed before seeing what became of his child.

I'll bet this was not shown on the mainstream news. I'll bet there was no mention of it on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or even Fox. I don't watch television, so it is quite possible I am wrong, and it was shown by some TV news source, although I doubt it.

Come on, folks. Even as screwed up as liberals are, only those who are in favor of "partial-birth" abortions, and those scum who think it is okay to kill fully delivered infants as well, would be comfortable with this. You know, like Eric Holder's wife, who I understand owns an abortion clinic in Georgia. But, hey - her clinic probably aborts mostly black babies, or maybe half-black babies. I wonder what our country would be like right now if Barry Soetero's mother had gone to her clinic?

So, let's hear it for all of those folks who want to "co-exist" with islam, and all those feminists who claim being looked at funny - or denied a cake - means they have been mind-raped, yet don't say a damned word about the abuses women all over the world suffer at the hands of muslims - who aren't "radical", they are orthodox, adhering strictly to the words of the qu'ran.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Finally? Or are you still in denial? Like Michael Z. Williamson.

July 22, 2015:
I just had to add a postscript here. Looking at the poster of Holder and his wife, I noticed they both actually look more white than black. Their features aren't what one would expect from people of the negroid race. Is Mrs. Holder even black at all? Is her hair style just an attempt to show solidarity with her (black/half-black/less-than-half-black?) husband? I'll have to poke around a bit and see what I can find out.

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