Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, July 2, 2015

SCOTUS legislates from the bench

I don't watch TV - haven't since 1987 (yes, 28 years ago) when I last had cable, so that I could watch Discovery and a few other sometimes-interesting and educational shows. Between commercials, the liberal BS you had forced down your throat by National Geographic, Discovery, and others ("AGW will ruin the Earth!", "islam is the religion of peace"), and the fact that the news was leaning farther Left than the Tower of Pisa, when I moved to where it was satellite or nothing, I chose "nothing". I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. I still watch videos - although it is getting harder and harder to find movies that aren't made with actors that are so liberal they need a glass navel to be able to navigate (like Liam Neeson, who says those of us who support the Second Amendment are scum - and I use to really enjoy some of the movies he made, like Shindler's List and Taken).

So, reduced to getting my news from the Internet - where I can at least choose sources that don't originate from unicorn poop and Ted Turner's rusty sheriff's badge - I am often late reading about current events. Such as SCOTUS creating laws, instead of ruling on the Constitutionality of laws, which is what they were, IIRC, created to do.

While I am not at all surprised that they decided that Obamacare could be interpreted to mean anything they wanted it to mean, I am actually more bothered by the gay marriage ruling. Not because I care if a couple of rump-rangers or beaver-biters play house (truth be told, I've known some really nice people of both persuasions), but because it opens the rest of us up to abuse by .gov if we refuse to bend over for them.

There was once a time when many, many businesses sported a sign at their entrance informing anyone looking to enter that they reserved the right to refuse service to anyone. We have a small restaurant in the little town closest to where I live which has such a sign. They can probably get away with it for a while, for two reasons: here in the Wild West it is pretty well accepted that things are done differently from how they are in Sodom-on-the-Bay, the City of Angles, Sea-Cattle, and other hotspots of Liberal/"Progressive" culture.  You know - where the most commonly used keys on a computer keyboard are     C:  <enter>:  ###   (Think about it. Sorry. The Devil made me do it ;-)

To get serious, this decision to give gays - along with blacks, trannys, illegal aliens, and muslims - special privileges and treatment will literally come back to haunt us. You may be willing to accept the fact that you will no longer be able to live by your own religious creed, personal choices, or cultural imperatives if they include remaining separate from gays. You will find yourself sued not only for refusing service to gays in small businesses, but what if you are the pastor of a church that believes gay sex is sinful and some gays insist - simply because they CAN - that you marry them? And that you use their own vows to do so (I, Bruce, take Frederick for richer or for poorer, to have and to hold, from behind and in the mouth, with and without lubrication, for so long as my supply of Viagra and my c*ck-ring keep me hard."  Yes, that's gross, and I have an evil and dirty mind, but do you really think such could never happen? Will said pastor, his family and his brethren be pleased when he is fined, jailed, and his church is closed or condemned by .gov and the courts because he refused to participate in a marriage ceremony such as that?

This will get worse, people. For some time now (ten years that I am aware of), there has been a push by psychiatrists, psychologists, "bio-ethicists", anthropologists, "ethno-psychologists", [unicorns] and many actual pederasts in positions of authority (.gov, large corporations, bishops and cardinals, etc.) to remove pedophilia from - and to declare it normal behavior - the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for mental disorders), the manual used by those in mental health professions and the courts for determining what mental conditions are disorders, what the criteria are for judging that someone is not behaving in a normal, safe, and acceptable way.

These people, supposedly intelligent, reasoning human beings, want to decriminalize - make culturally acceptable - sex by adults with pre-pubescent children. Not only would this in reality constitute rape of children, since they would be too young to provide true consent and in most cases be true rape, but it would decriminalize intercourse by strangers, family members, teachers, priests and ministers, camp councilors, Boy and Girl Scout troop leaders, doctors, and anyone else desiring to have sex with a child. This would legitimize marriage of nine-year-old little girls for the muslim scum who want to follow in the footsteps of their child-molesting prophet, mohammed (p*ss be onto him).

Should this happen, should SCOTUS rule in the same fashion as it has with gay marriage, it would be illegal to prevent it from happening with your own children.  Considering the protections and privileges  provided to gays at this point by local, state, and Federal courts,  it could be ruled illegal for you to prevent the victimization - sexually - of your own children by their teachers, their doctors, their councilors at summer camp, by Senators and Representatives, by the AIDS-infected chickenhawk living down the street from you. Refusing to allow access to your own children could easily be ruled discriminatory.

Yes, yes, I know this sounds absurd, over the top. But it isn't. Who would have thought that a bakery owner could be fined thousands of dollars and forced out of business for refusing to bake someone a cake, or cater a gay wedding reception? Who would have thought that a church would be forced - against their deeply held beliefs and their own religious teachings - to provide contraceptive coverage for the people they employ? Why should it be that gays and sexually promiscuous people have greater rights than those provided for by the First Amendment? It says freedom of  religion, and was only written to prevent the State from establishing its own religion and requiring us to practice it.

This country was formed to a great extent by people who fled England and Europe because they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. And now it is happening again. Yet, when the beliefs of muslims interfere with or threaten the rights of Christian, Jews, and even atheists, the muslims "rights" take precedence over everyone else's. It has become a pejorative term these days to be called "Christian", in spite of the fact that this country was formed as a Christian nation, based upon the Judeo-Christian moral code. Yes, there were atheists and deists back then, some of whom were Founding Fathers. But even those individuals accepted and lived by the same moral codes as the Jews and the Christians.

The Left is doing everything it can to destroy the moral codes this country was founded upon and which kept us healthy and striving to be good, to live together in harmony. Caligula would recognize the direction the Left is moving us in - the debasement of the family, sexuality, marriage, truth and justice. He would feel quite comfortable in today's America. There is already enough debasement of women, teenage girls and boys, and even of small children in this country to drive a moral man into a towering rage at what is happening. The Left is pleased by this, and would like to see it taken even further. Nor do they complain or protest the rape of women and little girls by muslims throughout the world, the use of young boys for sex by muslims in every country where muslims live, the sexual enslavement and killing of "infidel" women and girls.

If the Left is successful, as I am very afraid they will be, at legalizing pederasty, the rape and molestation of children, female and male (look up NAMBLA - I refuse to provide a link - but be prepared to puke), then I am hoping parents and moral men and women in this country will take up arms and declare open season not just on the pederasts, molesters, but also upon the people - like Peter Singer - who helped to make it happen. Will you protect your children, your grandchildren? I hope so.

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  1. Just wanted to add this post I came across, on Amazon selling a manual for how to molest children and enjoy it. They have since received enough heat that they pulled it from their site:



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