Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 30, 2016

What will it take?

My wife and I were discussing (and cussing) the fact that our government is completely comfortable with the “lost” $6.5 TRILLION at the Pentagon (and add that to the trillions spent during attempted “reconstruction” of Iraq after “Desert Storm”, “Enduring Freedom”, etc., when much of the money ended up in the pockets of construction companies and “aid” organizations which took the cash and did little or nothing in the way of fixing things - just like in Haiti) AND not saying or doing anything substantive about the $9 TRILLION “lost” at the Federal Reserve. (And if you think those at the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve, and the White House don’t know exactly where those $15+ trillion dollars have gone, I have some swamp land I’ll gladly sell you.)

The only moves the American people have remaining to them involve actual rebellion, revolution, the stringing up of those responsible from the nearest lamppost in DC, NYC, or wherever they are working or living. If you haven’t figured out that voting is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL FARCE, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Government has grown so big, and has swung so far to the Left, that replacing the current communist drone in office - even with someone with the best of intentions (and I think that describes Trump) - will be fruitless. Congress won’t support him (Paul Ryan, current Speaker of the House, has even said he would “sue” Trump, attempting to stop him from using executive orders the way Ryan has allowed Obama to use them - to destroy our economy and the very fabric of America, our culture and pride) and the huge bureaucracy that exists in agencies like the EPA, IRS, DOJ, DOD, etc. which will refuse to follow those orders. The FBI has shown they are unwilling to follow the law themselves, refusing to arrest for proven felonies that extend even unto treason if one of the “elite” are at fault, yet if a “mundane” - one of the peons like your or me - simply tells a lie, it is felony prison time. Just ask Martha Stewart. Or you get SWATted, and bleed out while SWAT refuses to allow the paramedics to approach you as you lie there, unresponsive and a threat to no one.

Shirley and I observed that there is a climate of apathy, even among those of us who see what is going on, those of us who aren’t distracted by Oprah, Dancing With The Stars, and the National Football League. Short of armed rebellion, there just doesn’t seem to be anything effective that we can do to stop the corruption, the abuses, the rape of America by “Too big to fail” financiers, CEOs, members of the Federal Reserve, by race baiters who are allowed to walk around un-molested by law enforcement in spite of owing millions in unpaid taxes, by Congressmen and women who owe taxes, who have committed crimes you or I would spend decades in jail for having committed.

Even a March on DC, on the Capitol Building while Congress was in session, would not deter the minions of the Left who are our “elected representatives” - two lies for the price of one. They would ignore it, unless the marchers were each armed with a battle rifle and numerous magazines of ammunition. It would take dragging the most egregious members - like Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, McCain, Ryan, McConnel, Graham, and a host of other out onto the streets of DC ands decorating some lampposts with the miscreants before we would see any change.

Yes, we will vote to try to get Trump into office, in the hopes he can at _least_ stop the influx of muslims - jihadis one and all, even if they don’t all fight with a gun or explosives, but with multiple wives having multiple muslim babies - and illegal aliens. That would be a life-saver for our way of life right there, even if not enough to repair all of the damage Obama, Clinton, Bush (to our economy), FDR, Wilson, etc. have done to our country and Western Civilization in general.

Just don’t expect that to turn around many decades of subversion - of the educational system which has worked for so many years to indoctrinate our children not simply in a collectivist/communist view of how our country should operate, but also to destroy their understanding of what is right/moral behavior, the Judeo-Christian code of morality that this country, the Constitution, and our original government were built upon. John Adams said that our form of government (a constitutional republic, not a democracy) would only work for a moral and religious people. The Left is doing its utmost to see that we will no longer be either moral or religious.

Of the whole electoral system, which has been perverted to permit - and ACCEPT - the fraudulent voting and counting of votes that has allowed many on the LEFT - like Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, McCain, etc. - to be re-elected year after year, in spite of obviously working against the wishes and needs of their constituents. Of the subversion of government, where laws are written and enforced by faceless bureaucrats who write regulations which are allowed to be treated as actual law, as if they were written and passed legislation.

The correction of the educational system is going to have to start at the teachers colleges, where Leftist professors following in the footsteps of the Fabians (http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_warterrorism02.htm) have corrupted impressionable young men and women into believing they are engaged in a higher calling when they graduate and pass on their indoctrination to their students.

We also need to stop - and reverse - the moral decay being taught and encouraged in our children by their teachers in school and their professors in our universities. By the psychologists, psychiatrists, and "bio-ethicists" like Paul Singer, and medical "ethicist", Ezekial Emanuel (Rahm's brother) who have been trying to get pedophilia - the desire to have sex with children - removed from the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. They want to make it considered "normal" behavior, with no penalties attached to it. If I remember correctly, there was an article published that said Emanuel gave a talk to young school children, telling them that it was all right for an adult to touch them and have sex with them, that they shouldn't be afraid, but just do what the adult wanted them to do. How freaking (swap the "rea" for "ck" if you like) sick is that. It would shock you to know how many people - predominantly Democrats, liberals - think that would be perfectly all right. People who are professionals.even respected and admired in their particular fields.

I hate to be pessimistic, but I don't see this turning around - if ever - until things have gotten so bad that the State (our government) starts removing our children from their homes, doubles the 95,000,000 or so un- or under-employed citizens who find themselves out of work and unable to provide for their families, crashes the economy, or starts a civil war by outlawing Christianity and the Judeo-Christian moral code, which a lot of us Boomer generation old folks still adhere to, even if we are no longer actively religious. We are already so close to that point that it amazes me. Talk about the frog in the slowly heated water.

Remember folks, the Supreme Court is so close to being a liberal nightmare that electing anyone besides Trump - no matter how you feel about him - means that a liberal Justice will be appointed to the Scalia vacancy, making the Court 5 to 4 liberal, ready and willing to begin to work seriously and hard at removing the rest of our rights. Obama already appointed two of his cronies, Sotomeyer and Kagan. A liberal replacement for Scalia will change the Court from something that was designed to protect the Constitution to something that will legislate from the bench, following its own agenda.

When it is no longer legal for us to have firearms (Ruth Bader Ginsberg said that it at the top of her list once they get another liberal on the Court), when the Internet is controlled by the Left with censoring of conservative viewpoints, when speaking out against muslims, illegal aliens, and the government becomes "hate speech" or sedition, when the Patriot Act and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) are used to remove conservatives from their homes and places of business and rendition them, with no legal recourse and no notification of family or friends, we had better take up the arms we have and fight.

If not, it will be the span of decades, if not centuries, before we have the opportunity to once again be free. Our children and grandchildren will have no idea what being "free" once meant, and will calmly and willingly do as they are told, including turning in "Gramps" for the firearms and ammunition he has hidden away, or Grandma for speaking out against muslims, pedophilia (but I repeat myself), and the government in general.

Sorry to be such a pessimist, but that is where I see us heading. Trump might only delay it a bit, but any other choice will simply hasten our destruction to where we will probably see it happen within what is left of my lifetime. I hope I am wrong.


  1. "when the Internet is controlled by the Left with censoring of conservative viewpoints"

    The irony would be thick if your point above would be the catalyst that motivated people to get off their lazy asses and start demanding that the .gov quit interfering in everybody's lives, as a lot of us have been blogging and commenting about for the last 10 or so years, Borepatch and WRSA are on the top of the year chart, not the only ones to have been blogging that long, but among the top.

    BZ has some good comments on your point,also.


    Yet, you're correct, in the long view, there won't be any permanent positive change until several thousands decide to quit putting up with the socalist bullcrap, and that won't happen until everything is so far gone that the possibility of Restoration is workable, so the only thing left to do is buy more ammo. ;)

    Have a safe weekend, Reg, good to read your words as always.

  2. Thanks, Grog. I'm running out of room for more ammo, though. I'll be supplying, in addition to what I am able to use myself :-)


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