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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 30, 2016

Perhaps the coming end of the Internet as we know it? (CEOTIAWKI? ;-)

My one loyal (and so very patient, considering how long it is between posts here) follower, Grog, advised me of a blogger who wrote concerning Obama turning control of the Internet over to ICANN, a U.N. based agency. Once upon a time, when I spent more time here on my blog, I would re-post articles from other bloggers and various web sites that I found interesting, informative, upsetting, or which motivated me to comment. This one, from Bloviating Zeppelin (perhaps as in "gas bag", which would be a clever play on words) concerns me. Having some U.N. scum (wish the Saudis had chosen that, instead of the WTTs - especially if they had done it by mistake ;-) decide what I can read or write, and how and when I can communicate with others on the Internet, leaves me very, very unhappy.

Here is the address for BV's post, followed by my comment:

(http://bloviatingzeppelin.net/us-surrenders-internet-control-for-no-purpose/comment-page-1/#comment-38740  if the link doesn't work for you for some reason), along with the great graphic/cartoon with which he headed his post.

Well, Obama has been given permission - and assistance, of course - by those who run him (filthy, fungal sock-puppet that he is) to damage us in ways that aren't very visible to the average citizen in this country, especially younger generations who have had almost no experience being _somewhat_ free ("somewhat" being the best we could do with what we had). 

Degrading our nuclear weapon arsenal (nuclear deterrence has helped prevent the use of nuclear weapons for quite some time now). Imagine how this change may influence the ambitions of Iran and North Korea; down-grading our military in numbers, equipment, and motivation (driving most of the real, experienced warriors out and replacing them with ticket-punching, liberal yes-men (and women - think Kerry - yes, on both counts, pussy that he is  ;-); degrading the Rule of Law to an even greater extreme than existed prior to his infecting the Oval Office; working to destroy the economy and monetary stability; importing hundreds of thousands of muslims (including jihadis, of course); allowing millions of illegals across the border - even arranging transportation of some (illegal "children", many in their late teens and early twenties); appointing liberal whacko feminists to the Supreme Court - and even worse, hundreds of liberal whack jobs to federal court positions all across the country (along with appointing many U.S. Attorneys across the country) who will legislate from the bench with few of their decisions to ever come before the Supreme Court, no matter which way it leans; issuing executive orders that are unConstitutional; weaponizing the IRS, EPA, and other agencies to run roughshod over those his administration deems "enemies", and allowing the DOJ to ignore the crimes of those who please the administration while demonizing those that displease it. Especially if they are white and/or Christian (yes, black Christians have been harassed, too).

Soros - who has stated he wants to destroy our country - realizes better than Obama
how important the Internet is to the citizens of a country who mainstream media is under the control of the Left. Handing off the control of - and protection of - the Internet to those who see disagreement as "hate speech", not to be tolerated (ask Geert Wilders how that works) may deprive us not only of the ability to learn the truth (especially those things the MSM ignore, refuse to publicize), but also the ability to connect to each other. 

That is my personal greatest fear. I am not 'Net (Web?) savvy, but I imagine that while there may be ways around the censorship or even the disconnection of targeted conservatives, it will be difficult and will mean far fewer of us will have access to the desperately need information that sites like Drudge, Zerohedge, Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna provide, as well as the information bloggers such as WRSA, BZ, and so many others bring to us. As someone who disconnected from TV back in 1987, pretty much my only source of info is the Internet - plus one or two trusted friends, but they get most of their info from the Internet as well.

This has the potential of being a real game changer for all of us. I'm hoping the well-tempered 'Net users among us will find a way for all of us to stay connected.


  1. Morning, Reg, being patient isn't difficult, it just takes a different mindset. :)

    The petition was denied, as you probably know by now, by a judge yesterday evening.


    So, the question is, when will the restrictions on the webz start happening? if I knew that, I'd be as rich as trump, chuckling.

  2. Thanks again, Grog. I knew even before I read Zero's post that the judge had to be an Obama appointee. I'll speak to that point in my next post.


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