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~ Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, October 1, 2016

While few were paying attention

I'm sure our feckless leader is as pleased as Punch that he was able to pull off transferring control of the Internet to ICANN . Our lickspittle members of Congress don't appear to be doing anything to stop this illicit transfer of power, and a federal judge has denied a petition by several states' AGs (Attorneys General). http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-01/judge-denies-attempt-block-transfer-internet-oversight.

I can't remember - and I'm too lazy to check at this time of night - whether I posted it here on my blog or as a comment on someone else's, but I stated previously that Obama's appointment of around 300 (IIRC) federal judge positions during his almost eight years in office is much more dangerous and damaging than his two appointments to the Supreme Court. The federal courts make decisions almost daily which significantly affect us, and ultimately can only be overruled/overturned by the Supreme Court. The biggest problem is that the SCOTUS (although I prefer "SCROTUS") only chooses to look at a handful of all of those lower court decisions, and of those few, I would imagine a good number of them aren't prosecuted because the defendant lacked the means, couldn't afford the costs involved.

I don't know enough to form an opinion about how this will first present itself in the way of the disruption of the 'Net as we know it, whether access will be taxed or require fees being paid, and whether or not ICANN, the U.N. or some other group decides to limit conservative speech, speech about islam and muslims, speech about real (mostly Christian or Jewish ) religions that please or displease our new masters, since they will certainly use it to beat us. Parts of the world actively beat us down, while some parts are uplifting, and show what can come from goodness, from logic and reason, from a willingness to fight the attempts to degrade America, bringing her down to third-world status.

Stay tuned. We live in interesting times.


  1. The transfer was supposedly temporarily halted. 4 states filed in federal court Friday to stop the transfer. The transfer cannot go through until the court case is settled.

  2. Texas,Arizona,Oklahoma and Nevada

  3. Good article on Law Newz by Dan Abrahms.

  4. Anonymous,

    If you happen to check back, I apologize for missing your comments. There is a bit of drama occurring in my life at the moment, and believing that very few folks even lurk here, I neglect this blog terribly. Thanks for the info, and I will check the Law Newz site post haste.

  5. I checked the post at Law Newz, and it doesn't mention the fact that the Federal judge decided against the states (as the link I included _does_ indicate). Interesting web site, but Mr. Abrams displays a glaringly obvious bias against Trump. His web site, so he can do whatever he wants, but his inability to show the least bit of honesty about anything done by Trump or his campaign that is positive leaves me deciding not to waste any more time there.


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