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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's Not About Trump

In checking in on a young lady whose blog - Gunslinger's Journal - I read whenever possible, I saw a post where she copied and presented an article written for The American Thinker by Sally Zelikovsky titled "Trump's Invisible Shield". I liked the article well enough to step out of lurk mode and write a comment - but on Gunslinger's blog, not American Thinker.

It was just a tad too long to fit in the space allotted for a comment, so I trimmed a bit off. Since it is something dear to my heart and certainly appropriate for these few weeks remaining in what might be the last (unsuccessful) attempt at a real election, I decided to post my comment here, for the one or two people who stop by to read my pathetic scribblings. (There might have been two or three more, if I had maintained any sort of schedule instead of abandoning this blog for weeks or months at a time. Can't blame them.)

Here it is in all its gory glory, but do please read Sally's article before you waste time on this:

FWIW, (not much to anyone, save the author, perhaps) I agree. Frankly, even though I am only marginally informed about what has been taking place during this election, I have developed a respect for Trump and his willingness to stand up for what is right. I am willing to bet that whatever waffling he has engaged in was probably at the behest of his campaign staff, rather than a weakness in his principles.

I realize - from having family relations who are Democrats - that many Dems would vote for a steaming pile of bloody, wormy dog feces if it is running as a Democrat (amazing resemblance to the current candidate, don't you think?), however, there are actually Democrats - including minorities - who have tired of the constant betrayal by their Democratic "representatives", who are anything but, and they also see Trump not only as a giant "F U", but as the last hope of ever having any say in their own governance.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a pessimist, but I would rather be pleasantly surprised than have hopes dashed by reality. I will cast a vote for Trump, who - no matter what his faults, likely no worse than those of all but the best of us - shows more character, more integrity than any of the politicians currently holding office in the White House, Congress, or sitting on the bench at the SCOTUS (and yes, they are all politicians, too, no matter they are appointed).

The Gore-Bush election will probably prove to be the last quasi-legal, real election this country experiences until such time as the citizenry grows big enough balls (or desperation) to revolt, and form a new government. I fear - truly fear - this sham has already been decided.

I believe history will show, once actual history becomes possible again, instead of lies and propaganda, that Obama was ineligible, but allowed to circumvent the Constitution by a cabal of the lowest scum in politics - Pelosi, Reid, McCain - a willing accomplice - and others, to run and be "elected" in spite of that fact. 

I believe history will show he is a half-black queer who participated in a sham marriage to a transgendered, or at least cross-dressing, person of XY chromosomes, with two adopted children whose DNA may not match either he or his tranny companion in crime.

The incredible scope of the deception he has been assisted in fostering upon the citizens of this country puts the "big lies" of Hitler and Stalin to shame. It is no wonder he and the scum who have assisted and elevated this honor-less piece of Communist filth have no respect for the rest of us. In truth I believe we had scant choice and no ability to change or resist the sick charade that was perpetrated upon us, and the manipulation of the media and most of our sources of information made questioning the whole scam a matter of "conspiracy theory" - that lovely twisting of language and logic which has been used to cover the tracks of some of the most horrendous crimes against humanity.

I doubt I will live long enough to see our situation deteriorate to the point where Americans are desperate enough to revolt, if ever. I'm afraid it is much more likely we will end up suffering like the Russians under Stalin, the Chinese under Mao, and even the cambodians under Pol Pot - who were openly massacred with almost no resistance at all. And our "Walter Mitty's Second Amendment"  won't save us. Being gun owners who fully accept that the Second Amendment was written about fighting tyranny, not duck hunting or even self-defense, there still may be too few of us willing to form anything more than a tiny insurgency, easily contained or squashed by a raging police/surveillance state such as we may well face if Clinton returns to the White House next January. Obama has already handed control of our Internet to an international group which certainly does not have our country's (as opposed to our government's) best interests at heart. All part of his plan to assist Soros in HIS plan to destroy America. Can't have a country thinking it is exceptional - as in "an exception from wanting to be ruled by a global oligarchy of power elite".

A Trump presidency will not be a cure-all, and he would have an uphill fight against the entrenched elites in government, against the bureaucrats who rule us by regulation and fiat, in any attempt he makes to save America from the damage, the " (muslim?) fundamental(ist) change" Obama promised us in a rare utterance of truth. Nonetheless, "'Tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished."

[This has been edited with a few extra sentences not included in my comment on Gunslinger's blog. I have room here on mine that I didn't have on her comment section.]


  1. I don't know if your posts can be described as "pathetic scribblings", however if I'm thinking of the correct reason that you chose those words, I can understand why you used them.

    The link from Peter's blog is a good read, the reason I'm posting it is to relate to your comment about "situation deteriorate to the point where Americans are desperate enough to revolt, if ever", because it ties in with the walter mitty link, which ties in with whether Trump wins or loses, my point being that as you said, only a tiny fraction of us are willing to stand when the tyranny really goes to full speed, and then we'll be brushed aside like crumbs, to paraphrase your words.

    My comment may appear rambling, but the main point is that most people will go along with the status quo, to maintain their level of comfort, as Peter and you described, and there's not much that can be done to change their views. So, the only valid option is to not be concerned with them, and to not listen when they ask for help, because they couldn't be bothered to look around for the last 30 plus years, no matter their age, to see what was happening. That may sound harsh to some, but it's practical.

    Have a good weekend, Reg, stay safe.


  2. Grog,

    Thanks for the comment, and the link. I agree with Peter, and - under other circumstances - I would agree with Vox that continuing to vote for a party that has abandoned us to join hands with the Left is a mistake. BUT - Trump is merely _running_ as a Republican. He isn't really, and will not be beholden to the party, will not feel the need to support their agenda. No, he is not a true conservative, but as others have already said, he is a practical man and has a better notion of what actually works and is successful than those currently operating our government - Obama and his crew of America-haters, Congress, the SCOTUS, and 99.99% of those faceless (mostly) bureaucrats who abuse us with their edicts and regulations which they apply with the force of law - including SWAT-style assaults against citizens for minor infractions that don't even justify enforcement.

    Add to the fact that Trump appears to truly want to turn this around, and this becomes an election where the "lesser of two evils" is such a significant distinction that we would be assisting the demise of America if we don't vote for him, even if that means we don't vote for Clinton. Not just the damage Clinton could do to the Supreme Court, but all of the other policies she could enact, given the RINOs willingness to give the Left everything it wants.

    As you guessed, my "scribblings" are pathetic in the sense that few will read them, let alone heed them. Fortunately, others such as Peter and Pete at Western Rifles Shooters Association _are_ widely read. Sultan Knish and others are also extremely skilled at laying out reality for those who are willing to see. I haven't had TV since 1987 (my choice), but I gather from my readings on the Web that Trump has been reaching even some Democrats, ones who have finally noticed the cynical, treacherous manipulation of the Left, and what is has cost them.

    It has been pointed out, though, that in its most active phase, the IRA consisted of only several hundred actual "soldiers", people willing to take up arms against those they felt (with good reason, I believe) that their government had been, and still was, oppressing them. I am convinced there are far more of us here than that who would be willing to be part of an active insurgency. Whether or not it would work in our police/surveillance state or not, I just can't decide. As old and "stove up" as I am, I might be relegated to simply supplying and assisting, rather than being "active", but I'd be willing to give that the old college try, too.

    I think it will take some really horrible conditions - and Hillary would be the surest agent of those - before any large group of Americans would be willing to engage, but probably too late to be effective. It reminds me of that Churchill quote:

    "If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.

    There may be even a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves."


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